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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write, though the game also rewards high activity
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • Writing is collaborative, and so is our supportive community
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

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I'd say I told you so but you just gonna cry,

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broken left back leg until January 15th
It was just yesterday that one daughter had returned to them. Today, another, but far more broken then the last.

Sindri had been a selfish woman upon the birth of Ynness. As custom, children as Ynness should have been left in the forest to die instead of suffer a life of pity and pain. Had Frigg lived long enough for a say in it, she would have held the strength. Ragnar did not share the same customs and so, suffering Ynness had.

But she suffered no longer...

As Sindri came, she came with every intent to run out the wolf whom came to her border just as the scent of the Isle wolf came with the wind- a similar scent of their own, of sea spray (though lacking the pine) with now uncomfortably close they remained.

Though as the she moved down towards the coast, out far stood a dark wolf and to her footing, another wolf. Sindri quickened her pace. It was one of her wolves, her daughter to be exact. At first she thought her injured, attacked and too weak to move, brought to their doorstep. But no. Too still, too stiff and far too much blood to be alive.

Her little girl was dead.

And she howled out a horrid cry, loud enough for even the Gods in their heavens to hear it. For all to know the suffering of the widowed mother. The words the other woman sung, meant little to Sindri. She barely heard them at all.

Sindri didn't know if any would come, if any were even near. If any would see her in her last moments. But today, she fought to the death. And so she charged, ears back and body low as she zoomed in to close the distance between them, to bite and slash at her sides and belly, to dance around her as she does so like the swift killer she was.
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Vendrussel knew, and yet did not know what would occur to bringing their daughter back to the land they claimed. An honor in so, she was not so heartless to simply leave her be or bring but a head — more of a returning, a warning to what will continue with their barrage of insults to her land, to her ford! And she waited. Her shoulder had stopped bleeding, but was torn from the previous battle, and yet her energy was still well for they moved not, especially to battle one that had the disadvantage.. She thought looking down.

Though to return one's own flesh and blood, a corpse, surely so, there would be an attempt of vengeance. Though the dragoness could not deny she thought it would be words of clash before a brawl to break out, instead one sung high to the moons itself, and charged fully. She leapt away from the body, knowing well it would be in the way for tripping. More death, did these Northfall wolves give, and she so was ready to prepare for them.

The one came in fast, far more then her own daughter. She wanted to bite and slash at her so as her cheek was grazed by that of flying fangs, but like mother and daughter.. Vendrussel aimed for the throat, a forceful step forward as she firmly planted her hind legs into the snow ; a block of stone for any attempts to move as she were to either grab a hold of the desired neck, or lock into a spare of teeth.

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broken left back leg until January 15th
Someone did come. Someone did answer and heed the heartbroken mothers cry. Such anguish, such fury, mixed with the iron scent of blood belonging to one of their own, was all it took to stir Elentari from the shadows. Reclusive she may be, but also ever present. Ever watchful. Nothing slipped under her radar. She knew well of their not so friendly seaside neighbors. It mattered little that she had never lain eyes on one, until this day. Their stench made her stomach twist.

As did that of her freshly deceased sister, Ynness. Taken from this life so unfairly. She took some small comfort in knowing that wherever she may be now, she no longer suffered from her mortal handicap. Like a dark brewing storm that rolled inland out from the seas, the young wolf surged forth, adrenaline driving her. She rallied to her mothers side, shouting up a war cry to beckon others of Northfall to come, immediately.

Steely eyes barely fell on the twisted, limp body of her own sister, before settling icily on that of the murderer. She made quick work of the situation while her mother, Sindri, was hopefully busy enough to be of some distraction. Taking her chance, she slipped in, dancing fleet paws. She'd bite where she could, but was especially hopeful for taking out a hamstring. Or two.
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Vendrussel was a tall woman and she planted long and lean limbs firmly into the snowy and rocky earth. Sindri was much shorter, lean and light of weight to the others more athletic build. Though Vendrussel may have hoped Sindri would have ran head first at her, head in the clouds to expose her throat- Sindri did not.

She continued to do so as she had always, to sweep low, crouched, to bite at legs and underbelly. It was the same manner one wolf would do to a large dumb beast of prey. Sindri would tire eventually, but not until Vendrussel grew weary and weak of blood.

But these moments were but seconds. Her daughter. Her horribly angry and raged daughter lie dead just beyond the rocky beaches of their southern border. But yet another bursts from foothills for justice of her fallen sister. Elentari, named there after the Matriarch of Archer. The reclusive, the withdrawn. She was also the most independent of them and now her fury knew no bounds as she came to rally with her mother just after Sindri came.

It is here that Vendrussel finds purchase, slicing flesh of Sindri's shoulder as she twirls past, trying to be a distraction for the enemy as her larger daughter went to work from behind.
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minor pp

An annoyance — feeling claws and fangs aligning to her skin but none truly coming for that battle of berserkers. Vendrussel underestimated them, thinking with such weak borders there was little wolves they called to their own besides the few children they claimed, and one, laying in death in distances away. She knew not of this new child except but another challenger in the battle, an ocean gaze drifting over them as she was quick, to think what could truly be done on this matter. For 2 v 1, was a match most would flee.. Though pride be damned, she could not.

The dragoness was quick on her feet, she had long legs to dance the battle between but her shoulder caused her to wince in a pain as purposely so went toward. She couldn't hold on forever, though energy minorly recovered, it still came the factor Vendrussel had climbed their mountain with body to be. A snarl rumbled from her throat, thoughts forming.. To act fast, before she could completely lose this battle — including her own life. For surely, the mother would not let he go away.

It was a quick haste in plans, turning abruptly to face that of the child. Too many risks for the Northfall young, those who purposely sought out death should not expect a lenience. She was not raised that way — to treat them as the warrior they called themselves to be. An eye of fury, a storm amongst the sea itself as she ripped a growl through and charged firstly. To the silver bullet, one who tried to come from behind and distract her so while her swiftkill mother desired but more blows.

Fast as they were, she would grab what little energy she had with, a turning of fates while to Elentari, and a quick swift to her side. For she was not here to completely attack, but to grab. A lifting of herself, little energy for such a child, assumed to be a yearling.. Yet cannot rival just yet of that of a full-grown wolf, an advantage to be, for the dragoness who was at the risk of deaths door. Dragons be blessed, a pray for their guidance, to remove a foe from the path that needed —

and she shook this child. Hard and through before her grasp releasing, and Elentari, being thrown from the cliff. Yet Vendrussel could not just stay and watch as she disposed of one, and a quick swift turn to the other — but..

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broken left back leg until January 15th
OOC: Last post for Elentari for a while.

It all happened so fast. No one answered her cry. She wasn't surprised. They were few in numbers, still. The battle was well under way. Her sharp nips to the dark intruders hind quarters worked only for so long, before she spun around, having had enough of Elentari's annoyances. Steely eyed and undeterred, she faced her attacker head on. Instead of leaping out of the way defensively, her inexperience showed while she leapt straight for Vendrussel, where she was too slow to escape her grasping jaws.

Unable to wretch herself free, she protested with blinding snaps of her teeth, hissing while her skin tore. Oh when she got loose this woman would pay! But not for a long, long time. Unnoticed was the cliffside so dangerously close by, until she was freed, sent tossing like foul trash over the edge. She cried out her fury as she fell, tumbling. She heard the sick crack, pop and snap of her own bones and joints, the fresh ooze of her blood. The hard ground raced up to meet her, and then blackness.
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Last for me as well I think!

A scream was both Elentari and Sindri's own, as Sindri was paused long enough to see her beautiful black and silvered daughter hoisted up with a grasp and being tossed from the rocky foothills onto beaches below. Vendrussel, having traveled such way and up the steep incline of the mountains boty injured and body to drag with, must have had serious luck this day for pulling off such feats. But her luck would end, and end now.

With the Dragon leader's momentum within throwing the Stormborn off the cliff, Sindri sought these moments to strike. To bulldoze every bit of her little body into the legs of the other. With every hope that while Venn tossed, she too would be tossed just the same. And down the Dragon bitch would go. The bigger they were, the harder they fell.

Though Sindri could not spare a moment to revel in her success, for the instant Vendrussel would be left to tumble down the ledge in the same manner Elentari had, Sindri would follow suit downward. Leaping and bounding down the sharp incline and onto the rocky beaches below that faced off the Sepulcher in the distance. One of her daughters was already dead. One thin and weakened with trails. Sindri could not loose another. Then, life of a viking was a bloody one.
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Vendrussel could be seen as heartless, already maiming two children. Though at a young age she learned even the young shouldn't be underestimated, and with tempting too far they too would be solidified within the warrior ways of fighting — which included death, as presented with the body of a young woman, cold in the snow. Disabled as she was, the dragoness saw the other not giving in, and neither would run or die for the simple fact they were young. Young and reckless, just as the other Northfall wolf fell to the cliffs below, but avoided tumbling into the water. A rising of a chest — she would survive.

Though such a warrior nor torn away Vendrussel could continue her on slaughter to the other, a hopeful pride to finally end the scrabble between the two. A death! Of two, where to force Northfall to reconsider where their placement is — in the end she thought all could be avoided, if they had shown the same respect the ford had given to them. After all, they never ventured into the mountains — that was until the northern wolf dropped a body off.

Consequences be damned, for a burial a warrior deserved and the consequences would follow. A snarl faced as she turned to fight the other, weakened as Vendrussel was, she held confidence. Yet an act of surprise, for her fighting force would not come forth as a head came tumbling to herself. Paws scrapping by the cliffslides and but no tight grab would be given, just the sound of claws scratching against the cold terrain.

She tumbled, air cradling the dragon as she tumbled through. A leg hitting against the mountain side with slap, and her tumbling continued down all the way into the sepulcher's embrace...

A consciousness fading through as the waves carried her away.

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broken left back leg until January 15th
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