Compendium Entry North: Mongolian Steppe
South: Great Plains

A stretch of predominantly flat grasslands and gentle rolling hills. This land is susceptible to mild humidity and precipitation with rainfall more likely in the warmer months. Due to the vast openness, high winds are a common occurrence followed by sudden changes in temperatures. The northern plains are harsher than the south.

Time to go

Early Morning Partly Cloudy

Holly was traveling, now. She planned to catch up with Skuld and Fawn days before this, only to keep running into strangers or situations that had her staying. Of course, she did not plan on staying forever, Holly eventually left that specific part of the Plains to go north. In turn, leaving the beautiful land of the flowers behind. She could always visit another time, but for now hunting down Skuld was the better idea - at least until she could tell him what she'd come across and found out, and to see his news as well. Plus, she was missing them. Holly didn't want to stay away from those she considered her family for long, especially since she knew Skuld and Fawn's faces from before.

This area of the plains looked kind of dangerous. With the rocky outcroppings, moss and thorn-covered plants reaching out to the sky in a way that would hurt if you found yourself falling on it. Holly made sure to avoid places she could hurt herself. She nearly tripped more than once, nearly twisted an ankle - something told her she should have cut to the mountains instead of going through the plains, but it was too late for that now, and the wolf followed the direction of her bird as she kept moving.

Just a little further.

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The rocky terrain was awkward for his large paws, every now and then he would trip as they caught the edge of something and with his higher centre of gravity with those log ass legs of his - Fin was not as elegant here as he was in the Tundra or Boreal woods. What was made for snow was annoying on the harder terrain, but at least his coat only stuck out... a little, from the near barren landscape.

From what he could tell there were more wolves here than he was accustomed to. Their numbers swelling almost by the day which made him more nervous as of late. Where were they coming from? Why were they here so suddenly? No matter, he thought as Fin leapt from one stone to the next - they wouldn't affect him much anyway. They never bothered him and he nor to them, so long as he avoided the bigger packs and their lands.

Then the fluttering of wings caught his senses... Immediately the feline crouched down, he knew what what sound was. Hiding in the crevices of the rocks, letting his large, round eyes scan the skies as the flapping got louder, pupils growing wider until finally the streak of blue came across his vision —

He left from his hiding spot, claws stretched out while he tried to grab the avian and shove it in his mouth. Unfortunately for him he completely missed, landing with blood-less claws (because I wouldn't kill Holly's blue jay like that, what kind of monster do you think I am?) and an empty mouth. “Damn ha.” He muttered, watching the thing most likely freak out in the distance way above his head and leaping distance.

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