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There was fire around us,

@Aurora first please!

Umbra was born into a simple pack, but she couldn't remember the name. Even the memories of her parents were rather faint — but history, remained truth despite the blurrs. A simple home with simple parents, and yet one day on a hunt did her father disappear. He was a joyful man, taking pride in family and the honor received from his packmates, and yet.. No one could find him. It was like he was taken from the realm itself, and spirited away.

Then soon did the young ones mother follow, as she went on a search to find her mate — she never came back. Leaving Umbra, the only one of the litter, utterly alone. Yet beyond that was a mystery in life, an unknown enigma to what happened to the parents, and even the pack itself. For as time went by, the young crow had found herself in a plain of unfamiliarity. The scents were unlike anything she smelled, and even the area was all but a new sight.

There a frown, on the wolf child. Furrowed brows as she continued to twist her head, awkwardly looking around, not entirely.. Understanding what was happening.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

How the gale, that was full of crisp bitterness, had still not yet swept her from the endeavours of touring the vast grasslands, was beside her. With her long locks that only champagne sprung to mind when an eye cast over its alluring hue, now doubled in volume to keep the swan from perishing in the coldness here, and she ruffled herself quickly to accentuate its full body. 

Long, fluid-like movements carried her over the open-top terrain, as though the resentful wind itself aided in carrying her. Her companion was perhaps further already ahead of her in their next move to exit the plains and search for more protected havens away from the harsh winter that they have now ventured into. 

It was always obvious when something new came to view when crisscrossing along the uneven earth here, and that something new was familiar yet unfamiliar to her. With wide eyes, and ears standing tall, her hesitance was what waved over her alarm at first, at seeing a young pup out on its lonesome. 

But were they truly alone? 

Tilting her head upwards, her nostrils flared in an attempt to seek out its guardian, but no other scent came to her. So she encroached further into its space. 

'Little one, are you all by yourself?', truly an obvious question, yet she took precautions nevertheless, with her voice but a silky tune of a flute to calm and assure the puppy it was in no danger with herself.

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A tall woman came to view, Umbra wrinkled her nose but the pugent smell of flowers heavily hanging in the air — though in reality light, it was enough to bring a notice to the abandoned child. There was a repulse, much unlike any her age should be showing as a disdain look to the other. Tall, that she was, far too tall then what the dark child liked. Adjorned in grays and and hazel, eyes of a soft and warm lavender ; a reminder of something Umbra couldn't remember, yet it nagged at her soul.

She didn't like that.

"I'm not little." Squeaking in voice, malice that was attempted and yet continued to sound childish from their whole aura — as the child they truly were.

"What's it to you?" Misguided anger, for a lost one who did not know anywhere else could only be in within a confusion, and a lost feeling. For they didn't know what to do from then on, even when they stomach growled from a hunger and the other.. Freakishly tall, staring down at her.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

Ever one to err on the side of caution when the little one gave very limited information, Auroras' eyes glided softly around the area, so subtly to not cause any obvious awareness to the likely abandoned pup.

A smile graced her lips, amused by the bravado that shone through her spirit with such robust words. 

'You are right', she acknowledged to entertain the small wolf, 'You are not little, but in fact, I'm extraordinarily tall'. Her voice beheld a glimmer of enthrallment as one would perhaps addresss a child, whether they enjoyed the notion of being treated as one or not; which evidently they did not.

She saw straight through their boldness and instead opted for a different approach to the question that remained unanswered. 

Bowing her head to the same level as the pups', she relayed an untrue rumour. 'The plains here are haunted by a being so incredibly vicious and demonic that even I need to seek oasis far from here come nightfall', her words, conjuring up sentiments of fear, came through as a loud whisper.

'...But if you are not alone, you shall need to reiterate this to your guardian so you both keep out of the path of danger under dark skies'. She stepped back, retreating as though she passed the child a flamed-torch that was her secret but was now theirs to do what they will of it.

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The other had a warm feel, friendly enough that the child was suspicious of. Though Umbra couldn't very much point out anything negative about the other to justify such a feeling, they smelled nice even if it was overwhelming, and held that of a motherly smile.. Overall someone that others would desire to hold onto, but she turned her snout upwards in a stubborn display. She didn't need anyone, anymore. She humphed lightly while doing so.

Yet her ears flickered when the other continued, obviously listening as the other mentioned of.. A haunting. She was quick to turn her head and look at Aurora with narrowed look, "I don't believe in stuff like that," did she exclaim. There were stories of so, tales and woes from the back of her mind with the faintest of memories from early days, for after all, she was still a very young child. They were only stories for a reason!

As the other passed by, there was a continued arrogance around Umbra, nose to the air not listening.. Except when her head whipped around to the further grassland, hearing twigs crunch and the rustling through. Surely it was the wind, right? Demons don't exist.. No, she would've seen them.. She didn't need a guardian, for the blackened child didn't have one either.

"But i'll accompany you, to watch out for your comfort," she so declared, perhaps getting up and dashing after Aurora with a bit too much ferocity as she gave a rather worried look back..

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Hushed lavender eyes absorbed the pups' conceited demeanour, believing they were better off by themselves and exuberating confidence that Aurora recognised easily enough to see through, so she already began to move away as the child dismissed her caution with an obvious naivety, or maybe they truly were savvy to the false myth she recounted. 

A whisper clouded her mind at the notion of deserting the whelp though, and she appraised her surroundings to find a secluded area in which to hide, enabling her to keep a close eye on them during dusk and when stars surveyed all beneath them. There were an array of thorny unwelcoming shrubs and bushes alike dotted around the prairie that would be acceptable as her shield, and she was to make a beeline for an area that would become her resting corner for the night ahead, but all those plans were whisked away in an abrupt turn of events, that didn't really surprise Aurora, when the juvenile raced to catch up to her and announced their new-found status. 

A very knowing smile (and slightly triumphant) was hidden as she kept her head tall and looked ahead of her as they walked westwards. 

'I would very much appreciate that. But we must keep our pace quick, to ensure we are somewhere safe for the night', her motherly words still adopted that extra enthusiasm in which she would always speak to all children. Though the usual rhythm of her balletic long strides contradicted her words, adjusting them to a slower gait to reduce the weariness of the pups restricted energy. 

Without a pause in her step, she looked behind, to ensure there really was no other looking over the little girl, and her heart could not help a sinking feeling to the truth of what she stumbled upon, that they were in fact completely on their lonesome. Fortuitously for the child, Aurora was crossing their path in search of her travelling partner.

'What is my protectors' name?', a playful tone touched on her soft lyrics, the day was still young and there was no immediate rush for a new destination, so there was time for Aurora to attempt to extract some information from the difficult girl -- perhaps.   

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Umbra kept trotting after Aurora, yet her ears kept flickering to the smallest of sounds, and docile eyes — despite a glare, constantly looking around and behind her shoulder. She didn't believe in ghosts, oh no.. They don't exist, did the young shadow continue to convince herself, even with the slightest crackling from a branch of leaf was to be heard. The moaning, of other animals within it's wake brought a new discomfort, that each step was coming closer and closer to Aurora, until walking beside her, rather then behind. An absent-minded nod, with cautious glares around. 

Cautiously her head turned toward Aurora, gazing with a faded gold. She was very young, and only just recently gained her true eye color away from the baby blues. Even she wasn't aware, that her eyes were no longer the same — yet didn't know either, what her appearance even looked like besides from her current view, and black paws. 

There was a hesitation, mostly as she tried to remember.. She had a name, she remembers someone saying something, "Umbra," wasn't it? That'd do anyway, it wasn't like she had anyone else to give her a name anyway.. Such thoughts led sunken ears as they tightly hung to her head, she looked more angry then disheartened however.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

It was no secret that Aurora's fable had quite the impact she intended it to have, for she would pick up on the fidgeting motions of her diminutive guard within the nethers of an eye. Though it perhaps planted and grew an unknown fear within the infant, it was not necessarily untrue, knowing there were canines and other creatures that would prey upon the defenceless pup. And so Aurora took comfort in this, knowing her uncharacteristic lie had been with a sincere reason.

Her question was left to float amidst the sharp breeze they were walking into, but Aurora would not have urged an answer had the child decided she would not part with such personal information, though when they did on their own accord, the swan only felt it fair for them to know who they now accompanied protected.

'Umbra... That's very fitting', whether she knew someone had chosen it for her, or she adopted it herself, she would never know. 'I am Aurora. I usually travel with another', and her words took a pause, with worried thoughts forcing them to stop at a crossroads, contemplating the fact it had been a while since the last time they were in one another's company. It was not unusual for them to part ways on occasion, ever both the ardent explorers, but she would not want her new companion to worry even further, adding on to the mystery of the tale she spoke of earlier.

Aurora smiled immediately to cover any traces of vulnerability, 'But I am certain they will pick up our trail and find us soon'. Her eyes scanned the horizon, skilfully using that natural compass of hers that came so easily to navigate the unknown, and faintly picked up what could be a safe small woodland, a prime spot as a pitstop for her and the cub. 

'When was the last meal you had?', her worrisome warmth breathed through her words carefully. Their trek was bound to take its toll if not physically on their underdeveloped muscles and paws, but also on their stomach and fuel reserves. The woodlands were within sight, but easily a couple or few hours to reach there.

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As a child her attention-span was quick to be twisted. Her saddened anger was back into a more cautious anger, feeling a bit tired of constantly being wary of the fictional ghosts she was told about. The sounds seemed to never stop, despite it in reality a silence was setting in besides the small critters through the high fields. She was so onto that, her ears picked up just every sound that there was — her head was twisting and turning with a headache.

She ignored Aurora's companion, because Umbra thinks she is making it up to not seem lonely. She didn't realize the others scent was upon her and didn't really recognize, but she didn't hear someone else besides.. Whatever was haunting them. 

Then shifted focus elsehwere on the topic of food, "I don't remember," and her stomach growled.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

Naturally, the benevolent maiden caught glimmers and moments of the whelp, of how they moved, how they were taking in the current situation, -- and the pattern in which their head to-and-froed on occasion, as if still on edge, and the dove tutted at this.

'No haunting beast lurks in the day', she cooed, 'Besides, we are far from their lair, you need not fret, Umbra'. If the girl searched for the reassurance that was concrete in her words, in her eyes or features, then Auroras softened smile followed suit. There was definitely a balance she needed to be mindful of here, and she did not want the hard-headed orphan to suddenly take a different path, one that did not include Aurora. She could see they were vulnerable, more than they dare admit to.

Long, think and fluffy ears took to their peaks as she listened to the protests the pups' gut sirened out. And instinct then took over, her maternal craving to tend to the needs of the young one. 'Then let me correct that. You see that little hill over there? There you will find what you need'. A persuasion to detour their course, just west of their direction would be a risen platform in the vast flatlands where Aurora had a slight advantage in scouting for a meal or two for the pup, it would be a minor pitstop before their onward journey to the woodlands, but a necessary one.

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"I didn't believe there were any, anyway," Umbra said with a humph, looking away in the slightest embarrassment on thinking if she was obvious about her slight worry on the matter. But she shouldn't be embarrassed, she didn't believe! Yeah.. Yeah there wasn't any monsters. That sound she hears behind her is just the rustling of the field mice.

"You go first," but, the child still held mistrust. She wasn't sure what was beyond that hill, it could be anything. Maybe a trap! She wasn't sure why the lady would even want to trap her, but Umbra wasn't taking any risks at the moment. Her knowledge of the world was truly limited, and she didn't know if there was just a pit if she ran forward — even if food did tempt her.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

A knowing glimmer shone in the nethers of her lilac eyes when the child covered up their unconvincing act. She needn't say more and let the whelp have their own prideful way. 

She smiled and bowed her head at their demand, courteous in humouring them, 'Of course'. Breaking into a trot, she knew the pup would not be far behind, and the faster they got to the small stump of earth, the quicker this enabled her to scout for a meal for the hungered orphan.

When reaching the peak, her body morphed into one of stealth. Streamlining her head to the same alignment of her spine and tail, attempting to minimise her tall appearance when she got to the top. 

She awaited the child to catch up, meanwhile, her eyes darted to and fro, and ever the ardent huntress, silent and secretive with her movements to kill, she spotted a greater sage grouse cock graciously parading amongst his hens. He was now her target. She turned to the dark cub, 'Stay here and keep low. I will be right back to you in only a few moments. You need not worry, little Umbra', she whispered a chant that would glide with warmth and tenderness to ease the child's temporary abandonment. 

And without allowing any moments for objections, she slinked away into her mask of a predator. 

With the cockerel demonstrating his pride, he was tunnel-visioned, primarily on the look for other competitors, and so Auroras' opportunity was one of an unchallenging nature. Balancing herself poetically across the flat land, she made light work of it all and seized the impressive bird before he was to fret and notice the wolf at all. 

And she made no noise, no disruption to the rest of the peaceful hens, trotting briskly back to the child with the feathered prey limp and warm in her mouth. Releasing it in front of the whelp, - careful as she did so- , she swayed her tail, hoping they too would now be as satisfied as Aurora was in the swift round up.

She went to lay down, encircling the pup, her body now a shield in preventing any others within sight to catch a glimpse of the new meal or the defenceless child, but also the heat of her body would keep them equally warm in the harsh middle of winter here whilst they dined.

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Even though the other was kind and gave such instructions, Umbra was an asshat of a child. She kept low, of course, but was following behind Aurora in suspicions to whatever she was doing. Unknowingly didn't want to lose sight of her, in a slight worry what if she too, disappeared like the others? She didn't trust her! What if the monster got her! .. Not that she believed, by there was also just dangerous wolves around.

Aurora seemed gullible, that the young child imagined some sort of gangster wolf would come and sweep her off her feet. Just within the few moments of knowing her, Umbra 100% believed that would happen.

She tried to copy how Aurora did, but didn't understand how the other could move so fast with such light steps. She looked like a newborn fawn while trying to follow the other, and was glaring very much in an annoyance. Whatever.. At least she can see what they were doing — ! which, would never admit.. Was cool of her.

"How'd you do that?" she asked Aurora as the other approached, and circled her with the newfound meal.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

Pristine and immaculate with her presentation at all times, the fair swan licked continuously, in turn, each corner of her mouth, ensuring no traces lingered from the punctured wound on the fallen grouse. And whilst doing so, her Spring-lavender eyes blinked slowly, calmly surveying the snowy abyss that encompassed them. 

The child had disobeyed her only request thus far of them, and Aurora would not punish this, turning a blind eye, though mentally put pen to paper of the challenges this whelp could pose in their future together. 

Before the pup dined, they queried her skills and this tickled her. 'Being on my own for many, many moons, meant I needed to refine my hunting skills. More so than those who have the aid of their pack', fairytale-like came the tone of her words, 'but not all prey is as easy as the one I have just caught for you, Umbra'. There were the larger ungulates, flightier and nippier on their feet, as agile as she with her elegant long strides. Knowing the appetite of a pup would not require such a hefty meal on this day, the beautiful bird would be substantial enough for them before they moved on toward the grove on the horizon.

A smile for the pup to maintain that reassurance of no threat to them. 'You will need to dine, so my guardian is well fuelled to guide me before the night', came her encouragement for them to start on the green kill, knowing darkness would loom soon and these wintery nights were no place for the juvenile.

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Had the other been on her own for a while? It was true Umbra didn't smell anyone on her pelt, a lacking of really. There was something she thought may have been on, but in the end doesn't truly know. She, was now also on her own. She doesn't really remember what happened per say, just that one by one, everyone disappeared — including her own parents. At some point did she simply.. Walk away, unknowingly entering a new realm altogether. Though she did have questions on how exactly she entered the plains.. Her young mind tried to block such questions of abandonment, sealing such ways within her soul.

Yet she still knew, she was abandoned. With someone with much more experience, just maybe.. She would hang around Aurora, especially as the other did hunt for her. Aurora knew how to hunt, which Umbra does not.

She nodded though, indulging herself through this bird.. She wanted to ask if the other would teach her, but this unknown pride of the self-proclaimed 'guardian' was prohibiting that, "maybe you could show off more of these, hunting skills," the dark wolf said in the midst if her eating.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

They started to eat, and she noticed whilst they were quite young, they were clearly at an age they were able to open the carcass and start themselves. And this gave Aurora an indication of where they were on the map of their little life.
She smiled, carefully watching them but equally returning her tranquil gaze to the naked horizons.  

'I certainly shall. It is the least I can do for my protector, of course', she humoured once more. She took this opportunity of rest to test the child somewhat further. 'Has no one shown you such skills yet, Umbra?', prying for details of a parent or pack.

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As she ate and munched with such a desire, Umbra tossed information as if she cared not, "No. Everyone left," even though the pain of so hurt her own heart dearly. She was too young to really able hide emotions well, and even her ears fell fallen while she ate with a more thunder to her movements. Angry, and saddened, so was the mixture as she thought about being generally.. Abandoned, one by one.

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*Umbra is travelling with @Aurora and she is allowed in any threads, even private ones.

A chord had been struck by her question, and an answer added a turn to the maze she was in with guessing the childs story.

Was she wise to prod?

'Whos everyone?', her voice was casual, to not insinuate she was digging for more or pushing boundaries that were not to be crossed at this stage. Though a child surely did not yet understand social queues to that extent. 

She was contented they continued to engorge themselves on the meal though, even with a little added enthusiasm.

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