Compendium Entry North: Gobi Desert
Central: Saharan Desert
South: Subtropical Desert (Sonoran & Mojave Deserts)

Stretching as far as the eye can see, this unique desert boasts a diverse landscape: towards the south, cacti stand watch year round over sweeping lands that often see dangerously high temperatures and low precipitation. Moving towards the central section, dirt and clay become reddish sand, constantly shifting thanks to heavy wind. The northern side is a place of extremes, reaching dangerously low temperatures in winter and high in summer. Overall, the Desert provides very little shade, leading most creatures to operate on a nocturnal schedule to avoid the relentless sun.

On the first part of the journey

Morning Sunny/Clear 106° F

“In the desert, you can remember your name”

Frisk didn't remember much at all.

He was here - and there - and everywhere and it didn't matter if it was familiar or not. Ever since he had left his home pack to discover the world on his own - to fuck new bitches that were not related to him, Frisk was unbothered by the loneliness that took his life tone day at a time even as he found himself in these strange new lands.

Did he die before arriving here? He couldn't be certain. From one desert was the next, they all seemed to blend into one - but he did seem to not remember much from his home. All he could do was busy himself with food and finding a comfortable place to sleep, but still that nagging thought remained; he wanted a home, safety in numbers, friends and maybe a lover or two.

So he kept wandering. Up a winding path to watch the flowing river below. The smooth rock was easy on the paws but still he couldn't help but notice the vast nothingness that stretched out. He sighs. “Another day I suppose.”

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