Compendium Entry North: Himalayan
Central: Appalachian
South: Rockies

A mysterious set of mountain ranges sprawls across the the terrain, curiously flowing from one extreme to the next. In the south, temperate zones are split with canyons and cliffs. The central terrain is comprised of low mountains that appear blue in the distance. Toward the north are intense peaks taller than any have ever gone before. Many of the mountains and ranges are dotted with old bridges and mysterious ancient structures.

I've come across the souls, we talk, we know, we lost control

Evening Rain 65° F
@Ciri; dated before Mira's return, chronologically, but present day!


Hydra missed her daughters. She missed her sons.

She was overjoyed to know that Nyx's own had returned, but over her many, there was not a one that was here and home with her. Hydra was content to know some wandered to find the rest, but she missed her children. She had the idea today to visit one of her nieces (or perhaps both), or nephew—perhaps all of them. Having wanted Ciri and Keres to get settled before pressing them for company, the matriarch felt enough time had been given for rest by now; first, though, to find some sort of gift. 

A misting rain fell over the mountains. In some hours time it would pass, but for now it proved to be a boon. The matriarch followed the scent trail of mountain hare, hot upon it, licking her chops. She remembered teaching her cubs the ways of tracking... how Atlas and Osiris had taken to it, and worked together. The fond memory drove her as she made way, now seeing visible evidence of the creatures recent passing. Ears rotating atop her crown, Hydra suddenly paused and dropped to the earth in a low crouch as she saw the prey she had scented, licking her chops.

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