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My V is for Vendetta,

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02-25-2022, 01:01 AM

With a round of confidence, the Queen found herself patrolling through the woodlands. In all a too good of a mood, her dreams been plagued with nothing but pleasantry compared to the usual nightmares and chaos. Even without the sadness of a morning, she wasn't dwelved into a pity-party of what could be or the jealousy of something other. 

And her children soared, healthier then ever before. For once.. They seemed relatively quiet, there was no shenanigans she had spied to see on them and been behaving. Growing strong though, they were far larger then Celnes imagined, and rather, continued to think they were still her puppies.. Small and faint, where she could wisk them away elsehwere without a thought. But no more, could the Queen lift her children when they done bad — in fact most of them by now, were nearly of her size.

But suppose, that meant their true size would start to follow through. Would any of her sons, tower the Queen? Or surprisingly, any of her daughters? To the fact they were getting closer to be a year old.. Age never felt stronger then it has when she bore her own. Purposeful, in their birth — she did not see herself having another litter unless a mate came to be, or another advantage. It was troublesome few months and even after, not to mention the childcare that.. She did not truly count for.

Not that she regrets, but a single motherhood was a bit more then the Queen had realized. But at least now they were more grown she often could leave the forest and stroll through, especially as soon.. The snow would completely melt. It was growing warmer, but alas the snow continued to rain upon them on days and onto the branches. She wondered when she would see the wysteria trees again..

The Queen roamed the forest, aimlessly.

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03-10-2022, 02:46 PM
The change in the season was noticeable; the weather had grown warm and the snow had begun to melt, causing the ground to grow muddy. Edith had noticed how muddy the ground had become, and wondered if she could paint over the imperfections on her sibling’s pelts. Would it save them from His mercy? Our would her efforts be in vain? She contemplated this as she wandered through the forest and towards the plains. Edith figured that she could address the High Elk clearly without any trees obstructing her view of the sky.

She was weaving through the tangle of wisteria on the outer edges when she spotted her mother up ahead. Quickly, she picked up her pace to catch up.

”Mother,” Edith greeted when she presumably pulled up besides Célnes. She lowered her herself and licked his mother’s chin, respecting the power she held as Queen. Although she often disagreed with how Célnes went about her business, she could not dismiss her mother’s mantle above the wolves of Elkshire.

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03-10-2022, 06:32 PM
"My daughter," Celnes accepted her muzzle and licked her head within an affection. She could smell faintly of the favorites amongst her pelt. She had noticed a trio, that had formed, particularly between Calhoun, Edith, and Warwick. Some of the oldest, as well as the most holy in the sense. She wondered if Melrose would've joined the mixture if the child wasn't so sickly.. Yet within the recent days she had been much better, and seemed to found newfound energy. 

But alas the youngest.. The last three, and known as the least holy of them all, seemed awfully distant. She couldn't even say what Maral had been doing as of lately besides a usual distance, with Aldritch skulking and sulking within the backdrop. Vermillion though, a bit suspicious at times, she seems to find her daughter often gazing out of the range in a wonder, almost like she was waiting..

Rohesia was.. Well, she as her namestake was after her cousin, she was a troublemaker.

"How are you doing?" Celnes asked her.

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03-10-2022, 08:35 PM
Edith smiled as she was kissed, indulging in Célnes’s affection. It wasn’t too often that they had time for just themselves, and she would make the most of it while it lasted.

”Okay,” she answered, shrugging; suggesting boredom with her voice. The winter has been long and boring—Edith was eager to see what would happen as the forest came back to life. Something worth their while, hopefully.

Curious, she asked, ”What about you?” Then, hopefully, she added, ”Seen anything interesting lately?”

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03-10-2022, 09:57 PM
"Mmm," the Queen thought, "i've seen a doe with blue eyes recently, almost as if she is glaring at me." With the forest being so laxed and winter itself a rather dull time ; there wasn't much to truly comment. They had a safety within the numbers and plentiful prey around. Lacking, of any rivals and within a safety net of neutrality, and even allyship, around the temperate. The enemies she once had, seemingly disappeared from her eye, and even now, still wonders if they are.. She was patiently waiting for one of her kids to grow to be able to send them on a scouting mission.

"Perhaps she is one of those divine elks," Celnes said slightly chuckling.

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03-10-2022, 10:23 PM
”It has to be,” Edith agreed breathlessly; she had never seen a doe with blue eyes before. ”Maybe the High Elk sent the doe to us as an omen.” She wasn’t entirely sure why her mother had chuckled, but she forewent that curiousness for now.

Though—now that Edith thought about it—she wasn’t entirely sure what blue eyes meant to their family. After all, the Derowines favored golds, reds, and oranges when it came to eye color. She wasn’t sure what blue meant.

So, Edith asked, ”Are blue eyes a good sign from the High Elk?”

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03-10-2022, 11:06 PM
"You do not have to worry about eyes, they are not part of His warnings. It's more our clan tends to have yellow, orange, red and even pink far more then others colors." She hadn't realized she hadn't spoke about the color of ones eyes. It wasn't truly important, for even a few of her cousins have the colors. Teodora as well was not like their clan, as she held a more white, and blue-toned look that set well with her delicate appearance.

"As a Deorwine, we are more prone to warm colors, warm eyes, as well as being long-legged, and taller then the average wolf."

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03-16-2022, 12:04 AM
”Huh,” Edith said, mostly to herself. It was surprising that eye color weren’t part of His warning, and she mulled over the fact of a brief moment. Edith dismissed it soon after, as Célnes elaborated about the Derowine’s genetics.

She smirked and wiggled her brows. ”We’re a good looking group,” What could she say? The High Elk had great taste in His favored wolves. ”Well, most of us are,” she corrected herself, thinking of some of her siblings.

Curious, Edith wondered, ”Are there wolves beyond our woods that believe in the High Elk?”

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03-17-2022, 08:46 PM
Sometimes she was caught off by her daughters rather blunt arrogance. She held an air of pride that hung, and yet Celnes sometimes couldn't deny her way of speaking was rather brutish at times — but it wasn't as bad as the youngest who were with so docile they were meek as a mouse, or full of contempt and negativty. Edith, was but a personality that in truth the Queen often had trouble getting along with when it came to wolves. But, she still listened and learned, to shape as her own ; that was why she was a favorite, after all.

Warwick and Edith were a strong contendors to Celnes's loves especially, to the two she would take most pride and teaching in. Future, leaders that had that potential. The kindness that Warwick provided, by the strength that Edith gave off ; both were good fronts, "and you are one of the prettiest," the Queen said, as she licked the head of her young.

Her daughter is one of the prettier ones.

"There are surely more Deorwine wandering the world, but those who do not hold our name.. Do not know about the High Elk. Many wolves believe in different religions, and different Gods."

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03-17-2022, 09:01 PM (This post was last modified: 03-25-2022, 07:41 PM by Edith. Edited 1 time in total.)
Edith grinned, appeased by Célnes’s praise; she felt validated in her self-admiration. ”Thanks, mother,” she mumbled, uncharacteristically meek.

”I wonder if they’ll find their way home,” she said, commenting of the queen’s explanation. ”And if the High Elk will help them find their way to us.” She paused, wondering if that was something He did. She assumed so, as they lived in hold grounds.

When Célnes mentioned different religions, Edith scrunched her face. ”How does He allow for those lies to be spread?” She pitied those who were stupid enough to denounce the High Elk. ”I just don’t get it …” she trailed, her daily idly brushing against the ground.

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03-18-2022, 04:28 AM
"I do too. There are many of my cousins out there that I haven't seen in quite some time... I do wonder what they are up to." Some that she met after the fire, who had bought forth the second reckoning of Kingslend had also come to this new land. Not all of them though, meaning there was some who still wandered within the other realms itself, much alive, and perhaps, spreading the word of the High Elk, or otherwise trying to distance themselves from the religion. 

And so she wondered, how were they living?

"Perhaps He is letting them live their own way, and insight, that is not from one point of view. We can never really say. Some of the elders of my time would say others religion is but a lost variation of the High Elk." The Queen never did have all the answers, and kept many in vagueness that unknowingly, her children were catching on and forming their own thoughts. Many answers she truthfully, could not say and tried to fill holes — knowing quiet well how warped the religion they cherished, is. But Celnes would never let such a weakness show, for she needed to be someone her children can always seek for answers.

For their loyalty, was a most to survive. In a world where her trust was so limited that not even family could no longer be given that, she only had her children, at the moment.. Cherished some, but the trust was yet there.

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03-22-2022, 09:14 PM (This post was last modified: 03-25-2022, 07:48 PM by Edith. Edited 1 time in total.)
”What’re they like?” she asked, referring to her lost family members. Edith hadn’t heard much about them, and was naturally curious about all who followed the High Elk. Especially those she was tied to by blood. Then, tacking one last question on, ”Do you have brothers and sisters like I do?”

Célnes’s insight was enough to pacify Edith, but her frown remained. ”I guess …” she trailed, mulling over it. She felt an itch behind her ear, and began to scratch it. ”I just wish that they could all see how wrong they are in believing in all of that other nonsense.”

Their conversation went on, and Edith continued the learn. They returned to the woods once the sun began to set, returning to the rest of their family.

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