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And I see my ghost in the reflection

Specifically at Blue Hollow on the territory map.

Stark was almost shocked to find this here. Among the mountain peaks there was a lake with a waterfall. He was surprised there was a waterfall streaming with this cold weather and constant snow, but here he had found one. And not only that- it didn’t exactly look like his home but it felt like it. Like the waterfall and lake back at Guarded Falls and the Glen. But mostly the Guarded Falls. It made him all emotional, staring at something that reminded him of his past life, and it made him wonder where he’d ended up and where everyone else was now. Even if he had not felt at home with his birth pack, the memories were bittersweet still, and something just broke free in him.

He sat down and slumped, staring at the pouring water. His ears pressed back, tail pressed firmly against his body as the tears found a way out of his eyes and down his cheeks. He did not want to cry. Crying was not something a male did. Yet he couldn’t help it. Stark had always been more emotional than he wanted to admit he was. He was just a dumb adult in an angsty teen phase that never emotionally grew up. And this place reminded him of that, it made him realize that there was still so much he could do better.

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Stark also hid his feelings and thoughts on things, but he did not hide them behind a mask of happiness like the – wolf? – did that approached him. Stark of course had no idea how she was feeling truthfully, though. All he saw was a happy-go-lucky, loud female that resembled a wolf yet seemed a little off. She smelled of Shirokisha, though, so Stark tolerated her overly happy demeanor. He did not want another repeat of his former life with the Firewing Brotherhood and all the wolves that lived in the other valley.

He wiped his paw over his face to get rid of the tears, not wanting to look like some fool or emotional, useless bastard. Good for nothing shit that he was. But even if he dried his tears, he did not put a smile on his face. That was exhausting. Instead, he tried to be more neutral. He looked her over for a bit, noticing her odd face shape and the different patterns on her fur, as well as her curled tail. That one stood out the most. She was smaller than him and even looked rounder in a sense, though that might simply have been the way she was build. Stark wasn’t the most sleek wolf either, to be honest.

‘’Uh- I’m Stark.’’ he responded shyly, still as awkward as ever. So far he’d only been chatting with the Shirokisha females and it weeeeeird. But he didn’t really know how to approach any of the males in the pack because he felt they might consider him not manly enough. Stark just… seemed to lack in a lot of aspects.

‘’You uh- you’re part of Shirokisha too, huh?’’ He’d said the name a few times now, and it was becoming easier to pronounce it every time he said it. It still felt foreign on his tongue, though. But despite that, Stark was actually making an effort in his free time to learn the language. Usually he just listened to Reiko, asked a few things here and there, and practiced by himself.

Stark always demeaned himself inside his head; he never realized he was actually going the extra mile, in some cases. Didn’t always consider himself worthy enough.

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When she wagged her tail, Stark couldn’t help but be distracted by it. He had never seen a curly tail before so it was quite interesting to see one now. He had never seen a curly tail on a wolf before, or a wolf with such coat stripes or such round cheeks. Then again, Stark also didn’t know what a dog was. Where he’d come from, there had never been any dogs. There was so much new in this world that Stark still had to get used to. He had to admit though, that curly tail was kind of cute. But Stark did not voice his opinion out loud.

Cirilla spoke of Reiko, and apparently Stark himself was the first wolf she’d met, besides the Empress. That made him feel a little bit honored. When she asked him when he’d joined, though- well, let’s say that if wolves could break into a sweat, he would have then and there. Because he could not remember.

When did he meet Reiko and join the pack? Honestly, his story was a weird one; he had never really officially joined? He had joined them on their travels and then just… stuck around. So he guessed it was safe to say he was indeed part of the pack now but it had not been a moment of decision. He had grown into it over time.

‘’I uh- I don’t really remember. A while ago. I never officially stated I wanted to join but I uh- I stuck around. And now I live here.’’ he said awkwardly, huffing softly in amusement at himself. Stark really just… grew into things. Slowly.

‘’But yeah… few months now. Somewhere in spring.’’ Yepyep.

‘’You um… when did you join?’’

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Oh, so Cirilla was very new. Stark nodded, showing he’d heard her, and that he’d processed it. A man of usually little words, as one could see. As she continued to speak, he felt a small grin tug at his lips. He guessed it checked out, since she looked a little round. Like him. He liked food, too. But Stark mostly wanted to work for it. He didn’t know why he tried so hard to be liked. But he knew he couldn’t be liked because of his personality, so he tried to be liked for his hard work. So far it had worked here, which was a relief.

‘’I mean- who doesn’t like food? It’s one of the best things about life.’’ Stark said. Honestly he tried to live for food, as food kept you alive, in return. It was a simple fifty-fifty deal in this world. It made sense. ‘’Doubt- I would be happy if we could survive without eating food.’’ Yeahhh, he was starting to loosen up a little. But even then, his conversation skills were still as awkward as ever.

Hesitating and not knowing what to say next, his eyes fell back on what had caught his attention first. ‘’I like your tail.’’ he told her, though he then realized that may be taken the wrong way, and in an internal a panic he added, ‘’It’s cool. How did you get it to curl like that?’’
Haha yes, that was a perfect conversation holder.

Damn it Stark. Why did you have to be awkward?

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Okay. Okay. You had Stark’s attention. ‘’Mutant deer? Mutant- how?’’ he asked. What type of mutant deer was she talking about? Extra eyes? Extra legs? Extra horns? What even was considered mutant? ‘’Is it still around? ‘Cause I wanna see it.’’ If she had seen it only recently he would honestly like her to point it out to him, please.

She seemed not all too happy about him pointing out her curled tail, and he wondered why that was because her tail was pretty and he did like it. Since it was something he hadn’t come across like- ever. Stark didn’t really know why he was drawn to unique things, or drawn exactly in what way; he was a simple guy that liked interesting things, okay? ‘’It’s cool.’’ he said again because- what else could he say? Ugh, socialness.

She complimented him right back, though she mentioned his face, and Stark shot her a confused look, as well as a slightly suspicious one. ‘’My face? Why my face?’’ What was so special about his face? He honestly… hated his own face. Because the markings on his face were the features he’d inherited from his father that clearly showed he was his father’s son. And that sucked. ‘’Err, thanks.’’

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She suddenly started staring at him and Stark had no idea WHY she was staring at him. He looked very confused, then his eyes started rolling around, left and right, unable to keep eye contact as it made him feel really awkward and almost sick inside. She liked to look at his face? But what was so appealing about it? And as if it couldn’t get any worse, she suddenly made a comment that Stark had no idea how to react to. His literal response was to mentally shut down and stare with the biggest widest eyes he could possibly naturally show before his face would explode due to eye-overload. If a wolf’s blushing could have been seen from underneath that fur, Stark would have been totally red from tip to toe. ‘’I-’’

No words left him, and when the subject returned to the mutant deer he mentally clasped onto that so hard- like a car suddenly changing direction and skrrrr’ing through a turn. ‘’YEAH YOU SHOULD SHOW ME.’’ he basically screeched, his face screaming uncomfortableness and embarrassment. Had it been winter season he would probably have responded in a more daring manner due to hormones but- since that wasn’t the case now, Stark was just one big ball of angst.

Please don’t make fun of him for it.

‘’I mean – errr – I uh- I would- I would like that.’’ his voice turned into a shy mumble.

How did one talk to girls or even respond to any of this, at all? 404 system not found.

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She was just giggling uncontrollably and it reminded Stark why did not specifically like hanging out with girls because they were WEIRD. God, he wished he could sink into the ground right now and straight up disappear. He had no idea how they’d gotten from a normal conversation to- this. He regretted complimenting her tail. That’s probably how all this had started. He couldn’t believe he’d done that.

Her actions and the glances she gave him made him shiver and not exactly in the fun way. He was feeling all sorts of things he could not explain and honestly it made him feel more anxious than anything. And of course, Cirilla had to make it worse. She had to make a comment that was so suggestive that Stark believed his soul was leaving his body. He had no idea if she was being serious or just taunting him and playing with his head but honestly he considered the ladder and if he hadn’t been so shocked he probably would have ended up crying then and there at the thought that she might – in fact – be toying with him. But he was so lost for words he just stared and shuffled his ass over the ground like a nervous tic.

‘’W-what- what do you want in return?’’ he asked, almost fearful. Please be honest with him. He really had no idea what to expect or even do here. ‘’Are- are you serious or are you just playing around…??’’ he finally managed to ask, but he wasn’t sure if he would like the answer either way, whatever direction it went into. Stark knew he was on his way to get hurt.

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Oh. Now she looked sad and confused. Aaaaand Stark had ruined things, hadn’t he? She started rambling, about his face, the deer, the other thing. Stark bit his bottom lip and stared at her as she spoke, not sure where to pitch in, not even sure what to say. But once she was done and seemed ready to leave, Stark found himself snapping out of his trance and opening his mouth to frantically blurt out the first words that came to mind. ‘’No wait.’’

Oh shit. Uh. Uhhhhh. How was he going to fix this??? Gosh, her answer did both relieve and disappoint him, much like he had anticipated.

‘’Sowasthatflirtingorwasitnotorwhatwasit?’’ he rambled. Stark really needed to learn social cues, didn’t he? He hoped she wouldn’t leave because he didn’t really want her to. God, why was this stuff so awkward?
‘’Becauseifitwasflirting- I’veneverbeenflirtedwithbeforeandIdunnowhattosayordo- or- uhhhhhh.’’
Yes, exactly that.

‘’Alsoyoucan’tjustsaythatstufftoaguy. Youmightgivehimthewrongimpressionifyoudon’tmeanit- just sayin’-’’ he continued to ramble. Yes, don’t go and possibly make a guy horneh, pls.

Breathe Stark, breathe.

He inhaled sharply, filling up his lungs. His head spun for a moment. Aaaand he breathed out again.
Okay Stark, think.

‘’Please don’t go, just-’’ Don’t flirt with him if you don’t mean it???
God had he really ruined things again?

Stark could not let her leave if their mood was currently like this because- if he let her go like this now, with this as a last impression of himself, then he’d ruined things again. He had already done that with his former family, he couldn’t do that again. He didn’t want to do that again.

He didn’t want to end up drowning again.

He wasn’t sure why that was the thought that came to him near the end.

‘’I’m really bad with social interactions and especially with subjects like that. I- I didn’t know what to say or do or ifyouwereplayingaroundornot or- but uhmm don’t go? Please?’’
Honestly Stark was sure he would feel worse about the situation if he ended up alone right now.

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Had he fucked up? Had he ruined everything? He held his breath when she pulled back and took her time to settle down in front of him once more. That whole time he was just staring, not breathing. Until she placed her paw on his, only then did he exhale and suck in a staggering gust of air. She said she liked him, but Stark still wasn’t 100% sure what that meant. His head was swimming but he didn’t want to suddenly start assuming a lot of stuff. But… those who liked each other as friends didn’t start making out like that, right? Sorry Cirilla, Stark couldn’t help it. He was always overthinking everything.

‘’I- as in like like?’’ he asked her, once more to confirm that what was going on was indeed an act of more than simply being friends. Whatever the answer was, either way Stark had enough affection and confusion for probably the next couple of months.

Her question caught him off guard and his instant reaction was to awkward blurt out a ‘’no’’, followed by a flurries of stutters and confused, embarrassed eye rolls as he tried to find something else to look at. Because making eye contact was scary.

‘’I mean, I- I uh- I’ve never really done this before with any female??’’ Give poor Stark a break, he still hadn’t fully processed what had happened, just yet. Girls were often so over complicated, and it made Stark scared to speak his mind, because he had no idea what would happen if he said anything at all. They could take it either way, they could take ANYTHING he said in a negative way.

Internal screaming. Wheeze.
Gosh, how was he going to explain anything? God Stark, focus. Get yourself together.

‘’Okay, so- you’re pretty, I like your tail. You’re pretty cool, too.’’ he started off with, realizing he didn’t know anything about her, and neither did she know anything about him. And that made it extra awkward. ‘’I um- I grew up in an almost all-female pack and I never really uh- I never fully understood any of them? I had trouble communicating with them? I don’t know why but- I guess that’s a me problem. Honestly I got the same communication problem with guys-’’

He was digging his own grave here, wasn’t he? He let out a chuckle at how pathetic he truly was. Mostly to relieve some tension.

‘’I- I used to assume things, in the past. I never really learned how to interpreted certain social cues so I ended up always fucking up… I don’t want to assume anymore. So- that’s why I asked because- I wasn’t sure what your true intentions are. But I uh- I feel like I’m fucking up whether I’m assuming things or not?’’ Alright, alright. He was learning to communicate, slowly but surely. No?

‘’But if you do – uh – like like me then- that’s cool. I uh- we should uh- hang out some time.’’ As if they weren’t already hanging out.
Stark clearly didn’t have his A-game with women, in comparison to his father.

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Stark had a feeling there were misunderstandings coming from both sides now. Cirilla now looked just as confused as he did, about several things. HUH. Perhaps they both were idiots. Stark secretly kind of liked that they were both so confused because it made him feel less of a fool. ‘’Like like as in- romantically-??’’ Hhhhhh, wheeze. What even was going on, anymore? She had meant it that way, right? Or was he assuming again and being overly stupid about things?

The next question made him frown veeeeery deep. Yes, he was pretty sure he liked females? Why did she ask him that. He- he believed he’d once had a one night stand with a female during winter- if his memory was correct. Oh god. Oh god, did he leave behind children!? More internal screaming and self doubt. Never ending cycle with Stark.

‘’Uh- females.’’ Yes, yes. That had to be right. ‘’Dating guys sounds kinda weird. No offense to the guys that do.’’ It just- didn’t sound like something Stark would do. Whatever floats your boat, you know. Not Stark’s.

God, why did she have to say that last sentence of hers like that? Now it sounded like she did not want to hang out and was only agreeing because he wanted to. Unless she actually wanted to. Then that was cool but- ugh, why was it so hard to be social like a normal wolf? Maybe he had to be more- straightforward? Cirilla seemed rather straightforward.

‘’Yeah, sounds fun. Hanging out is fun.’’

Honestly Cirilla wasn’t bad company at all. They both seemed rather weird and awkward about things which honestly made Stark feel less lonely. And she was pretty.

Look at Stark go, chatting up a pretty female.



Oh. He had an idea. ‘’Um.’’ But how did he actually start it off, HUH? ‘’Shall we um- play a game? Like- We ask each other questions and the other answers and then we uh get to know each other but if we don’t want to answer a certain question we don’t really gotta??’’

Unless- she had stuff to do and would rather do that another time. That was fine with Stark. He would wait, he was a good boy. Right? Right!?

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So- did that mean Cirilla liked both males and females? Did Stark have competition? He didn’t like that thought very much. Wait- why was he even bothered about that? More internal screaming commence. ‘’Guess I’ve never considered looking at a guy that way, before.’’ he said, trying to not sound as awkward as he felt, trying to make light of it all. But was he confused, oh my.

And then she basically told him she DID like him romantically and Stark just mentally imploded. But but but but they had only just met how did one- what how what where? ‘’That’s uh- that’s cool.’’ THAT’S COOL!? DAMN IT STARK! Stop being such an idiot!

He puffed a little at her other comment, though. ‘’That question doesn’t count.’’

But anyway. How did he feel? Come on Stark, think. How did he feel and what did he feel? ‘’But I guess I uh- I feel something too? For you? It’s weird because I don’t know what it feels like but I feel rather funny and I’ve never felt like that before either so I guess I do – uh – feel uh-’’ Say it Stark, you got it, buddy.

‘’...Romantic attraction?’’

Perhaps. It was moving quite fast, though. Stark didn’t really have time to think. He wondered what he felt, what actions he should take here. Depending on how he truly felt, he guessed he would either be really lucky or kind of regret stuff later but- honestly right now he felt really funny in a… positive way?


Yeh. Yeah. That’s how it worked, right?

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