Compendium Entry North: Northwestern Europe
South: Pacific Northwest

Mild and variable, this landscape is dotted with forests and a complex river system. The remnants of human society tell stories of the long-forgotten past. The land sees light winters and pleasant summers, a highly sought after selection of resources hidden in its intricate details.

Better Late than Never

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Ryn stalked through the woodland today. She wasn't willingly staying. Just biding her time. Maybe she should eat something. Ryn hadn't been eating much, not wanting to accept anything from this pack of nightmares. But she had to eat, and the yearling would take the easy way out wherever possible. 

She settled down after fumbling after some food she'd found hidden away, holding the mostly bone between her paws and gnawed at it, releasing her frustrations at the same time. She imagined it was Aries' head. She'd not bumped into him again yet, nor did she want to. Ever, really.

She was aware of her surroundings, stopping every few bites to listen. She was not being caught off guard by some other grunt who lived here looking for a snack themselves.
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Momma told her she could be anything in the world, so Amata chose to be an actress. An actress that played the role for whatever she could ever want. She might be young, but Amata knew how to get what she wanted.

Her new slave was around… Amata could not recall where she’d gone, or what she went to do; it hadn’t mattered because Amata was alone, though the smell of a stranger drove her towards this unsuspecting victim. She could see that, upon further inspection, that this stranger had something. Something that she was incredibly paranoid over.

Thus, that was something Amata immediately desired. So, being a child, Amata did what children did best. She cried out for a mother that did not exist as she slowly emerged from the bushes nearby and oh so innocently glanced over towards the bigger female as she wiggled her nose and glanced up with the most innocent look that she could muster up.


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All at once, there was a detestable wailing and the sounds of something approaching from the bushes. Her hackles rose and her lips peeled back, hunching over her food more when a small child practically bumbled out. Looking up to her crowing about her mama.
Ravaryn, as yet, had no maternal instincts, and had no desire to be in change of it. 
But it was a child. Younger than her. And certainly shouldn't be here. It was probably snatched away or something by the look of it.
Though, it also looked cared for.

Ryn snarled softly, staring at the child while her ears searched for the trap this surely was, some ploy by Aries or a cruel game by Vengeance.
But...it was just a child. She didn't keep her act up for long, soon quieting and letting her hackles flatten, though her ears were still slicked firmly back.
She didn't take her eyes off the child either.
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