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[ pack meeting ] We've made every mistake,

this is mandatory! it is dated for 6/20 ; due to the severity of events those who do not arrive will be removed from Elkshire, you can be NPC'd in, as well as re-added later if one of the wolves removed, elk/deer are excluded from this.

@Remus @Serpens @Ellinor @Buck @Teodora @Florence @Corliss @Cynefrid @Thistle @Isabella 

Célnes left her children in the care of @Vaskian.

There was a notice of wolves missing. Perhaps the worst time, she thought of all, the absolute betrayel.. Of a mother only recently giving birth, not even a month has passed, and yet a revolt had been taken. Silent as it was though, they all left without a word, but of course, she could notice the particular of five missing ; Flynn, Meissa, Rosemary, Archon and even Tavra. Most were not surprising she would say, yet, her heart still ached at the mere thought of these wolves she trusted, to leave her and her children for the damned. Was there more she did not notice?

If the Queen ever had caught them again, she would want them dead. To her core she could subside Tavra, for a woman so seemingly new to leave, and perhaps Rosemary.. Albeit, he wasn't very much around - but it was hard to forgive the two once royal guards, who swept away in the midst of the nights. Laughable!

Célnes knew she would send someone to inform @Vengeance of this new.. Disorder, even how shameful it was, she wanted ti be known that these wolves are to be hunted if spotted. She wasn't fond of those who cross her so - maybe it would've been better to dealt with them while around. Originally banishment, but the mere factor they all but left without even a goodbye.

That is what hurt the most.

"Wolves of Elkshire, I ask you now to re-pledge yourself under the name. Some have left as been noticed, though names not ushered, it is known they are no longer welcomed. I cannot trust those who simply only talk back without solutions, as well as ambient dislike for I yet remain here, especially not as children have been born. Everyone here is free to speak their minds, but with honor, a conversation, and not but a tantrum that has been shown by deserters for the last few days.[/b]

She had called the wolves who came, fiery eyes taking a keen note who was around. For those who would not be on the specific day - she knew they were not of Elkshire. Her words were rash, even rush, but it was needed for brash decisions to be made. Especially as she needed followers to whom can be trusted!

"Do you pledge to our kingdom?"

Her patience was wearing thing to the stragglers.

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[Image: daypp44-35fafcf4-5681-4f2b-ade7-060f2833...UH7g592rRs]


 The hunter had no clue what had happened. He'd come in, been told to wait by the borders for awhile, and then got brought in by the queen herself. Well, that was pretty cool - she was a pretty lady and she had lots of little kids, he thought anyway. Lots of little kids meant that there were lots of mouths to feed - well, there would be once the mom got done weaning them.

 He'd heard the call and wandered on over, a turkey hanging from his mouth.

 The pack apparently didn't eat deer, which was a weird type of diet he guessed, so he knew not to hunt any. It was a good thing turkeys were pretty common in the woods and other bigger stuff like boars - they weren't nearly as big as the ones he remembered chasing with his family but he guessed they would still feed a lot.

 He listened to the words the queen said, chewing idly on the turkey in his mouth until she asked them to pledge. Huh - hadn't he basically done that? Oh, he guessed, she needed it again. Was it like, a weekly thing? He dropped the turkey, spitting out feathers, and barked a, “Yes ma'am!” Only ever being around his folks and siblings, he didn't know all the proper terminology for speaking to a queen but, well, it was the thought that counted with the boy.

 He wondered who left. Was it that nice lady he'd met who all the deer seemed to know? Maybe one of the guards he'd totally met in threads of course he did, what are you talking about. Either way, he didn't know anyone really except for the queen and the one nice lady... Cynefrid? He licked his lips, clearing away another feather that was hanging off of his face.

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 Corliss did not like to be woken up from her sleep to deal with someone else's crap -- and whatever crap was being cooked up in today's meeting had reached realitively uninterested ears. "Do you pledge to our kingdom?" -- Célnes, darling, the fuck are you on about this time? To think the vixen thought herself the only drama queen around here.

 "Yeah, I do."


 Well, Core wasn't dumb enough to miss all the increased empty space lately and the absence of commonly wandering scents, so it had to be the reason she was out here asking everyone for their loyalty or something. 'Oh my, It seems like little miss perfect was beggining to realize her beautiful little "idea" of a kingdom infested with infidels was fucked!' The vixen thought to herself cruelly as she found herself a seat -- a punishment like this from the high elk was only destined to happen sooner or later. I mean really, did Cel truly think wandering around to pull the same bullshit her and Cenric pulled in their "renewed" elkshire wasn't going to piss the high elk off? The doe would probably be more amused getting a load of what those kids looked like one day too!

 That is, until she actually saw the select few hidden in the litter...

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She had come when called, trotting to the gathering with a curious glint in her ghostly gaze as she took in who stood with the Queen. Scents she knew but had yet to meet and one she had not scented much before but... again, no Serpens. Teodora swallowed thickly, she hadn't seen him much lately - if at all and she could not help but be saddened by the turn of events. Trying not to wallow, she threw herself into listening to what was going on around her. To the side she stood, trying not to focus on the fact she was one of the tallest here, the voices of her kin telling her how she had nearly had it all as a woman, if not for her height!

Teodora focused on Celnes as she began to speak, her ears wilting at the tips as she realised that the agenda of the meeting was not one of happiness but one of sadness, of severity. She spoke of traitors, of abandoners, of wolves who held little ability to talk first rather than shout and she wanted to frown when she realised one of the ones she had not spotted was not Meissa. She was not a wolf that Teodora would have thought would have acted in such a way but she supposed that she really didn't know anyone here that much, in the end, did she? Teodora knew that some wolves could be convinced to change, that not everyone would be stuck in their ways, Celnes' belief, her families belief of those with white fur? That wasn't something that Teodora thought could be born with. It was taught to the Queen and thus, in the end, could be untaught. Teodora would never approach Celnes, or anyone, with aggression.

You catch more flies with honey, after all.

"I pledge, my Queen," Teodora stated, voice carrying despite the softness of her tone. She had lost two families and now Serpens was... somewhere, Elkshire was her only home. Good things come to those who wait.

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What had happened here?  A fledgling kingdom in its death-throws.  This woman was calling herself a queen amongst only a handful of 'subjects'.  Flynn and Meissa where gone.  The old dog's hopes of a legion where dashed.  It had seemed that more had left this place than had showed up.  He must have been so out of the loop patrolling the land's outward boarders. To further sting the situation the faces that had shown up here where different.  It seems that this place... this queen could not hold a loyal court.

Just more travelers passing through it seemed.  The old dog said nothing, actually trying his hardest to pull off his usual stone face, as to not let his disappointment show through.
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Calliope had, for the most part, minded her own business. She was oblivious to whatever unrest was occurring here, so lost in her own mind that she’d forgotten to observe the others. The Queen’s tone made her nervous, Calliope knew she could be intimidating, and had the potential for aggression, but she’d never had a chance to witness such behavior.

But how could it be without reason? The Queen had only ever been kind to her, so she was kind in return. The poet trusted Célnes. Her yellow eyes glazed over the rest of the pack, wondering what had caused such unrest.

“Yes,” she said quietly, nervously, but confident in her decision to trust the Queen.

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npc'd in: isabella

round two! no posting order

Those who did not show - were now gone from Elkshire territory. The few faces that crossed he mind ; @Ellinor, @Thistle, @Serpens, though she could not say she entirely missed them except for her cousin, for the few that were, they acted as dead weight. Simply feasted upon their cache and used their land as protection, but she did not see them pull any weight that was needed. A fiery gaze, looking to them all in a silent, judging look, each one that pledged she would give a small nod, before settling upon @Cynefrid, Though of course, the Queen could not help but side-eye the gladiator, @Remus, but for the moment answered the young doe's.

"A number of members have left after an outburst from Flynn, who decided to curse myself and my children ; thus they are herby banned from Elkshire, and two that have betrayed my trust.. Flynn and Meissa, are to be dispatched on sight." Though she may expect some gasping from the more.. Gentle of wolves, she could not deny what is to come. Those who left would not be on the same list, Célnes did no see the same betrayal as her two once royal guards have given - especially when she thought there was mutual trust, it had been thrown back to her face. She was a vengeful wolf, those who cross her so don't always end an easy life, but it would be harder for them who were no longer in the territory. But, she would make it so they could no longer step onto the forested grounds without an unease upon their back. The two, surely already knew that she would not take the situation lightly. Her mind pushed aside Tavra, Rosemary, Florence, and even the innocent child, Archon.

Her gaze looked over to the silent two, though she did not expect the immediate alignment from the lost Queen, she was just but a guest after all. The thought simmered on asking her to align herself, as days would go, the elk Queen would then pull the question. Would she remain, or would she go? However, a man who had been here for so long remained silent.. She had asked for a verbal pledge, and he gazed stoicly upon her. Many times did she hate, and like Remus - the way he could not be tamed, and the judging she felt upon his stare.. Yet, he was loyal, the proud royal tutor of her young, but would it remain that way? Célnes wanted to hear it from him.

"That is why today, I am asking for trust. A need to hear, of those who will not betray the Elkshire name."

Oh how her court was falling.. Alas, though it was always needed. She had to hear those personally, deciding to not betray her again. Once was lost, their names carved in her blackened heart ; Célnes, would not let it repeat.

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[Image: daypp44-35fafcf4-5681-4f2b-ade7-060f2833...UH7g592rRs]


 “That's terrible!” he murmured with a look of concern on his face. He had never met the two named wolves, he was sure, but it all was a lot to process. Cursing people? What, was he some sort of witch? Would Celnes burst into flames the moment she saw him or something? He figured he'd need to ask what they looked like if he were to know who to go ahead and "dispatch", whatever that meant, otherwise who knows! He might accidentally take out a cousin or something!

 He looked across the gathered wolves, noting those who were here. Most wolves were muttering agreements - most were pretty ladies! - but there were a couple wolves who stood quiet. Actually, he realized with a blink, except for the silent man over there who looked super pissed off for some reason, everyone was ladies. That guy really looked pissed off. Was he friends with them or something? Maybe he was mad they'd not told him goodbye or was mad about the cursing thing, since that seemed like a big deal.

 How easy was it to get cursed here?

 Was he cursed without knowing? Was he going to burst into flames? Oh god.

 He looked back at Celnes, ears pricked towards her and eyes wide. “I won't betray it!” He had no reason to and right now, with curses and witches on his mind, he needed not to get cursed for not saying the right thing. He didn't want to burst into flames.

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He had no business being here, thus he wasn't. He found himself curled up with the future kings and queens of Elkshire, pushing them gently to and fro as they began to wake and bustle around. Their eyes, now opened, peered up at him with crimes of past lives he could not yet recognize; ears flicking backward in annoyance. Never had he dreamt of harming a child, and this wasn't that... But the elk was angry. Not at them, no... Never at them.

He let the echo of his Queen boom within him. Filled himself with the pain that lingered heavily on her stressed vocals. 

Even from here, where he rested beside her offspring, his ears picked up her betrayal. Their betrayal. "How bold of them." He'd blow loudly, sending his animosity to wrap around her like a bloodied scarf. "To bite the hand that feeds them, cares for them, shelters them." He had expected some to vanish from within her grasp, but never had he imagined it'd be this many.

He couldn't help but wonder where they'd gone... he couldn't help but wonder how long it would take before he found them.


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Isabella Astor hung in the shadows, feeling very much as if she did not belong. Why would the queen call for a pack meeting, and invite someone who was not within their ranks? They did not hunt or eat or harm elk/deer, for some very strange reason, Isabella was sure, but she would not pretend to understand it.

She didn’t need to understand it. She needed to respect it. What would happen to her if she was found guilty of it? There was a giant, talking elk over there. Isabella was almost captivated with him enough to consider actually joining, but joining had never been her intention.

The queen wanted her wolves to pledge to her and her kingdom. How had she coaxed her peers to protect prey? Did the Elk and Deer-folk have something on her? Her tail swaged behind her, doubtful that was truly the case.

So it would seem that she was introduced to the queen and then the only wolves she knew were gone, with empty threats to the queen and her children, or had that part been added in for dramatic effect? The lad in question seemed like a child himself, and Isabella couldn’t picture him threatening the lives of children. Of course, she didn’t truly know the guy, or anyone else, so she’d make an appearance and just watch the circus.

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[Image: 5klL6Dz.png]
"I am sure many know that I am a Deorwine, and as are others. One should also know ; it is not wrong to assume how our culture was raised toward discriminatory." She would have guessed a good portion would've known, or at least heard some rumors. Unknowingly did not know the spreading that even went onward to other lands, for the traitors would spread the word. Though any who joined Elkshire, would soon know of the family that currently holds its reigns.. 

Célnes gazed to them all, a wandering eye as she took a moment of silence. None had truly spoken up but Buck, and the rest perhaps watched in anticipation, "How we were raised is all were lesser then of brown - but let it be known, that is not all that Elkshire is." Even if some were to hold some discriminatory traits, such as herself, the Queen thought she was more lenient then compared to the past life of a Deorwine, though stricter then her previous reign. Even then though, she obviously always thought.. They were cursed, until proven otherwise.

Especially those who hold white. Though why say so, when the best course of action was of assurance? Truthfully be said she had no intention of changing said laws, a wariness toward those majority of white and like, perhaps even now she was far more careful on those who carried the color, due to the betrayal. None of the other rainbow-tied ones mattered though, just the ghostly color, bleached from the pelt itself.. So says He, the High Elk.

Her children would also know of these.

"Any can prove themselves, as shown as those who betrayed were those once a royal guard. Never once, shown distaste for what they were. Yet, instead, they discriminated against I, for simply the name I was born as. Proud as I am of it, and the religion it is by ; it can be changed."

A play upon words, a shift in way - even if in the end, both parties were in the wrong, she would not admit that within her heart. Célnes felt betrayed, and she would let the world know of their sins.

Her gaze steadily turned toward Remus though, letting a few moments of silence pass toward, one who had yet to say anything till now. She decided to put him onto the spot, needing that assurance to what he were to be, "Remus, do you pledge and take the name of the Royal Guard once more?"

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[Image: daypp44-35fafcf4-5681-4f2b-ade7-060f2833...UH7g592rRs]
Here she went again. Platitudes, worthless nothings, dripping from the maw of a delusional leader. Did she not understand that the only thing holding her nation together was the fact that most here had no other option. A collection of the spineless and meek, in time he could help them grow strong. But, here stood a parasite as their leader, feeding on a decaying corpse of hopes and dreams. What power did she think she had, blood alone doesn't make a queen.

She looked at the guard, and posed the question he knew would come. Remus answered carefully.

"You are my employer, your highness..."
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She could not help but take a few moments to look at him. The man always knew how to stay upon a gray line, neither favoring or disfavoring, in a way to provide an answer that was neither hot or cold. For just a moment her irritation was flashed through as a flicker of her tail came, but she settled her paw ontop of it, and simply flashed him but a smile. Though as much as she normally would enjoy, to throw those away who do not.. It was the truth, that the Queen could not afford such a moment in time. Weakened as they were, she would have to settle.

"You are all dismissed, may you be blessed for the day. Any questions, you may come and find me."

With so, she stepped from her stairs, a flashing smile to the mob.

anything for celnes may @ at her for a thread!

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