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So My Friend, Our Time Is Done

Vanderfell Woods
@Ragnar dated for 3/5

Finding the sea had not been so difficult as it was time-consuming. Crossing mountains and sniffing trails for any signs of the northerners was, needless to say, like picking thorns from tall grass. Luckily she had been able to locate Windmere which helped her mental map what other information she had of the western mountains. Sure enough, her efforts would soon bring her to a smaller chain to the north, its peaks heavily capped with snow and windblown trees that had stood through time.

Several scents seemed to linger in the area, some wildly unfamiliar, others hinting of Ragnar and his family, or what she remembered of them from moons ago. Feeling she had finally found what she was looking for, Ira called out to the mountains for those who lived here, though her tune would clearly indicate it was Ragnar she wished to speak with.

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It was few and far between that Ragnar had visitors upon his border. At the cusp of the north and to the far edges of the west, many did not come to the mountain without purpose. Those he had recruited he had done so outside of the territory upon his many explorations. The outrider strayed often from his claim while his Regent and guards (most specifically @Ghidorah lately) stayed nearest the area- watching, waiting.

Today, Ragnar was home, doing some rounds about the lower elevations of his home where forestry was held. The voice that called to him was vaguely familiar. It was an opportunity to play guardian at the gate once more and it brought up fond memory of his former home before it had all gone to shit.

As he followed the request for his attention, the scent became vaguely familiar as well. Though he had gone to see Ira twice now each time she had just so happened to be unavailable. It had been long since Ragnar had laid eyes on the Norse woman.

And there she was, as he remembered. Leggy, lean and with sharp features that gave her a certain masculine appearance. “What a surprise..!” He speaks, happily and lacking whatever sarcasm it could have. After all, he was surprised to finally be seeing her again and here, of all places. “I admit, I was beginning to wonder if you were being held captive.” A cheeky smile then, meant to lighten whatever mood she might have come with- or maybe not. After all, her guard nor her mate took to kindly to Ragnar, this much had been made clear.
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100% skippable, he's just here for ambiance and to be nosy.

 Damnable wolves and their incessant howling! Although, as much as he complained, he was never one to miss poking his beak into somewhere it didn't belong. He wheeled around in the air, keen eyes searching the ground below as he saw someone on the mountainous landscape. "Raaaaaggnaaaarrr!" Was his normal cawed greeting as he saw the wolf the legend making his way to the newcomer. He flew the long way around to come up behind Ragnar and in one deft motion would flap his wings and alight on a branch above the man. His beady purple eyes would stare at Ira and then at Ragnar and back again as he followed the conversation.

 He was oh-so-nosy.

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"Speaking in Common Tongue"
"Язеьнсхж сх Иьэех ШдхжкебФсиа Шдхжке!"
Her wait would not last, though with his insistent visits she'd hope he would answer to her now that he had her full attention. Of course, he spoke of her presence pleasantly even going as far to suggest she was a hostage in her own land. Truly laughable to the roan woman. She doubted any of her pack could even best her in battle, though that was not an insult to their own efforts. Fighting was something she knew all too well and by now it had become a part of her.

Yes, well, that does tend to happen when you become a mother. Her paws had been busy to say the least, though it was nothing she found shame in. I see you've made a friend. The queen's eyes drifted to the bird above, his craws heard well before the raven landed with keen eyes. Its presence mattered little to her, a raven would be no nuisance in what she had come for.

Despite everything, she would keep her tone light even should a bite of sarcasm linger in her thoughts. It has come to my attention that you seek an audience with me. Seeing as your past visits have been rather hasty I figured you were simply too busy to linger. I can say now the distance between our packs is nothing to scoff at so it must have been important to draw you away from your family and your borders. Yet not important enough to simply pass the message or speak with her husband it seemed.

It felt appropriate that it was my turn to try your time and save you the days of travel. So, if all is well, you have my ears.

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Ah, so that is what had kept the woman deep within her realm! “A new litter then? I bid you congratulations then and hope all are healthy and well.” Certainly so or she wouldn't have figured it would be alright to leave to the west and visit him.

The calls of a good friend then rang out through the forestry and soon the large raven could be seen perched upon a limb just above. But he was not just some little friend and he had been smart enough (or nosy enough) to learn the common tongue and speak with them if he so wanted. For now, Krakarak kept silent and so Ragnar did not give his abilities away. “He is a Watcher of our keep. Ravens are always welcomed to Norse claimed land.” As surely Ira well knew.

She paid the bird little mind and began her reasoning for this venture. It was not for pleasantries as Ragnar's intent had been, despite the many accusations placed against him. She figured what he had to say was of most import and wanted to know for herself, so came. At least, this is what she led on him to believe be the only thing...

“I'm sorry to have you come all this way then if the travel puts you out of your duties.” Especially of new motherhood. Ragnar frowned, his eyes shifting to Krakarak and then back to the lady. “Days past in traveling is of little consequence to me. I love to travel, really and seeing as the Gods thought it fitting to 'blink me' into this new land, I wish to know it well and the many lives within it.” A genuine smile. He had already adventured far from the reaches of Torbine and Willow Ridge was but a speck to what he now knew. This land was a large and magical one to behold.

“My children have grown since last we met, they hardly need me...” He comments with a laugh as she had mentioned his family. But the laugh us almost broken, a pain lost in there for those that were not with him now. “And their mother is a capable Regent in my stead. I am grateful for the freedom it has given me to play the role of 'scout', if you will. My visit to you wasn't any important manner, just to catch up is all and see how well you too have been faring in this land."” Well off, he would think since they had met on the Run given her new litter and the strength the borders held more now then before.
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Yes, of course. I thank you. Even had they been friends she likely would not divulge the developments with her daughter. Her health would be handled nor was it a pressing concern now that she was old enough to speak. She of course also knew of the role ravens played in their culture. Time to time she would see them circle the mountain peaks, but none to follow so. It seemed rare to make a bond with another creature, yet this was not the first she had seen since her awakening.

Unfortunately, all pleasantries ended there, or at least for Ira. To hear her time had essentially been wasted on numerous accounts was frustrating, but something she had well prepared herself for before reaching the ocean range. She was not one to linger either, but as a leader, she had responsibilities to her land. Regent or not, shouldn't he be with his pack and family? Whatever information he sought beyond could be obtained through scouts and messengers. 

True his children should be well into their yearling days now, but it excused little in her opinion. Is that all then? A check-in of how she was doing? That hardly needed her presence at all. If he wished to know about the pack any could answer for him, but perhaps it was not the pack whom he wanted relations with. I recall you met with my husband, yet you did not think to ask him of our well-being? He would know better than any how she alone was doing not to mention she trusted him to speak on her behalf.

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This was getting old, really fast. Though this did not yet show on his features. The King of Vanderfell asking what Ragnar wanted with 'his mate'. Ira wanted to know why Ragnar didn't speak to 'her husband' as though he was an extension of herself and needed to prove that somehow. To Ragnar, it was beginning to seem like there was some internal conflict within the ranks. Maybe some within their ranks didn't see him fit for King? Maybe there was a questioning of their relationship? Whatever the manner was, Ragnar didn't want any part of it.

“I believe I had said I'd like to catch up with you on both occasions...” He trailed off, thinking over his next set of words before he said them. “Your mate happened to believe that my visits did not 'paint a good picture of me'. That I should understand what my visits certainly seemed... to him.” His tones were suggestive but he would not sound it out to her either. Her mate believed that he had come to speak with her in order to have a much more personal visit.

His paws shift, his head lifting with a sigh as his eyes focused on the evergreen tips clumped with snow. “I told him I'd not apology for his accusations. I've done nothing wrong.His lip twitched, irritated with this all. Irritated that their guard had made him seem like some low life. Irritated that the news passed to their King in this manner and he thought now Ragnar had come all that way to fuck his bitch. And irritated now that Ira had come all this way because her pack was overrun with self-righteousness, insecurities and paranoia.

Turning his attention back down to Ira, he looked to her and waited for her retort.
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Surely she must have struck a nerve. While she had come with her own thoughts Ira was not quick to pin her own assumptions should Ragnar have a better explanation for his behavior, but his tone suggested otherwise. Now not only had he been suspicious, but defensive as well. Was his pride wounded? For a man with many wives, you would think he would take an assumption such as the one her husband held with little sweat.

He avoided looking at her as he spoke the next part. Though subtle, she did not miss the twitch of his lip as he stressed his innocence, but what innocent man said so while averting his gaze? I am well aware what my husband believes, though that was not what I asked. He could squirm if he wished, bare his fangs with agitation even, but she would only keep her stony composure. He wished to know how she faired, but by extension, she was much more than just an individual. She was her family, her pack, and their well-being was a sign to her own. I believe you misunderstand as you have yet to realize how your actions truly portray, so I will spell it out for you. You wish to know how I am and yet you are blind to all that I am.

Perhaps our teachings are not as aligned as we once thought. A mistake of her own for trusting so, but one that would not be repeated, nor wipe clean the slate. By ignoring my people you spit on their honor. Honor they have worked hard to earn so that they might be recognized in this lifetime and the one to come. In doing so, you spit on mine. The faces you have met are those I put my faith and trust into to represent all that I have built. Maybe now he would understand this went beyond childish rumors. He was a man, was he not? Surely he had balls to shrug off a mere accusation without feeling wounded. Or perhaps her husband was right and now he was naught but embarrassed and dejected that she was not one so easily claimed.

Rather or not he agreed mattered little, she had already made up her mind long before she reached the western range and she would not falter now. Misunderstandings happened, but the consequences of such did not disappear simply because you acknowledged you fucked up. Who am I if not one of my people? She held rank, yes, but those were formalities within the pack more so than out. To all else she was but a figure, her fate entwined with those she served and those that became her own. I have no interest in fostering relations with someone who can not see that. Do not return to my domain.

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And so her retort came. She went on about him not understanding all that she were. That she and her pack were one and all connected and all this hippie shit that had Ragnar's brow rising with confusion. And to think, this all started up because he stopped by to say 'hey how's it going' to the woman without first making friends and shaking paws with every other member in the ranks as though they were an extension of her very own being. She thought herself a figure while he thought her as but a mortal wolf, as himself. He listened on, impatiently in this further but did so regardless.

Last, she spoke that she had no interest in relations with him. That he should not return. Ragnar didn't bother. He had said again and again that he had not come seeking them out to become allies.  Apparently they couldn't get that through their skulls. “Tis a good thing I'm not asking then.” He had been told not to return before and said he wouldn't then. The King and Queen of Vanderfell were really beating a dead horse here. “I believe your mate already told me not to return. Since your all connected, I figured you knew?” A smart comment. After all, if there word was her word and she was all a part of them and whatever, then why she felt the need to say it too? Sounded kinda hypocritical.

And to her last sentence, “And I wish the same of you.” He juts his muzzle to the east, a silent gesture for her to get moving and get out. He could say he wished her the best of luck, but really, at this point, he didn't. Goodbye and good riddance.
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 What a bunch of bologna! Who did this puffed up poodle think she was?! Waltzing up here and talking to Ragnar like this? He glared at the other ruler as things started to sideways. He didn't much care for the details, he remembered gossip because sometimes it served well to have all that information stored but in this case, he didn't care who was right or wrong.

 Because Ragnar was right. Why? Because he was Ragnar and his friends weren't wrong. The woman was just being difficult.

 His feathers began to puff up when she spoke icily towards the man, he was barely keeping his mouth shut. Then, when Ragnar gestured for her to leave, he decided to punctuate that with a, "ѝха яшьщ дкш!" Of course, spoken in the raven tongue that he was teaching Ragnar. To him, perhaps he'd understand but to the guest it would likely just sound like excited raven caws and croaks.

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"Speaking in Common Tongue"
"Язеьнсхж сх Иьэех ШдхжкебФсиа Шдхжке!"
A silent chuckle reached her throat though was swiftly cut short before it could reach one's ears. This man believed himself to be a wise ass and yet he still was a fool. Clearly, all that she had said went over his head, or perhaps he simply did not care. It was almost as if he believed himself better than those he deemed kith and kin, though she supposed it mattered little now.

All had been said and done but at least they could agree on one thing. I'm well aware of what my husband has said, though since you are so insistent on hearing words from my own maw, it felt fitting that it need be repeated. He would bid for her to leave to which she held no issue. She was done here and felt no need to linger. Though, before she could go the raven above called out in an angered state.

Ira would spare a lasting glance to the bird with a smile upon her lips. Quite the friend indeed to stand beside Ragnar. Of course, she was unaware that his cries meant anything, but the way it feathered suggested it knew Ragnar well enough to pick up on his energy. If only his friend was a more honorable man. Such a waste.

Farewell, Ragnar. Her gaze would linger as she turned to leave, though no more than two steps were taken before she paused with a turn of her head. Word of advice. If rumors wound you so I suggest you do not openly admit your wavering loyalty to women. You forget yourself and sully both family and honor alike. She wouldn't waste her breath further nor wait for a reaction. She was no fool and she still stood upon his claim, yet it needed mentioning. They shared the same gods after all. A man of his stature would never see light of golden gates. Turning her back on the mountain she set off to never return.

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