Compendium Entry North: Himalayan
Central: Appalachian
South: Rockies

A mysterious set of mountain ranges sprawls across the the terrain, curiously flowing from one extreme to the next. In the south, temperate zones are split with canyons and cliffs. The central terrain is comprised of low mountains that appear blue in the distance. Toward the north are intense peaks taller than any have ever gone before. Many of the mountains and ranges are dotted with old bridges and mysterious ancient structures.

just to feel you underneath my skin

Late Evening Partly Cloudy
It was difficult to sleep nowadays. With the revelation of having family, Annika found herself more.. reclusive, almost as though she hadn't wanted sisters and was now throwing a tantrum that they existed. Truth be told, she was simply confused. How did one shift her entire existence? How did she transform from unwanted orphan to someone with a family? It wasn't a simple transition and Annika loathed change to begin with, so the woman had simply taken to wandering for now. She hadn't gone off without saying anything, of course, and intended on returning. Annie just needed some air, that was all.

Some air and some clarity, if she was lucky.

Annika was never lucky.

The stocky she-wolf strolled across the rocky terrain without a destination in mind, humming softly to herself as she went. It was a distraction if nothing else, and Annika was quite fond of singing to begin with, so it allowed her some happiness in a cloudy world.

Now, how did she make that shred of happiness last for the duration of her life?

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