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Disco: Sleeping Doe's Range


Sleeping Doe's Range

Temperate Territory

Located next to the forest that is home of the elk, oftentimes does the herd wander into the open, relishing into the sun on cloudless days, causing a napping-like area. Within the plains are often can be found celosia argentea flowers, a vibrancy to the otherwise rather dull area. It's delectable to the ungulates who besides sleeping, find themselves snacking onto these colorful flowers.

[Image: photo-1530407029089-532f85dda73d.png]

Located around this area:

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202021-04-26%20at%203.png]
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Now what?

Link to the Compendium page

Now when you or others post, you can add the Discovery tag and specify Sleeping Doe's Range in a note. Once the thread is archived, post in this thread with the finished thread's link. One of the Awards team members can assign points to your post.

In the meantime, there is a new prefix for Sleeping Doe's Range available in the Temperate biome :)
the staff team luvs u
the staff team luvs u
the staff team luvs u
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