Compendium Entry North: Northwestern Europe
South: Pacific Northwest

Mild and variable, this landscape is dotted with forests and a complex river system. The remnants of human society tell stories of the long-forgotten past. The land sees light winters and pleasant summers, a highly sought after selection of resources hidden in its intricate details.

of fairy tales smashed into reality

Afternoon Rain 61° F
The Pantheon
Her travels eventually brought her back to the moss-draped boughs of Winterheart underneath an overcast sky that brought warm rains. Distantly, somewhere back over the plains, her ears caught the sound of thunder. The days were much longer now, much to her delight; it was not often that Styx could recall getting the opportunity to revel in such color and warmth.

Of course within the sanctuary of the forest, the air felt cool. It reminded her of the Underworld and all the splendor she saw in it, though the difference between here and there was the ethereal nature of the forest. The Underworld she remembered was a very ephemeral place, ever changing with its cast of faces and events.

In the ancient wood she searched out @Hades, believing he would not be hard to find. At first she followed the scent of Persephone as it coasted by on the wind—she knew innately that the two were often not far apart, though truth be told it was hard for even her to resist the floral air of the bright girl. In time she would seek her too, but for now it was the dark-haired king that held the water nymph’s interest.

There was much to share of her journeys.
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