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a-a-a-a stayin' alive (bye boomba)

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Thraximundar injuries: several broken ribs, severely bruised abdomen, broken left leg.

 He thought that it was over, he was certain that his life flashed before his eyes. The walrus would severe his head from his body and that would be it. He'd closed his eyes, ready for it because in the end, he'd helped.

 But death never came. 

 The sounds of battle and distress all blurred into one as he opened his eyes, barely able to breath until the weight felt like it was gone. It wasn't death, it was the darkened wolf Tiberius finishing the job. He smiled through bloodied lips, he was happy that he had done it. That Tiberius would slay the beast. Blood coated his white fur, blood from the dying behemoth. He could properly breath again but every breath was pure agony

 He coughed and nearly fainted from the pain. He knew some of his ribs were broken, that his chest felt unbearable, and that one of his legs would not move. Still, he would move away from the walrus' body. He had no want to take part in the grisly festivities afterwards. 

 He rose to three paws and stumbled several feet away and then collapsed to the ground, focusing on breathing through the pain while blood ran out of his mouth and nose. He was barely conscious as he listened to those around him, it helped distract from how terrible he felt.

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Uriel did not have knowledge of healing — nor' was she a great fighter. In the battle that came, she overall felt her use was.. Little to none. As she rushed to @benry 's side, who was cold from the freezing water ; all that the golden wolf could provide was hushes of assurances, a comfort as she would lean her body to provide just the bit of warmth from the damage that was thrown. Her teachings of medicines were so little, that she knew the basics of basics that most wolves generally know.. Yet, not how to properly treat.

Left with the medics, she saw her own job to bring those fallen to battle toward the real help. Uriel hoped that the medics had enough paws to help, as there was two within the back that diverged away from the battle, and tended to the needy. Olive who now was over there, and hopefully.. She would bring the feline as well. A cautious glance was given to Thrax however, who was stomped upon — how Uriel yearned to rush over and help, but hesitated for in the end.. There was nothing that could be done. Her only solace was that one healer drew away from the safe realm of elsewhere, to perhaps look at his wounds.

As so occurred, she hear the victorious call of @Tiberius, roaring to the air as finally all was defeated. Even the female walrus, dipped away into the sea depths. She too, as a wolf of the realm itself, lifted her muzzle and had a resounded howl to join upon his, and everyone elses who entered the fray of voices.

They won!

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Leaping away from the beast as if fell to the ice, Kuhn became aware of the ache in his shoulder from being tossed early on in the fight. Looking around for a moment, he needed to take it all in. Though the job was done, it wasn't time to relax yet. Wishing he could either cling to his lover or roar with Tiberius in his joy, there was still help to be given.  Running his tongue up the back of the fire woman's ear, his gore soaked muzzle left behind a smear of crimson.  Looking over his shoulder at @Valmúa, as he walked to the great bear his eyes betrayed just how impressed he was with her, licking blood from his own lips, subtly snapping his jaws together at her. 

Walking by Tiberius, Kuhn offered a warm smile and a chuff, sharing in the man's joy, though he was probably best left to bask in the moment.  Coming over to the the massive bear, Kuhn nudged into him with his nose.  Looking a bit worried, he then looked to @Riannon for some reassurance.  @Thraximundar was an impressive beast for sure and it could not have been done without him.  "Hey, you did say these things are dangerous right?", he said with a faux smile, trying to provide some levity to the bear's grim situation. 

Not knowing a thing about healing, the best the cat could do was try to provide comfort to his comrade, laying beside him, to groom the blood from the bear's massive paw. Staying near by in case the healers needed help moving the massive man.

In the midst of hit his eyes would look up to see the golden wolf from before tending to the other feline, she had brought them all together. Maybe he got the wrong impression of her after all.  Then @Tiberius, literally pissing in the mouth of the walrus, basking in victory.  Kuhn couldn't help but crack a smile, good for him, it was well deserved.
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Injuries: sustained hypothermia, sprained ankle, dehydration, malnourishment, mild blunt force trauma, shock. Probably PTSD?

Far away, Olive could not clearly see the massacre of the blubbery, onerous walrus — but she felt it. The gripping that held on her ribcage lessened, and a voice rushed into her consciousness that urged her to look up. From from her prostrate position on the permafrost, the woman uncovered her face from her paws and blinked against the bright sun and hot tears, watching and listening as the hoard of animals, all teeth and claws and tusks, reared up and then was taken down. it didn't get up again.

Truly, Olive didn't know what she was participating in, even as an audience. Didn't she determine previously that she had died? If that was so, then what were Tiberius and Riannon doing here, and the skittering, shivering form of Benry — or was this a dream, or perhaps one of the many reveries she lost herself in while trapped in the frigid walrus cove? Why wasn't Boomba getting up? Usually, this meant he was sleeping and that his matriarch was on watch, but Pearl had turned to run too, and no walrus seemed to be able to come recover her from amongst her safe, soft nest of golden, creamy furs.

She didn't know, or couldn't trust, any of this.

It was only at Riannon and Elowyn's behest that the tattered, pale waif dare venture closer; the sights and smells of the battleground brought Olive to reality, and revealed to her exactly what had transpired here. The gushing, steaming blood eagerly carved rivers in the snow, and as she feebly strode over it, she realized it was warm and wet on her paws.

— and Tiberius's victory cry was deafening; powerful in a way she couldn't procure even in her bravest dreams of him. The wounded strangers, the bloodthirsty acquaintances who had amassed to free her and rid the world of her captor — it was all too strange, but it was real, and it overwhelmed Olive with its suddenness and severity and all the possible consequences, and the risk was involved. She rolled her tongue in her mouth, taking in the grisly scene, and not once did her mind still, or her inner turmoil settle. Instead, she grew angrier even as the fight calmed and healers rushed to aid. Bitterness rose in her throat as she glanced to and fro, finding a new focal point each time. How could they all risk so much, for her? All of these lives? Did they not know what an incredible foe the great Boomba Bes was? She couldn't believe they were so frivolous with so many she held dear. She wasn't worth all of this —

In that moment, despite the fog that covered her mind, she knew her anger was misplaced.

The waif had been ushered forward and had been using her sotaherra for support, but there were others with injuries far more grave. When Riannon flitted away, Olive could not help but charge forward, pushing past the vengeful and victorious titan, unable to greet him yet. She looking down her nose at the torn visage of the dead thing had put her through so much torture. It was a freaking miracle he hadn't been able to do more.

"Do you see?!" she exclaimed in a wounded, weak snarl. "Do you see what happens when—" Despite her sudden surge, she ran through her energy reserves quickly. The waif coughed, her throat tight and dry, and then the tears came again. "You— You shouldn't—" kidnap people? steal their futures? threaten to rape, kill, and skin them? Olive hung her head, unable to properly express herself, and knowing Boomba couldn't hear her. Her teeth grit and eyes flickered, bringing her face mere inches from that of the corpse.

"You died just how you lived..." she said to him. "With no one who ever truly wanted you." she spat upon him and from amidst a tired, tear-stained gaze, she glanced feebly for Tiberius.

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Hire Olive/Esra as a Healer
The Shakti-Seabreeze-Singing-Sunlight Lineage
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also hypothermia...and a disease called jealousy

awareness was fleeting, ebbing away as the cold continued to leech into his skin. he could smell blood and death and piss?...ok...

he was breathing hard, as if he was still drowning, though he had long since moved from the water. the golden wolf — not the one from the plains, he realized after a brief shock — was enough warmth to keep him going, but the cold had long since settled on him. he felt like he couldn't move, as if he was being turned into a...an ice statue. he had slumped on the ground, his muscles uncooperative.

he saw him™, saw the triumphant, stupid look on his face, and idly realized what had happened. what he did. what he'd failed to do. he didn't want it to matter now. really didn't. really wanted to hope that olive wasn't looking for him™, but for him. “o-o-ooo-oo-o-ol-oll-lll-oll-” he sounded like a fax machine, jittering and twitching and slurring more than usual.

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b̶̘͆à̶̗b̴̈ͅy̸̘̑,̸̠̊ ̵̪̉n̵͍̄ö̶̗́ẁ̸͚ ̶̲͝m̸̙̒ẙ̴̼ ̵̟̏ẖ̷͊e̶͓̔ḁ̷̉d̸̥̅ ̴̞̈́i̸̺͝s̵͓̈́ ̶̳̓o̸̟͛n̶̘͂ ̷̼͐b̴̗͆å̶͈c̵̖͒k̷̩̒ẃ̴͜a̸̠͆r̴̫̈́d̴͚͠s̸̺͆ ̴̙̇ȁ̶̧n̶̹̔d̵͙̽ ̶͎̈́m̵̥̊ÿ̶̺́ ̶̥́f̶̭͒e̶̪̒e̷͇͝t̷̖̄ ̸̰̿a̶̩̐t̸̹͠ ̷͑͜f̸͍̉ủ̷̯ṋ̸͊n̵̖͛y̸̰͝ ̸̰͋a̷̪̍n̸̛̳g̴̯͑l̵̦͐e̶̡̓s̸̊ͅ
The girl's absence was noted, at soon Khadne found herself tracking the girl down, hoping to all the deities and spirits that some bullshit didn't happen, or that she hadn't disappeared on her as Rannoch had.

The truth wasn't what she had even dreamed of.

It was all blood and fear. She recognized a few of the figures huddled in the ice, and felt her heart soar when she saw the familiar golden fur of @Uriel. The girl was fine, she was fine, but Thrax—

Past all the unfamiliar lupine — and feline, the Lord of the Forest was here too, huh? — the big bear had been crushed under...a walrus...

There was a story there, but for now she did not care.

She saw him stand, then fall. Her heart lurched as she sidled up to Uriel, shooting her a worried glance before rushing over to the large bear's form. “You're not dyink here, wæsako!” she growled at him, seeing the haziness in his eyes. Anger came, masking the worry and fear. “You stupid, feckink bear! You get involved vit' all zhese volves, and zhen you get beat up by a valrus? Don't you zhinks eat valrus, a? Get. Up. It'd worked before, on someone else. Someone more medically inclined could tell her that her words were intended to keep him conscious, from succumbing to the void that the bloodloss was creating. But it just helped her to curse and yell. She glared at the wolves around her, her eyes focusing on the ones who were obviously able to stand and function. “Ain't vone of you a healer?” she barked, frustrated that in all her years she'd never learned medicine.

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She attempted to guide Benry to the rest — as all startled to huddle to where the final battle came to be, and the most wounds were now there. She wanted to join the fray and light, to feel the welcome of a victory.. Even if none had died, there was still some that sadly fell to wounds, and laid around awaiting for the healers. She was fortunate not to be one, only feeling the aching of her bloody paws from the running around, and force breaking of skin. So little, compared to the rest ; joints aching and yet body releasing a tension that finally removed itself.

Though what a surprise when the grandmother ripped to the frozen grounds in a ferocity. She went to the large bear, almost seeing like a scolding for his injuries that brought the faintest smile to her face ; Khadne's angry voice wisping through this downfall of a battle. While approaching she said gently, "we have healers awaiting at bay," looking at two who stayed distances away, and one approached before Uriel came to the group.

"how are you feeling, thrax?" though non to obvious, many diverged their attention to the sickly and wounded, she asked so. Yet at the same time Uriel looked toward the healers, a nose motioning to the cat itself, "he also needs help.. I'm afraid he fell into the water."

.. And she was of no use to help in that matter, and sighed lightly.

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Just a cameo for Ragnar unless addressed. Injuries: Cut arching around the backside of his left ear. Not too deep but lots of blood from the thin skin there.

Of course Ragnar would stay for the after party- of course. For everyone's efforts they at least deserved a decent meal and one happened to be now right I'm front of them. Fat and big enough for them and to carry home to others there after. Ragnar couldn't be more thrilled and feel more at home. A battle and then a feast! Ragnar rose his skull, singing out along with @Tiberus of their victory.

Care then went out to the polar bear, who surely was suffering internally from the weight of the bull which had even upon him. Olive spat to the now corpse's face, then, a wolverine to join them. Quite the mix of creatures there were.

For the time being, Ragnar was content to settle down into a sit and catch his breath as he kept back and viewed. While his head bled, he knew he would be quite alright and allowed others with more serious situations to be tended to before they could indulge in celebrating their enemies death and no loss of their own.
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 He wouldn't have noticed anyone else around him, if not for @Kuhn's words coming through that thick fog of pain. His ears twitched and he turned his head so that he could look at the orange cat. "That... that I did..." He rasped, wanting to rattle out a laugh but knowing that that would probably be a very bad idea. "But... we got... him." It didn't feel great to talk so he would cut it short, his breaths were short and clipped because breathing in deeply caused far too much pain. Instead of saying how much the tiger's attentions meant to him, he would instead lean towards the boy, just enough so that his coat could touch the man's. It was probably sappy but he didn't much care at the moment. 

 He quieted and allowed @Riannon to tend to his wounds, only grunting every once and a while when she would touch a sore spot. It was then that he heard the scolding of the old wolverine, @Khadne. His gaze turned to her and despite the anger, he knew it was borne of fear and worry, he smiled. He used his tongue to clear away the blood on his nose and around his mouth, swallowing when he could feel it start to pool again. "'Fraid I can't yet... madame..." He would gesture vaguely with hiss head to the frost-coated healer. "Later... If I don't... you can chew my ears..." He tried to give her a reassuring look, warmed and feeling a bit better after her worried chiding. Perhaps that would make her worry less. He would then shift to his less-injured side (the one that didn't possess the broken rear leg) so that he could slowly ease himself to the ground on his side. To @Uriel he said, "Very tired... ribs and leg hurt terribly... but I'll live... I've had worse..." He said quietly and then fell silent again so that he could rest his chest, heck his eyes fluttered closed so that he could hopefully doze a bit. He was awfully sleepy. Whatever the healers wanted to do, they could do to him.

NO HE'S NOT DYING! He's old and he's tired and needs a nap >U
Healers can PP doing whatever to him.

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As soon as Olive came rushing over, Tiberius was practically blind and deaf to the rest. He could see the striped orange and black of @Kuhn in his periphary and that the bear was accompanied now by an angry little thing he couldn't care enough to acknowledge properly yet and that @Uriel was near, assessing the situation at hand. @Ragnar was somewhere, sitting back after drawing his victory voice alongside Tiberius' own. The feline companion of Olive was, unfortunately, alive, though barely, being tended to.

His vision turned tunnel as the end was simply Olive as he turned to her as she expressed her feelings towards the dead beast. Emotion bled from her as she reeled in her freedom but in the trauma of her capture as well. "@Olive " he breathed as her watery, tired gaze locked onto him and to her he stepped, willing to barge anyone out the way if they tried to purposefully obstruct his path to her.

"Angel, yer so brave," he would peer down to her as she opposed her dead foe and he so wished to embrace her now but he worried, the same as when he had seen the scarring wound on her flank, that she would feel fear to be embraced so soon after trauma. "So brave, fuck," he swore as he shook his head and kept his gargantuan form infront of her, shielding her from the view of anyone else.

She was his and like the Walrus, he would kill anyone who tried to change that. "'M'sorry I's not come sooner," he murmured, emotion lagging in his throat.

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He had been closer to her than she thought, hovering just behind as she grappled with the cost of capture, and the cost of survival. When her gaze probed the scene for him, he all but enveloped her; rushing to her side and cloaking her from the attending company, creating a sense of privacy — a place, amidst the gore and oscillating energy of the battle field, that was just for them.

She looked at him mournfully, cheeks tearstained and her pale fur deeply entangled with mud and seaweed; a shivering, malnourished thing. The waif felt an almost inappropriate pang of embarrassment at her state, and worried that Tiberius (and every one of her heroes, for that matter) might regret their decision to risk life and limb for such a pathetic, inconsequential woman. She had been reduced to a dead walrus's whore, and there just wasn't any coming back from that.

— But the titan himself was covered in blood, a mix of his own and that of others, and did she not see at him as a guardian angel, incarnate? The woman saw the blood that coated his pelt as a trophy to be brandished, a display of what he had overcome and endured. He murmured words of bravery, and she closed her eyes to drink them in, imbibing as if his voice was the sweetest water from the forest. He had won, and even though it was hard for Olive to see it, she had won too. There was nothing to be ashamed of. There were only things to be celebrated.

The ingenue placed a paw forward and staggered across the space between them, uttering a small groan of relief as she pressed her nose — then, entire face — into the hollow of his collarbone. For the first time in a long time she felt flooded with warmth, from some emotion deep within. It was so foreign that she almost couldn't identify it: safety. She had resigned herself to never feeling safe again, as long as Boomba would let her live. But here she was, feeling it now. Living to see another day, with a deeper understanding of her own bravery... and the strength of the true bond she shared with the Shiroshikan warrior.

Realization bloomed within her, as she stood there with her face half-buried in the Titan's chest: if she could face the Walrus King and live to see another beautiful day, then with Tiberius in her life and by her side, there wasn't anything she should justifiably fear.

"Come sooner?" she gasped, her voice muffled by the thickness of his fur. "The fact that you came at all..." It would take her far longer for her to search the shadows of the events that transpired (like how in one moment she could be pining away for death, and in the next fighting viciously for life), but alongside that of safety, something else grew within her: gratitude, unending respect and admiration for the shadowed man who had seemingly raised an army, in her name and no one else's.

The woman breathed him in and, his scent was better than anything she had conjured up in her reveries. The true feel of him was so far beyond her dreams, that made the honorable decision, right then and there, to never let Tiberius be a memory again. She peeled back her face only enough to glance up at his, her eyes round and swimming with the safety and the gratitude she felt toward him. "I was right, when I said that you had bear energy," Olive added with a weak, yet full-hearted smile. "and you were right, when you said you would kill any beast," she took a deep breath, knowing that wasn't the entire truth of it. "—for me," she amended, now unable to hide the smile and satisfaction that was writ openly across her face.

For a moment, Olive indulged in a glance around the wall named Tiberius, and so began her deluge of questions. "The girl with a golden coat —" she noted, looking out at the group of haggard creatures that celebrated with one another. "Benry, Ragnar—" and several others that she recognized well, and others not at all. Olive cut her gaze back to Tiberius, still unsure what to make of such a strange series of events. "I don't understand..." she muttered, her tail falling. "How did this all come to be?" She lifted her chin and pressed her cheek against his marred, bleeding face.

"Did you do this?"

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Injuries: Pieces of ice lodged into her shoulder and arm.

 When at last their team effort was fruitful, the great hulk of a beast was sent clattering onto the icy floor. Its ruin desecrated the purity of the ground, smeared with blood and fur and pieces of who knew what.
 It had been @Kuhn that had prevented Valmúa from being further injured. His body weight had prevented the tusked animal from throwing her off from the back of his neck. Before she knew what happened, the stolen had been rescued and she had assisted with the slaying in partnership with @Tiberius, who was supposed to be her enemy.
 As Tiberius lifted his maw in a victorious howl, she offered a low harmony with his and Ragnar, creating a rallying cry that ended quickly for her. She felt Kuhn run his tongue behind her ear, and she gave an excited growl and mouthed him as he moved away to tend to the bear. The fire in his eyes was warm and fierce, slipping through her chilled fur like a draft of spiced wine.
 Many of them were covered in blood. Valmúa had not been able to successfully get in very many blows — much of the fight she had spent in calculation or in futile attempts to distract both walruses.
 Riannon was quick on the scene to assist with the bear and any other injured. The mountain lion was out of the water. The girl was safe, though seemed much worse for wear. Valmúa guessed that she was either sister or lover to the dark guardian given the way he treated the corpse of the beast. As he and the girl were united, the red northerner pulled away to @Ragnar, laying down close to him as she surveyed the damage.
 She had expended a lot of energy to get here at all in time, only to be almost useless during the fight. She licked her lips. Her mouth tasted like a bag of assholes from gripping the filthy neck of that blubbering maniac.
 “Quite the collection,” she noted to the fellow northerner. “The girl — I am glad we were in time.”

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Sustained injuries: Broken ribs from July 4, still healing. (August 5, 2022)
Icelandic · Inupiaq · Old Norse · Common
his heart felt like it was going to explode through his chest. it was working, so so hard to pump hot, oxygenated blood through his body, to keep his internal temperature from dropping any lower. every part of him felt like it was vibrating, but he was paralyzed all the same. his tongue felt swollen in his mouth and he though he was going to bite it with how much his teeth were chattering.

why wasn't anyone coming? he knew that they were there, practically felt them through the vibrations on the ice below. why wasn't anyone coming? were...

mission over? assets no longer required? disposal recommended but not necessary? the words felt like an echo rather than his own thoughts. who had said that.

he coughed again, more phlegm than water. “oll...olive.., p-puh..p-p-p-p...ple...olivvvv...” his words were slurring more than usual. was it possible to melt and vibrate at the same time? jello on a trampoline? pudding on a speaker.

was he dying? is this what it felt like?

he's being slightly dramatic but hypothermia's a bitch

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b̶̘͆à̶̗b̴̈ͅy̸̘̑,̸̠̊ ̵̪̉n̵͍̄ö̶̗́ẁ̸͚ ̶̲͝m̸̙̒ẙ̴̼ ̵̟̏ẖ̷͊e̶͓̔ḁ̷̉d̸̥̅ ̴̞̈́i̸̺͝s̵͓̈́ ̶̳̓o̸̟͛n̶̘͂ ̷̼͐b̴̗͆å̶͈c̵̖͒k̷̩̒ẃ̴͜a̸̠͆r̴̫̈́d̴͚͠s̸̺͆ ̴̙̇ȁ̶̧n̶̹̔d̵͙̽ ̶͎̈́m̵̥̊ÿ̶̺́ ̶̥́f̶̭͒e̶̪̒e̷͇͝t̷̖̄ ̸̰̿a̶̩̐t̸̹͠ ̷͑͜f̸͍̉ủ̷̯ṋ̸͊n̵̖͛y̸̰͝ ̸̰͋a̷̪̍n̸̛̳g̴̯͑l̵̦͐e̶̡̓s̸̊ͅ
wrapping up!

"We are glad you are safe." She smiled over to Olive, who seemed shell-shock of the situation. Skinnier, then previously sighted. It wasn't surprising, especially if she wondered if the Walrus's even let her eat ; unknowing they attempted to force fish down her throat. In the end though she wanted to ask what had happened, it was not meant to be questioned. The horrors she witnessed would best let to be dead within the wake, for they had saved her.

"Now it is time, for everyone to return home, and recover from their wounds." She so addressed to the group, where some were tended to be the healers. Most were of packs itself and to be taken away, and others will lick their wounds and return to their nests otherwise. For herself she felt.. Time, was needed away from the Tundra. Whenever Uriel stepped into it, it seemed like something was always happening ; and she needed to rest her weary soul.

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Previously, Kuhn had seen this golden wolf as a gritless coward. Though, now he could at least appreciate what she had done to rally so many from different walks of life.  Looking to the white wolf they had saved, he could have sworn he met her before, she looked a lot like the mysterious priestess of the moon, although now malnourished and decorated with sea things.  It wasn't worth looking into now, he would let the titian have his moment with her. 

Then, the golden wolf announced that it was time to go home.  "Nope..." he muttered under his breath, getting up, and sauntering past the woman; nearly brushing into her.  All together, they had slain an epic foe, why would they leave now to waste it.  Ignoring the floor show, he went to work in the background working on opening up a wound to both gorge himself, and eventually make sure Thrax was fed, regardless of if he wanted it or not.  It was eat or die in the tundra and the bear's injuries would require energy to heal.
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She didn't catch what the tiger said, but her ear flickered to the sound of some muttering, and glanced at him. He nearly brushed against her shoulders, and she scooted a bit away to give him ample room to move.. Though it seemed he was going for the walrus, that laid slain within the ice. It bled to the floor, and she gazed up to the sight of the feathered predators already setting their sight on what was left. It couldn't be denied she forgot in the end — even if he was a foe to the land, that a walrus was a meal to many.

"Maybe we all take some for home before leaving," she then added, a gaze settling upon Kuhn who in the end.. Uriel was surprised he joined the fray. Still a bit uncomfortable with such a stoic male, one who was selfish in the way that he was, and surely because he was an apex predator.. The golden girl felt odd to say he had a heart, and was a bit guilty on thinking that ; for he was still mortal in the end. 

Though the walrus was big and fat, she imagined there was enough for all of them, and even more. It seemed there was only a few injuries, though many in grave states as she glanced at Thrax, and even Valmua, with an eye at the cold Benry. Hopefully the healers would do well.

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A beautiful redhead comes to lay down close to Ragnar's side. A small smile pulling at his lips in her doing so, though his icy eyes remained cast out upon those gathered in the tundra. He breathes out a heavy breath and nods. “Quite so, yes.” Ragnar couldn't say he had been this close to both a cougar or a polar bear before. It was strange, unnatural. Then again so was Valmua's relationship to the tiger. It was something you would see in a normal world which made it more perfectly certain this was no normal land.

His eyes dance over Olive, his name caught on her lips. “She is a good wolf. Worth the effort. Although I admit it doesn't take much to get me willing to fight.” He said with a smirk, side glancing to @Valmúa and then to @Kuhn, who made way towards the great beast to mark the beginnings of a feast. “You and your tiger are welcome to rest within my mountain for the night, if you'd like.” Although Kuhn appeared unscathed, the icy bits sticking out of Valuma's shoulder said otherwise for her.
the staff team luvs u
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