Compendium Entry North: Himalayan
Central: Appalachian
South: Rockies

A mysterious set of mountain ranges sprawls across the the terrain, curiously flowing from one extreme to the next. In the south, temperate zones are split with canyons and cliffs. The central terrain is comprised of low mountains that appear blue in the distance. Toward the north are intense peaks taller than any have ever gone before. Many of the mountains and ranges are dotted with old bridges and mysterious ancient structures.

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The sands of time drew thinner on her scale, her reasoning slipping for where she wandered, who she encountered as she wandered, and how she handled herself. Time would draw near for her clock to chime, once more, and she needed to be prepared to spawn once more. Yet as always, her plans derailed. As the Godess of Paradox, there was no opportunity for her to set to motion what she needed accomplished for the assassination. She hadn't even seen the quicksilver bastard dog around the area she had promised Vengeance, so perhaps it was a blessing he did not heed her whims as many before him had. Who was to say her delusional kin hadn't caught wind of her plans, and sent someone for her? She could be being hunted down, and she wouldn't ever know it. Not until she had perished, again.

Her wanderings took her to woods , much further from her blood relatives, and she prowled for a reason to no longer. Hares had thrusted into her path to entice, yet the Witch was in no mood to feed. A mock of ravens laughed her identity to the timbers about them, but she cared nothing for their calls. The Goddess was careless, again. And surely the Celestials had their fun of it. They had to, she seethed in internal vex. Ebony auds flipped to show her displeasure for her thoughts cause, but there was nothing to console her. She needed to start over from step one. She needed to find the boy, and have him slain. However, her womb slandered her idea, another grating roil within the confines of her abdomen forcing her to sway from the motion.

"Ugh," She grunted, annoyed as she heatedly sought a stream, something, anything to relieve herself from the pyre lit within her lower gut. Morning shone the wonders of the bothered woman's hide, the gorgeous flay of auburn and deep reddy browns that streamlined deceitfully through it. Yet she was a burdened beauty, and garnet gaze kept low as she trotted through the path in search for any cooling body of water.
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Not far from the clutches of Empyrean’s domain lied the lust forests that gave way to the riverlands, and they were a place that he frequented from time to time. While the mountain heights certainly gave him vistas to marvel at and plot courses he would or would not take in the future, it felt good to escape the relatively crisp air for more even terrain, though even here in the dense wood it was varied enough to keep his stamina in check.

Though this part of the forest was certainly something to look at.

The weeping trunks were nothing particularly new to him; Dirge had seen many a place in his travels that resembled such things, from rich, deep flowing crimsons to sun-catching shades of amber, and even the sickly appearance of yellow resins clinging to withered woods far more older than he. If anything, he was careful not to push himself into contact with them—the last thing he wanted was to deal with a sticky mess that not even the river could wash out of his coat.

Now the bouts of locust trees and their spindly little thorns here and there, well, those he couldn’t quite avoid. They plucked gently at the tufts of a late summer coat nearly blown out as a cool wind rose to greet him over a hillock, and he could smell the riverway distantly. The riparian forest had a certain stillness to it, a demeanor that would have been off putting if not for the fact that its natural scenery did not begrudge him any, yet even in that stillness he had the sense to know that he was not alone here. Often was the case—birds, bears, other creatures lurked beyond just as any number of his own pack.

He lingered upon the hillock just a moment more, and ventured on.
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