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Won't get anywhere fast like that.

 It was a new day, fresh air across the rippling heights of the foothills.

 The starlit titan moved through brush and rock, occasionally pausing to lift his head to inhale the fresh scents, searching for odors of anyone nearby. He was far from home but the man was not lost, instead he was on a mission, searching for knowledge about this new land and the wolves that inhabited it.

 His forest was good, unique, but the red could get a bit much after too much time sitting and staring through the forest. Sometimes, you just had to go out and bask in the greenery and grays of the true season and enjoy the wildflowers of spring. He paused atop a foothill, climbing onto a rock and settling down onto his haunches to peer out across the territory. He had caught no pack-markers here, so he felt fairly confident that any wolf who came at him on patrol would be beyond their own land and would have no power to chase him away.

 Unless, of course, some group of bandits were about and were searching for a lone target. He knew Mordecai was within a near howl's distance but he didn't want to have to call in his so-called bodyguard. Honestly, he figured he could probably take on a stronger enemy than his friend could, but nevertheless... a battle was not his goal for this trip.

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It was a new day, as a dead wolf, in this weird, seemingly alternate reality that seemed almost like nothing had ever happened. The majority of the pack was here, too, weren’t they? Amaranth had said that the others hadn’t been found, but she’d seen Bucky recently, and all that was left for .. wait, why couldn’t she remember the little albino’s name?

Her ears flattened almost at once as she decided that today was the day that she would go and search for the little albino. There was no excuse, it was a good day to be had exploring, at least until she found who she was looking for. It was partly cloudy out, which was perfect for him to be around, right? Albinos were the modern day vampire, with their weakness to the sun, anyway -- not that Harper knew what a vampire was. 

Leaving Fate’s Respite behind to travel to these new lands took a few days, but she was here, and on the lookout for anyone who looked remotely like him, in hopes that she wouldn’t find any other albinos. Wouldn’t that just be awkward? She caught a few scents, though nothing that screamed ‘hi my pack lives here, go away’ which was perfect, meaning Harper could literally explore the entire thing if she needed to. Instead of that nonsense, though, she sat her butt down and sang a song to him. Probably not the wisest idea, since Harper didn’t know who was around, but Harper hoped that her little friend was nearby to plead her call.

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 A voice rang in his ears and he spun towards the source, ears pricked in curiosity. It wasn't... calling him but it was calling for someone and it was so close. So close in fact, it had to be just over that hill. He hopped into a trot, heading in the direction the call had come, and after a short moment, he found her.

 She was pretty, a stocky wolf with striping down her spine. Blacks, greys, and browns meshed together into a form that reminded him a bit of a hawk and his thoughts returned to the young deer boy of the same name who he had adopted. Poor Hawking was back home, still recovering from a shock when a feral wolf pup had attempted to take his life for a quick meal. He had been there to save the boy, but now the boy wanted to learn to fight and he had still yet to come up with a good lesson plan for that.

 He approached the woman carefully, offering a wuff of greeting before speaking, “Miss, are you waiting for someone?” A pretty dumb pick-up-line rang in his head and he shook it away with a gentle smile. He couldn't help but think it: No need to wait any longer, I'm here. See, dumb.

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Harper had always liked to sing, though after the exile, that singing had come to a close. Her mother hadn’t wanted Harper’s singing to give away their location, while also trying to instill the idea that they were most definitely not criminals despite being exiled for nothing. As an adult, though, Harper took pleasure in singing; she enjoyed communicating by singing, too and dreamed that she could one day find a singing partner, just as much as she wanted a little arborist friend to nerd out with.

 Her song would last until Harper felt that she was no longer alone, ending a few moments after she’d heard the wuff of a greeting (or was it a warning?) behind her. The voice and scent that followed suit did not stir any previous memories, though Harper was hopeful that this canine was her friend. Turning to face him with hopeful eyes, her ears immediately pulled back at the sight of someone who was most definitely not a small albino man, but a very large, handsome stranger instead! O-oh, well, this wasn’t such a bad trade off, now, was it? Harper suddenly felt as though finding her potentially lost friend could wait.

 Harper took her time in checking him out, allowing her amethyst eyes to sweep over him. Oh, he was like fine wine. A delicious combination of white, black, and what looked like an interesting shade of slate that she'd never seen on a creature before. Only in the night sky. He had a face that reminded her of a messy child during dinnertime; black and white spots adorned his face in the perfect places, and his eyes were like tiny little active volcanoes that seemed to reach out into her soul. She would be caught in a daze, eyes wide, and mouth slightly agape until it dawned on her that he had called her something she’d never been called before.


 Harper was silent for a moment longer, though she had blinked to actually look at him with the tilt of her head and the lick of her lips. She was vastly unable to get that word out of her head. Miss. Why, it felt so strange to hear; felt strange to be called a miss and not some religious, degrading term that she seemed unable to shake. Slowly and carefully, Harper cleared her throat and offered ta brief smile. “No, Meester. I vas call to viend, vee if near. Vust no be.” And suddenly, Harper understood why Valeska had become to good with her English.

It had been for a boy.

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 Her song was quite unique and he had found himself quite enjoying it, though he did not think to share the song with her as she might have hoped. When she turned to him, vibrant purple eyes wide with hope, and then twisted her ears back at his visage, he could not help but feel slightly perturbed. He tried to explain it away in his mind but found himself wondering if she was disappointed that it was him - not because he was not the target of her song but instead because something about his visage was off-putting. He'd already been referred to as "walrus-tooth" so it would not have surprised him.

 But then he realized she was checking him out. Gazing at him with lips parted, eyes tracing his form. All of the imagined slight washed away as he realized what was going on and he blinked, feeling slightly embarrassed that he had immediately thought that she was judging him.

 He considered her form more in depth now, tracing the shifting silvers that framed her dark face and the splashes of browns and silvers that rose from her eyes like tiny wings. Her muscles betrayed the power tucked beneath fur that looked quite soft indeed.

 The lovely lady seemed to snap out of it, clearing her throat and speaking in a heavy accent. It took him a moment of focus to understand what she was saying, but then he offered a thoughtful nod. “Well, it's a shame your friend isn't here - you have a beautiful voice.” The starlit male offered a charming smile, “My name's Crux. What may I call you?”

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It had been for a boy.

 .. but c’mon, who would in their right mind would call him a boy? He was definitely past being anywhere close to his boyhood years. Ah, but he made her sister happy, before he danced and left. Not that Harper was judging. Okay, okay - Harper was totally judging. He danced, left, and Harper didn’t even get to threaten him to be gentle with Valeska’s heart! Though Harper could never judge a book by it’s cover, though Harper did like what she saw here. He seemed older, too, but thankfully not as older as Valeska’s heart had been.

 Some part of her hadn’t wanted to speak to him, in her disgusting broken English, in fear that he’d hear her tone and decide that she wasn’t worth this time. How did Harper go from being too stubborn and proud of her Russian heritage to suddenly desiring to become fluent, in the course of five seconds? How?! And what would Valeska have to say about this, huh? It didn't matter, Harper was a big girl! Literally.

 But he did not sheer away. He did not wince, or act like he had a problem with her terrible, terrible English. Yet, she still suddenly felt it was disgusting while also feeling as though she was betraying herself for suddenly desiring to speak English. For the moment, however, her feelings of self loathing came to a brief pause as Crux spoke, offering that charming smile that she could get lost into. And she totally did, for a second there.

 Crux made the word handsome look like an insult. He was an angel. So angelically beautiful that Harper wondered if he knew that he was speaking to a devil. This was surely some sort of joke by the ghost of her not-father, Dimas. Her hackles rose at the thought of him, though Harper remained calm, offering a sheepish smile in response to him. “Vank you, Crux.” Harper spoke slowly and softly, as if to make sure that he understood her despite this (very) temporary language barrier. “You vay call me vateverr you vish, шпилька. Harper would growl out/slurr the last word, in total assumption that Sir Crux did not speak her native tongue.

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 As angelic as the starlit male looked, beneath that freckled face was a man who had seen and done many things that were entirely not angelic in the slightest. He observed her growing larger slightly, recognizing her raised hackles though he did not react in turn. Instead he waited patiently, recognizing that the cause of her rising hackles was likely something beyond him, especially as her face transformed into a sheepish smile.

 She spoke softly and slowly and he understood that she was doing it so he could understand her better. The smile on his lips grew slightly.

 Ah, she gave no name but instead something that was very clearly a flirtation. If not from the words, it was more than obvious from the growled word in a foreign language, one that made a shiver run down his spine. Not a shiver of nerves, but one of excitement. Her assumption that he did not know her native tongue turned out to be true, though the intention was clear as day.

 There was a glint in his eyes now, a mischievous smile on his speckled lips. “As you wish, Elskan.” Looking at her, he wanted to bury himself in her warm coat, let her greys and browns compliment his greys and whites. While the man might look angelic, nothing in his thoughts was so pure. “Do you come here often? If you do, I might have to visit more...” It was flirting with a hint of a warning: He would not be able to stay here.

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 Time seemed to stand still as amethyst eyes lingered over his oh so beautiful face as she waited breathlessly in wonder. In wonder if her mother tongue would be lost on him, and for a time, her silent question would go vastly unanswered. His smile grew, and there was a look in his eyes now that Harper had never seen before. And when he finally spoke, Harper felt like it had been an eternity since she’d heard his incredibly smooth voice.

 His smile changed, too, though unlike the glint in his eyes that Harper did not know, yet somehow understood, the expression his lips carried told their own tale. Elskan. Harper felt something then; something slightly foreign that started within her chest and carried downward.

 Her eyes widened for a brief moment, and then narrowed as her lips came to form a smirk. She was silent for a time, noting the warning within his smooth, captivating words. He was also not from here, but where? Her eyes took note of the forest around them for a time. Slowly, she’d shake her head. “Virst time here; vas look for vack member that iz mayhaps vost. I come from Vat’s Re.. vite.” Harper said softly, glancing back into the direction of home, if he cared at all. “Vate’s Revite too far fer veesit?” 

 Harper would pause, taking a bold series of steps closer; closing the gap between them.  Her eyes lingered over the details of his face as she deliberately brushed her nose ever so lightly over his. “я бы свернул для тебя горы, если бы ты попросил меня.” She'd speak in a hushed whisper now as her eyes glided over to meet his volcanic expression. “Vell me vat you vant.”

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 Vate's Revite? Unaware of the true words for the name, he could not translate her accent into something familiar, so he gave a little shake of his head, “This is the furthest east I've been, I'm afraid - but I'm sure it shouldn't be too far, especially not if it's to visit you.” One fiery eye drifted shut in a wink.

 When she turned to look back in the direction she must have come from, he followed her gaze, searching that direction for any suggestion of destination, as well as scanning for any possible family members of this lovely lady. If she had a jealous lover following after her to discover them now, it would be quite awkward. Satisfied with the results of his quick scan, he looked back at her.

 Then she came closer and he caught his breath, breathing in her strong - and not in a bad way! - scent as her nose brushed against his, whispering more sweet nothings in her native tongue. Oh, how he wished he could understand the words she said, so he could respond in turn. Her voice - that he didn't understand her did nothing to change the fact that his body definitely understood her.

 He stepped even closer, drifting his nose from hers across her cheek and up to her ear, just close enough to tickle the short fur of her face, Ég hef ekki hugmynd um hvað þú ert að segja. he breathed in her ear, voice husky, “Whatever you want, Elskan.”

 Always the gentleman even in ungentlemanly acts, he would let her take the lead. Do what she felt comfortable doing, no matter what he longed to do with every shiver that ran down his spine and warmed his unders.

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 At the shake of his head, Harper’s immediate thoughts were that he did not wish to visit her home; to meet her family or even to get to know her - that he had wanted this to be a one time thing. She was half a growl away when he spoke, cutting off those thoughts as immature and ill-placed as they were. Confusion lingered behind gentle amethyst eyes as he dared to wink at her. Her head tilted ever so slightly, unsure what he was telling her no to, when he clearly wanted to visit her. Where had the miscommunication been?

 It was, perhaps, a good thing for these fated and possibly star crossed lovers that Harper could not read his thoughts. At least, the somewhat clean ones, as Harper would have likely died in a fit of laughter at the very idea of a jealous lover, or a lover at all. No one before had ever been so bold as to tempt fate with voicing their desires for Harper, though it was vastly unknown if that was because she was intimidatingly large for a female, or because they were cowards.

 And then he stepped closer and responded with his own sweet nothings as his nose seemed to glide over her coat and making her grow hot in unexpected places. His smooth, husky voice could easily become her new favorite melody. And then he spoke in a language that she could understand, causing her eyes to narrow with a very sinful and aroused growl. Her hackles lifted as Harper pushed forward, aiming to plant her forehead somewhat but not totally aggressively on his forehead.

“You. I vant you. Vight. Now.”

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Content Warning
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 She reacted with clear confusion, both in her eyes and in the tilt of his head, so he felt he had to clarify, but before he got the chance, she was upon him. Ah, it can wait.

 As large and intimidating as she might be, he found it thrilling. He had met so many wolves of tiny stature, ones he feared if anything were to occur they would be harmed... with this woman he felt no worry of the sort. She could handle it, handle him, he knew this much just from the way she drove into him, demanding him. He growled lustily in agreement, “Then me you shall have.”

 He would not hesitate, curving his head around to nibble at her neck as he moved around her body to her rear, teeth grazing her fur lustily, hot breath spilling out onto her as he moved into position, where - if she did not move away - he would do as the deer in the woods do, with a grunted Fokk that needed no translation.

If she doesn't pull away, fade to black!

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Content Warning
Content Warning
This post contains content that may be unsettling to some readers, including:
  • Sexuality
 How marvelous it was to find someone so thrillingly gorgeous; it was a bonus that they shared the same erotic connection for one another. Harper hadn’t held back as she drove towards him with her desires and he was quick to deliver. The way he nibbled at her neck; the feeling of his teeth grazing at her fur and the feeling of his hot breath washing over her.. And together, they would come together in a moment of sweet passion; a moment that, truthfully, Harper did not want to end.

 Once the deed had been done and some time had passed to allow her suitor to remove himself from her, Harper would chuckle with the lick of her lips. “So dis vat dancing veel like. I zee why seestar enjoy.” Harper moved to shake out her coat, though coming to sit so that she could clean herself as a method of tasting him. Once that was finished, Harper would glance up at him with the tilt of her head. 

What happens now?

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 The deed complete, Crux could not stop himself from staying near, attempting to assist in grooming down her roughed-up fur with gentle sweeps of his tongue. If she would allow, he would try to make her as presentable as he could, so that besides the obvious scent that still made his head spin, her form itself would not betray their illicit deeds.

 His worry for this was not for any worry for his own image, but instead for her.

 He knew of packs which did not allow their females any sort of rendezvous with any besides the leader, even just roving males who would not desire to steal them from their ranks. This thought brought him further worry, for he did not wish her to get in trouble. Elskan, you are a wonderful dancing partner,” he breathed, stepping back to allow her to shake herself out. Though he had not known of the term for their intimacy, he understood the meaning well enough.

 Unlike some males who might flee after getting what they wanted, some biological directive told him to stay at her side for as long as he could. If she gave him opening to return, he would assist her in her grooming. Every so often, he would press his chin and neck to her side, wagging his tail affectionately, almost like a puppy who desired to play.

 When she had completed her grooming, she looked up at him, questions in her eyes. He smiled down at her, settling down as well into the mossy soil, though the smile shifted into a look of concern. “In... Vate's Revite, you live with others, yes?” He had understood as much by her previous statement of living there, but he had to be certain. “Will they be angry if they find out?” Would she tell them?

 Did he need to steal her away for her own safety, for the safety of... any potential results that this exchange - and future exchanges - might have?

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 This entire world of giving herself to another, or rather, taking another in such a manner was totally new to her. It felt almost as if she had been held captive, and then released for the first time. Almost everything was slightly, very overwhelming to her. She had not been told of the afters, just that dancing was a thing that happened and from her stand point on it all, the males usually left after, never to be heard from again with stupid pity stories as to why. That was what had happened with her sister, so surely, it must happen to her, too! So, while she was quite literally going down on herself to give one final taste of memory to their time together, Harper realized that he had not gone anywhere, because he had gone to… grooming her?

 What the hell was happening? Harper lifted her head up from between her legs to blink at her, brows arching in a very ‘what the hell, am much confused’ look on her face as she eyeballed him, yet did not stop him from grooming her. Oh! He must want round two, yes? “You vant more?” That was it, surely, right? And then he breathed a compliment instead of sweet nothings, and Harper grew even more  confused than what she already was.

 No, Harper would realize, Crux did not want more. He was at her side like a boy, though why? He was grooming her, so well to the point that anyone who knew her would notice right away at how neat she looked! His tail was even wagging, and Harper just blinked, tilting her head. And then, there it was. Will they be angry if they find out?  But why was he concerned with her pack being angry and his? Were the scents on his coat not from packmates?

 He had just met her and now he was portraying genuine concern for her? She, who was a practical stranger to him? Her hackles rose, eyes narrowing. Is that how normal packs worked? And then her eyes widened and she gasped. “Oooooos..” It suddenly made sense now! Dimas had thought his wife had betrayed him by leaving to fool around with someone else. Harper had been a child, then, and her mother had been dead before Harper was old enough to explain. Yet, still.. Harper could never treat an innocent so harshly. Though… could she?

 And then she blinked, glancing back at him as though forgetting where she was for a moment, because she totally had. She would stand, though slowly, deciding to groom him as well as he had groomed her, and then some, nibbling her way to his ears. Totally teasing him, if he would allow. And then she would pull back and lick the bridge of his nose. “Vate’s Revite is vome. I live vere viff vack, so vere are ovvvvers, it be not likely... vat I will be pun..ished. Know not if vey be..” She paused to show her teeth and growl (her way of saying “angry”), and then she smiled, as if to prove to him that the growling and teeth was not for him.

 “Ve alpha is me seestar and she is going to vant meet you sometime..” After all, Harper had met Grandpa - whatever his name was - but that hadn't really been a set up, cus he (grandpa) had bailed on them before she got the chance to tear his heart out. A shame, really..

+1 Discovery Points

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 Although he barely knew the girl, not even her real name, he was compelled to ensure her safety. Perhaps it was all simply that biological directive, perhaps it was partly Crux's eager desire to make emotional connections. Perhaps it was a latent abandonment issue, for having been stripped from his family at too young an age for his own wishes.

 She seemed confused, which he understood, if all she wanted was a quick lay and then him to leave. But she had not snarled, not chased him away. He would stay by her side until he was sure she was in good paws and was not in danger. Though, of course, that could not be forever.

 He nodded, expecting as much. He stilled himself as she showed her teeth, but understood a moment later what she was conveying. Her home, her pack, was there... and she was kin to the leader. She would want to meet him... so he nodded. “I'll come and see your home to meet your sister and know where to visit... but I can't stay.” There was a sadness in his eyes but it was paired with determination. “I have a pack in Ichorwood,” he would indicate with his nose the direction he'd come, towards where the sun would eventually find its bed. “In a red forest by the sea, where you will always be welcome to visit,” Granted her own pack would be willing to let her make the trip.

 Besides, if her sister was the alpha, there was potential for an alliance.

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 Crux was already proving to be so much more than she had originally thought him to be. He was an older, very attractive male who had a pack, and was concerned for her wellbeing. He was more than fine wine, but rather, a complete dream. Something that felt a little too good to be true. What was the catch?[/font][/size][/color]

 He couldn’t stay. His pack was located in the very opposite direction of home, by the sea, where the forest was red. She had never been to a beach, or the sea, but nor had she seen a red forest. It sounded exotic, and her interest was immediately peeked. It did not even occur to her that her sister would not allow Harper to make trips between packs to visit her new friend.

 “Crux do not haz stay, but.. I vould very much… vike to see you, often. Seestar be is key to me. You can also be, vould like dis.” Harper nodded, licking her lips as she gazed over him, in wonder what her sister would think. “Vill you stay? Wiff me, here, vis night? Ven we can veet seestar in the morn?”

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 He nodded, agreeing with her. He would make time to see her as often as he could, though his duties at home were the highest priority. As leader... he had to make such sacrifices. He could grant himself as much freedom as he wanted, but if he was not a strong presence back home, he would lose their trust and authority over the rest of his pack.

 “Yes, I'll stay with you this night.” Had the day already passed them, lost in each other? Yes, it did appear so. Today, he would give her his all... “And I would like that very much.” The being key to her, specifically.

 But now, the catch. There was always a catch, though his would not keep him from her if he could help it.

 “I do have to tell you something,” he hoped this would not break her heart, but he had to be honest. Truly, he should have told her before, but he was too enamored at the time. “My mother had multiple dedicated mates - lovers.” Well, she and her mate were taken into a harem together so it was a by product of that, but regardless, dedicated was the key word. “I am of the same persuasion, though you are my first.” There were others he had taken interest in, but nothing had gone beyond childish courting and flirtation. “I understand that's not the norm, but I hope it's not a dealbreaker for us.”

 He looked at her quietly, eyes hopeful. Hoping she would not reject him for this new information. He would understand it if she did wish to chase him away for not wanting to have her as his only, but he hoped it would not be the case. He hoped that his honesty would help - he was not the type to cheat and sneak around.

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 Previously to the knowledge of his pack status, Harper had (and still was) perfectly fine with the idea of leaving her home to see him; moreso now, knowing that he was a dedicated alpha. Harper had some idea as to what that meant, watching her sister go about her own alpha duties. He could not stray far from home too often, and who was Harper to believe that she was more important than his entire pack?

 She was not so foolish to think that he would drop everything for her. She had actually assumed this to be a one time thing, and was moderately surprised to hear that they both wanted to see each other more. And then came the catch, of sorts, as if the distance and traveling was not enough.

 He wanted to have multiple mates. Definitely not the norm, but if it was normal to him, then who was Harper to fight it? She got to be his first, and he was hers, and while it would have been nice to have him all to herself, Harper was not the controlling sort. He was, at least, honest with her.“ I know we vust met but I vike you too vuch to walk vay wiff ve knowledge that I vight never see you again. I thank you for being honest with me,” as she wondered exactly how old Grandpa had been with her sister. “I do haz.. questions, vough..”

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 He breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't a deal breaker.

 Crux smiled at her, “I like you too, thank you for understanding.” He really was thankful - he had worried that she would have turned him away with this new knowledge. A dark part of him started to whisper anxieties in his ear and he rebuked it silently, pushing away the anxiety and focusing on her face.

 She had questions, that made sense. He nodded, settling down into a more comfortable position. “I have answers,” a smile lit his lips as he met her purple gaze. “But also questions, too. For instance, what is your name? I don't think I can come up to your home and ask for Elskan and have anyone know what I was talking about.” He'd grin, half kidding but half serious. “and your pack's name?”

 That was another thing he would need to know before meeting her sister.

 After all, he found feel awkward walking up with his new mate and introducing himself without knowing either her name or the name of their group. He was already not quite sure if he knew the correct name of the land they lived on, as clouded in her strong, albeit attractive, accent as it was. Was Vate a name? Was it Mate's Relight? Wait's Refight? He was embarrassed to ask so decided to wait and see.

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 Harper could not help but to giggle at him as she tried to imagine the sort of reactions Elysium would give her, if he came around asking for someone they never heard of. “Is’kay. I change vame to Elskan. Juss fer you.” Harper would say with a sly wink and smirk, nodding at him. “Vank you fer honest.” She’d say, watching him get comfortable.

 She would stand to stretch, wiggling her bum in the air before sitting back down with a somewhat playful glint in her eyes. “I am Harper of Elysium. Valeska be seestar. She ah… smol and seelvir, but zpeak better common tongue.” Harper would announce, nodding her head. “Your mum haz matez, you vant same, I get dis. Vat I no get, vough: is vike open varriage? You be me mate, but do vat you peas wiff over women? Do I get speaashhiel prey-vige cus am ferst? Ah, um. I can haz over mate too, if vant, or how go dis? Oi, never do dis ‘fore, very vuch ah… confuse. Vill… you peas teach… best common tongue?”

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 He laughed, tail beating against the ground. When she thanked him for his honesty, he would nod and remain quiet for her own questions.

 “Harper of Elysium.” He breathed, “Beautiful.” Both names were, to the man. Harper sounded earthy, in a way, though he felt like part of it should have sounded more musical. Elysium on the other hand sounded angelic, like a cloud. All in all, the two names complimented each other. Valeska was also a nice name, but he sounded it out in his head instead, putting all of his attention on the lady before him.

 An open marriage, he thought about it for a moment while she continued the question. “We would be mates, but I and you would also be able to take other mates as well, without fearing that we have lost each other. As far as doing what I please with others... I personally don't tend to go mating with strangers willy nilly,” He was about to say this was the first time he'd gotten so close with someone so fast, but then realized that of course it was. This was the first time he'd actually done the deed. There were girls in his youth who had wished for marriage when they got older, but they had vanished before it had been possible.

 It was hard to organize his thoughts in a way that didn't jump to any conclusions or scare her off, though they were valid parts of his decisions. “I would hate to have children in the world with no idea of their existence, leaving them fatherless.” Like he had been. He would then smile at her, leaning forward to lick her chin gently if she would allow, “You will always be my first.” There was no taking back the fact that they were each other's first, and so they would always have that. “I don't know what privileges would really apply, but you will always be welcome to visit for any reason and you will always be welcome to nest with me.”

 He licked his lips thoughtfully. “Honestly, I've never done it either. My only point of reference is my mothers... My birth mother was mated to her wife, and then the two of them were taken as mates of one of my birth pack's queens.” He had not explicitly said to her before that he was interested in more than just females, but it was such a normal part of his life that he genuinely didn't think to mention it without being prompted. A mate was a mate, regardless of who did what.

 “I will teach you common tongue to the best of my ability,” he offered a gentle smile to her, touching her nose with his own if he was able. “If you ever don't understand a word or phrase I use, please ask - I'll explain.”

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 Oh, Harper was going to have to get used to this new lifestyle that she just signed up for. She was not accustomed to being called beautiful, or making love to strangers in the forest -- or even having a husband! Though Crux was a dream, she could listen to him speak for hours without ever getting bored.

 Marriage, mates, and children was not something that Harper had ever considered in her future for the simple fact that Harper was Harper, and well - there were things that came with the territory that she had wrongfully assumed that no one would ever desire. Valeska was the smaller, better liked, and more femimine of the two.

 The answers Crux gave would suffice, as she nodded her head here and there and he spoke. She had been worried that this was a one sided thing; that he wanted to see others, while she was unable to see anyone but him, but like most things that she had assumed about him were wrong, thankfully. “Vill ze overs you vake as mates be mine, voo?” Harper blinked softly, wondering if she and Crux would share other mates, too. Not that she minded sharing, but wasn’t sure if she would gain wives, or if he would gain husbands in that logic.

 Though as he agreed with English, Harper tilted her head, unsure if he understood that she was asking him (despite being prideful in her own right about her own language) to help her speak better English, but she supposed the time for that would come. Moving to lay down at his side, and throwing her head over him like the giant pillow that he was, Harper took a deep inhale of his scent. “Mm.. Vould get used to dis.” And if he said or did nothing else, Harper would slowly drift to sleep. 

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 It was true, other wolves were more feminine and possibly more conventionally attractive than Harper, but for Crux, who saw merit in both masculinity and femininity, she was perfectly wonderful no matter what she looked like.

 He considered the question and offered a shrug. “If you - and they - would like, but it isn't necessarily the case for every mate. I may have mates that you aren't mated to, and you may have mates that I'm not mated to.” After all, he wasn't sure if Harper even wanted to have other wives. The starlit male on the other paw had no qualms with having husbands. “It's really case by case, nothing super set in stone.” Just go with the flow, basically.

 It was quite likely that he hadn't quite understood what she had meant, but he would try either way. Sometimes, he would just need to be guided a bit for what exactly she might want. Nevertheless, she cuddled in with him and he pressed against her, laying his head on her as well. At her comment, he would smile and offer a soft murmur of agreement before he, too, drifted to sleep.

 For a day where he expected nothing much to happen, a whole lot had happened.

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