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But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn't swim

03-26-2024, 04:43 AM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2024, 12:01 AM by Alekseii. Edited 1 time in total.)
He had held himself away from the dove for too long. His Queen had not enjoyed the idea of joining a pack, and so he stayed away, not wanting to disappoint the delicate creature he found himself so drawn to.

Which was not to say that he didn’t find Katarina attractive too; he did, but it was something he would forever lock away. He could not betray his King like that. Would not let him self fall prey to the wiles of a self-assured, powerful woman.

No, he plainly missed the tiny girl’s innocence, the lack of a more primal sort of knowledge evident and clear. The heart within him was chomping at this bit to teach her, to ravish her, but not this night.

This night, he carried a single sprig of bluebells and a red rose in his teeth, setting it down only long enough to call for the girl.

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04-04-2024, 05:59 AM
sad toska hours TᴖT

Toska had spent her days waiting for his call. Tos knew he had responsibilities. And despite her naivety, her nose still worked, and she smelled another woman on him. Perhaps her innocence allowed her to fantasize about being the only woman in his mind, but it seemed she had been a fool to dream. She should have known things were too good to be true. Why would an attractive man like her? She was too naive, too soft for a man like Mister Aleksei. He deserved a stronger woman, hell, a woman. Not some vapid girl who grew excited over berries.

Toska still felt odd living with the Shiroshikans, an outsider mingling with a family. She was too shy to approach anyone but Miss Reiko, and even then, she worried she was a bother to the Empress. At times, Toska worried that she was a rodent scurrying within their borders. A girl the Empress took pity on.

But when a familiar call beckoned, she obeyed without a second thought. Toska had longed to hear his voice, feel his touch, and even smell his warm scent. It felt like years had passed since she last laid her eyes on the golden man, but on this night, he seemed to glow in the pale moonlight. His amber gaze looked feral, like an animal poised to eat her. However, the flowers clamped in his jaws looked like a muzzle, keeping the beast at bay.

"Are those for me?" She asked almost sheepishly as she approached the man, a warmth spread along her cheeks, almost as if a magnetic force drew her to him. Toska didn't know why she trusted him so easily and so soon, but she felt something stir within her as she buried her face in the thick fur of his neck. "I've missed you, Mister Aleksei." Toska whispered softly, greedily inhaling his familiar scent. How she had missed him.

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04-05-2024, 12:18 AM
How could he be anything but pleased that she so quickly closed the distance between them. Flowers still held so gently between his teeth, the gold and ginger man wrapped himself 'round the dove, pulling her warm, sweet scent in to his nose to light all those sensitive nerve endings on fire with an emotion he hadn't quiet felt before. He hadn't taken the time to sort any of his thoughts out, not feeling as though he needed to; instead, he would simply act as his instinct commanded him to.

And instinct said that he was to keep her close, hold her tight, and spill the blood of anyone that threatened to pry her from him. While he didn't answer her sentiment, he plainly felt similar to what the girl shared. He had missed her presence, the sweet peal of her voice, the beautiful curve to her smile.

Contrast to his burly and aggressive figure, Aleksei gently placed the pair of flowers behind her ear, tucking them there like he'd seen so many women of nobility do. How Toska would fit in with them, so demure and reserved. The hugely-statured man took a step back, golden eyes reviewing his gift upon her. “They suit you,” He rumbled, nosing her cheek, running his teeth through the fur at the base of her ear. “You have been well?” He asked, now letting himself look over her completely.

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