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race against time,

this is after Uriel found Boomba & Immediately reported back.
Time between is ???, this is when everyone is recruited.
Do not worry about posting until actually recruited!
@Tiberius @Thraximundar @Kuhn @Riannon @Eira @Sindri @Ragnar @Valmúa

After Uriel saw Olive, she was rather quick to leave the scene. She did not stay to observe, as it generally seemed they had no real intention to harm Olive, and yet it continued to bring a question what they were doing. She was satisfied however with finding the location, for the quicker that she reported back, the faster the rest could do on the mission to save.

Overall an exhaustion of running without a room to breath. Through the frozen grounds and back to the original location, she was shivering at this point, and yet the adrenaline voided most discomforts and stamina. When she arrived to the scene, she was quick to report what she had find.

"They are at the end of the Tundra," Uriel said, "she is safe and alive, they seem to be.. Keeping her, like a prize." Sitting down for a breather.. She had yet to truly notice everyone who was there.

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From the central region of the tundra, Ragnar moved west and with @Valmúa close on his trail. The journey back west wouldn't be a far one though even still with rhe white-washed world around them, he could not see the peaks of Northfall from here.

Ahead, a swift dash of golden and cream furs (a resembling of his own coloration) was seen drawing nearer. It was the same woman he had seen spying near the walrus glacier earlier that day.

As she caught her breath she spoke of what she had learned. Ragnar had been there too so he already knew this information but would be good for the rest that was gathering. Hopefully it wouldn't be long before the wolves of Windmere showed up too.

Though the circumstances of course were not good, as far as Olive was concerned, Ragnar was eager to put his teeth to good use and ready for the bloodshed. It wasn't sinking his teeth into that of Dragonford, but it would have to do. Finding wolves willing to fight was one thing- finding wolves with the balls to fight another of their kind as far harder.
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He drew them in the direction he could smell Uriel. The bears admission to help them with their plight to save Olive and kill the Walrus had filled Tiberius with more confidence -- as well as Kuhn offering to help, too. The titan felt warmth and appreciation for the cat, his friendship something that Tiberius wasn't willing to break off. He rolled his shoulders as they approached, Treasure's familiar golden form approaching with a different one, less vibrant but still touched by gold. Tiberius eyed him warily and said nothing, keeping himself tall as he brought Thrax to the gathering. Uriel had done some scouting, providing information that had him stiffening. Like a prize. A goddamn fucken' prize -- Tiberius rumbled a furious snarl as he dug his claws into the snow. She was alive, though, and that is what he would hold onto.

"Yah appreciated, Treasure. Make sure ta breathe, luv," he rumbled as he cast his molten gaze to the polar bear. "This 'ere is @Thraximundar. 'E 'as offered ta 'elp us git Olive back." The titan reassured them and nodded his head in appreciation. "@Kuhn tha tiger will be 'elpin' too. Is m'mate, real good fella." He then cast his intense gaze to the man he didn't know, waiting for him to tell him who he was and how he had come to be part of their plight.

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 How could he refuse to help the damsel in distress? Especially from such tantalizing prey as a walrus? A walrus that was so clearly in the wrong and needed to be put down. For if he would so upset the natural order of things without a hint of remorse, then who was to say he wouldn't do it again? Thraximundar would have helped anyone but especially the dear young Kuhn and his friend Tiberius. He wandered along after them with lumbering, purposeful steps. He was a behemoth among the others, his ragged face cutting a grim frown. Quite different from his usual warm expression as he was thinking of all the possibilities and things that he needed to share with the crew. 

 He walked in amongst the others and seated himself right in the middle of the others, as if he belonged and was not a massive creature. He lifted a paw to wave to the others, giving a brief and very polite "hello" as he was introduced to the others. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, everyone. Rest assured, our mission will end in success. I am prepared to help however I can to assure this." And then his face broke into a warm, reassuring smile for the sake of the others. "And it is very good to see you again, Uriel." He was glad there were a couple of familiar faces in the party.

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 Not far behind, Valmúa pushed onward. Despite not having much of a tie to Cloudrest, she had always been quick to seize any opportunity for positive diplomacy. That is, unless it was related to the Shiroshikans.
 Ragnar led her to a rally point where she spotted Uriel and Tiberius. The Tundra was shrinking — she was beginning to know the faces of most of the wolves who lived here or nearby. A great bear stood with Tiberius, and Valmúa wondered if this was the same bear that Kuhn had once mentioned. His face gave him a grotesque appearance that suggested a beast far more fierce than Kuhn had described.
 The name "Olive" did not mean anything to her. She sniffed at Tiberius, shelving her distaste for him as they were joined in a common goal. She resisted a curl of her lip. She had come with Ragnar with purpose and intention to help. Battle was something she knew how to do. It had been a long time since her skills were put to use. She readied herself by stretching her back, ears twitching in a kind of brutal excitement at the mention of @Kuhn joining them; she had long had fantasies of fighting at his side.
 “Valmúa,” she introduced simply to the bear, as the others knew her name.

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Sustained injuries: Scabbing at the left hip, right shoulder, and throat
Icelandic · Inupiaq · Old Norse · Common
Walking over a berm, he was just a little behind, his companions. Being able to hear and smell the others before seeing them, there was a number of scents. It was alot for the solitary cat to deal with.

Nonetheless, he stepped into view, pleasantly surprised to see Valmua here. There where a few new faces and smells, in addition to some familiar faces. Funny enough, there was that one wolf he 'bumped in to' in the Everfrost.

Apprehensively, he stepped his way into the circle, trying to find his place without making to much fuss. Sliding up next to Valmua, he gave a subtle rub of the shoulder, but didn't say anything as to not disturb any important information being said.

Doing his best to take in the situation without making to much eye contact, his gaze wandered around awkwardly, looking at the snow beneith their feet, the paws of the others and his own paws.
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Though few faces at the moment seem absent, she would hope they would appear on a later time. There was the scent of some still approaching, however (@Elowyn @Tetsujin). They were unfamiliar — but many that were, had arrived. Surprisingly so, many who were not within the previous situation, given Uriel a head tilt on how they arrived, a few came from Tiberius seeking them out, but she gazed in a mystery to Ragnar's group, which brought Valmua to the mix.

The golden woman felt nervous as her paws shuffled, suddenly realizing she is addressing more then but a few.. A moment of breath, as she continued, "It is nice to see familiar faces, and those who are not, I am Uriel," a smile toward @Thraximundar in particular, feeling quite grateful the kind bear was coming to aid. She certainty wasn't expecting him, but welcomed nonetheless as @Tiberius seemed quite keen to rescue the woman beyond their area.

She avoided eye contact with @Kuhn, and only nodded ever so politely at. Everyone else received the same courtesy, a smile, and a nod. She felt nervous around him, and definitely wasn't expecting a man who had accidentally attacked her to come to the aid of wolves. She of course, wouldn't protest — but neither did she truly have the voice to do so.

"We should depart immediately," she said, "we do not know their intentions with her, and the more time that there is, the harder it is to say what will happen."

Uriel's paws felt hot, and rather uncomfortable, but she urged herself on, "If we can grab her before battle, there will be less worry about her safety. She is the priority, then fighting the walrus."

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it was taking every ounce of willpower that he had to not panic, to keep his brain from slipping and leaving control of his body.

contrary to popular belief he was not stupid, nor was he completely unobservant, he had just learned long ago that most things in life weren't worthy of his attention.

this, however, was worth it. it was worth all of his attention.

olive was in trouble. something had taken her.

this wouldn't have happened, of course, if it wasn't for her recent preoccupation with him™. he had lured her away from his attention and now came the consequences. potential death for olive and a massive failure for him.

benry shadowed the ragtag group of creatures, barely registering the massive white bear or the large striped cat. the levity and nonchalance that often graced his features was long gone. he was a brooding, hunched figure lurking at the edge of the hodgepodge of "rescuers" and — him™.

he needed to find her. he couldn't take care of archon all alone. he could barely take care of himself.

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b̶̘͆à̶̗b̴̈ͅy̸̘̑,̸̠̊ ̵̪̉n̵͍̄ö̶̗́ẁ̸͚ ̶̲͝m̸̙̒ẙ̴̼ ̵̟̏ẖ̷͊e̶͓̔ḁ̷̉d̸̥̅ ̴̞̈́i̸̺͝s̵͓̈́ ̶̳̓o̸̟͛n̶̘͂ ̷̼͐b̴̗͆å̶͈c̵̖͒k̷̩̒ẃ̴͜a̸̠͆r̴̫̈́d̴͚͠s̸̺͆ ̴̙̇ȁ̶̧n̶̹̔d̵͙̽ ̶͎̈́m̵̥̊ÿ̶̺́ ̶̥́f̶̭͒e̶̪̒e̷͇͝t̷̖̄ ̸̰̿a̶̩̐t̸̹͠ ̷͑͜f̸͍̉ủ̷̯ṋ̸͊n̵̖͛y̸̰͝ ̸̰͋a̷̪̍n̸̛̳g̴̯͑l̵̦͐e̶̡̓s̸̊ͅ
The speed he trekked along the path, trailing after the scents he recognized, was extensive. Where he and @Elowyn went was new to him - some far off space he'd never explored before or even considered investigated. After racing home to Windmere to collect his wife and the herbs she wanted and then turning right around to race after the party the King was exhausted. They arrived after much of the others seemed gathered, his gaze swiftly cast over the familiar wolves - only Valmua, Riannon, and Ragnar - to the collected strangers.

What caught him off guard however was the massive bear and the huge cat - another species he'd only heard of in tales - and it surely passed along his expressive features. The other cat was smaller, but, he'd seen their type before. He set the herbs down before nodding towards his wife and made his introductions between pants. “Hopefully we were not delayed too much - I'm Tetsujin, and my wife Elowyn. We're the rulers of Windmere.” Far far from his most eloquent of introductions, but, the King wasn't going to waste their precious times in waiting for him to be less than winded.

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Join Windmere!
His patience was running so thin with all of this: not only was Olive taken, but, Ria had been put at great risk as well. He'd set his gaze sternly over her - hoping that she'd put herself to the side to help with keeping watch on the other walrus and for healing who she could. He could feel the rage in her, threatening to bubble over, to spill across everything. For someone built as she was, her emotions were so strong it threatened to overpower the world itself if she were crossed. His patience was already thin enough that the bear of a wolf was itching for action.

It felt like a personal insult having one of theirs taken - one who wasn't keen the same way for war and strife, not when there were far more bloodthirsty wolves to be found. “Pysyä.” He spoke only to Riannon as she had started to move, his tone closer to pleading - longing for her to not throw herself into harm's way immediately when there were so many others who could be tossed into battle. It would help them more if there were at least a couple who could heal up their wounds and Eira knew then that his strength would be more useful than just his medical knowledge.

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— Words in “this color” are 'tundarian'
Elowyn stayed close to Anteon, almost like his shadow as they moved. There was a women who was taken and they were here to help. Elowyn didn't really know what she could expect but as they moved further North the air got colder and more crisp. Here, the land was very unfamiliar to her. But she imaged that this was how the lands looked were Aerith came from. Elowyn really didn't know where Anteon was bringing her. It was far away from their home, in which she never dared to be so far away from it.

They arrived at a group, but it was soon clear that this group didn't only contain wolves. Her eyes fell on the large cat with stripes, first. She felt slight fear settled into her bones. Then her eyes caught the massive white bear, followed by the smaller cat. Elowyn was glad Anteon spoke up be cause she wasn't sure she could. She stepped closer to his side, head low and uncertain. She did wonder why her husband used the nickname he had with Genevieve instead of his name. She disliked that but she kept her mouth shut about that and just nodded politely to all the others.
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Join Windmere!
wrapping up!

She felt rather.. Embarrassed, a dread creeping through her heart as gazes would shift over to her and then upon others. A mouth that felt dry addressing to the group that continued on introducing each other — though no one else spoke up upon the issue. Her words alone for the moment seemed to be the bay of the thoughtlines, though.. She wasn't a strategist, nor' a leader of a Pack once before. Uriel didn't remember her time in another land anymore, and by now was only a wayfarer to these wolves. Some, knowing her, others, did not. However she still knew what needed to be done, and had to urge on.

She coughed lightly, an awkwardness settling within as her tail tip anxiously shifted. She hid it behind her body in an attempt to hide it, but habit wouldn't leave, "We should now leave with haste," as there was no objections, nor' voices to express what they could do.. Uriel imagined everyone had the same thought — to leave and fight.

"We will save her," she repeated from the last moments they saw Olive. Though despite all her anxiety, and all the embarrassment, the golden woman was resolved, it is what has to be done. With such words leaving, hopefully the group would start heading to the direction — she didn't know others also had found the Walrus, but Uriel turned to start leading the group toward him.

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Others arrivals were not far. To Ragnar's surprise it was at first a large black wolf accompanied along side a polar bear, scarred with times of battle. Ragnar's legs stiffened, his hairs along his spine beginning to rise. The bear spoke proper and friendly, too. More so even then the majority of wolves Ragnar had met. He held a certain charm. He'd never seen such shit before in his life. Then again, Ragnar was still young. ;)

Then another joined them, a tiger. The infamous tiger. He came towards Ragnar and Valmua, sliding near her to her open side. Ragnar kept silent but smirk he did while his eyes remained hard focused on Uriel and the mission on hand. She spoke of trying to get Olive out safely first which was priority, then seek whatever vengeance afterwards. They would need a good enough distraction to get their prize. Surely the tiger and bear would be enough to handle that.

Ragnar nodded in silent agreement, his eyes skimming over more as they came. A mountain lion- one of a wolf's more natural enemy next to a coyote and a fox pest. The mated pair of Windmere had caught up now and Ragnar hoped that after this, maybe he would get to know his new neighbors better. Perhaps better then they had with Frostchant.

Slipping them both a smile, his attention alas turned back to Uriel. “Alright,” was all which he had to offer as a response and then began making pace along with her.
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