Looking for plots? Trying to plan a pack? Post a thread here!

Maybe some threads?


So who've I got?! Well, I'm mostly looking for Mal stuff, but I'll list the whole lot in order of "needs plotz."

You can also nag me on Discord for faster service, rofl. And bonus points if I don't have to start the thread, I do that a lot. :P

MAL (Location: Mountains)
This boy needs some friends. He def has issues right now -- mostly with memory -- and isn't quite himself. Will probably take offense at things way easier than normal, etc. Stuff is a tiny bit up in the air, but he's probably (barring wrenches) gonna be looking for familiar faces and likely starting to try to make a pack again. Before appearing in Canis he had some really rough times and so though he doesn't (currently at least) remember any of it really, it still has an effect on him. If not for that, he iis usually a friendly dude who is devoted to his family, and would probably flirt with people but it'll probably take a bit of recovery before he gets back to that point.
If you think he is the coolest spotty boy ever, well, don't worry I'll be posting his pack info at some point in nearish future so you can hang out with him 4evar. :P I just wanna nail down a few things first.

CADENZA (Location: Mountains or Temperate)
She's just roaming along. I have no idea where she's gonna end up, so could likely use some peeps to hang out with and decide whether or not she goes her own way. She's very free-spirited, so might take a few threads to drag her into a pack. :P At some point she'll totally need to get into mischief though, but I think that means she needs one or more co-conspirators. If you're playing a moldy oldy char from WWS (or are planning to) and they would happen to recognize her or her family name, HMU for the future!

ARBITER (Location:Mountains)
Lawful evil, roaming for interesting opportunities. Acquired taste, either someone you get along with or hate. No idea where she's going at this point, traveling with a couple of buddies, looking for info on packs. Unlikely to make a decision to settle down quite yet, so just need threadz, yo. If you have a char who knew the previous version, HMU for future plots, but not quite yet. >D

VIDOCQ (Location: ???)
He is very up in the air right now. If you don't nab my one open thread then too bad, check back in a week and we can see what's actually happening with him. XD He may or may not get walloped by a desync, find out next episode.
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Okay I've always been a creeper on Arbiter. One beautiful bitch right there. HMU when/if you wanna do a thread with her and Ragnar.
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Can do! >D Is he just wherever in mountains or is there a specific spot I should aim for? I got a path sorta planned for her so just trying to figure if it should be somewhere specific or just whenever!
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They are more along the mountains on the right hand side near coast. So they can be anywhere along that chain really should be okay.
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Sounds good to me! IDK if I'll get to new threads before the weekend, but can tag you in a thread somewhere, muaha.
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