Compendium Entry North: Himalayan
Central: Appalachian
South: Rockies

A mysterious set of mountain ranges sprawls across the the terrain, curiously flowing from one extreme to the next. In the south, temperate zones are split with canyons and cliffs. The central terrain is comprised of low mountains that appear blue in the distance. Toward the north are intense peaks taller than any have ever gone before. Many of the mountains and ranges are dotted with old bridges and mysterious ancient structures.

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Afternoon Partly Cloudy
Today, was an outing day. Orlaith had been guarding the home for quite some time, and with the claim continuing on.. Except for their hunting grounds, which was another issue - it was relatively peaceful. Apparently so with neighbors that she was unaware of for quite some time, but they weren't troublesome. Some part of her remembered if there was groups in the past that caused an issue, yet none really came to mind. All she truly could remember were the other species causing troubles, such as the bears. She almost thought this was the afterlife, but felt more alive then ever.

So down the mountain did she go, tip-tapping her away around - not too far though, but beyond their borders.

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It hadn't been long since the group moved up north towards the mountains -- and this time, they arrived back with one of the missing children. She couldn't fathom why though, after being the same spot they departed from in the beginning. Still, Izu already learned her lesson before about questioning the young mother's intuition, so it was best to trust her on this one. But since she was already thinking this far back, the crane couldn't help but remember the initial reason she had set off in the first place.

Feeling rather parched, Izu stopped at the base of a mountain and dipped her crown to lap up a water puddle nearby. Now that she'd thought about it, the fae had been too distracted with everything else to focus on finding her own packmates, which was foolish on her part since they'd been in the plains a while ago. Where had they all gone?

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