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the prince and the pauper

Morning Fog
02-26-2024, 07:25 PM
(( set a few days after this thread @Ichor ))

Getting to the mainland had been no small feat, but they’d managed. Rad had never been a good swimmer by any means, so he’d been grateful when the tides ebbed enough that they could just wander their way across the small bridge of land that had risen from the water. Travel afterward had been slow-going, with the ache in his limbs and throat, but Ichor hadn’t left him behind, and for that he was grateful.

They had also avoided any danger, which was a good thing as well. As much as Radley hated to admit it, he didn’t think he’d be able to fight at the moment without opening his throat back up and bleeding to death.


Their journey so far had been peaceful and pleasant, and while Radley thought he would’ve been bored with just wandering around with one companion, he found that it was actually the exact opposite. Ichor was incredibly kind and intelligent, and Rad enjoyed listening to him talk. He’d prompt him as often as he could, eager to learn more about his new friend.

His past was still a mystery, and Rad wouldn’t push for it, but he found that he didn’t quite mind the not knowing. Ichor had been nothing but kind and patient with him, and had shown no signs of being untrustworthy in the slightest. Rad liked the other male perhaps a bit too much, if he were honest with himself. There was a strong instinct to protect and an even stronger one to simply remain in his orbit, so that’s exactly what Rad planned to do for the immediate future - until the other boy decided he’d had enough of the former prince’s company.

Until then, he was content to just wander with him like this, sharing stories and seeing new sights. Rad found himself not wanting it to end.

He had gone off on his own just a bit today, leaving a sleeping Ichor in their resting spot sheltered by some dense underbrush. Radley had spotted a thick fog a bit up the mountain and had been eager to check it out, but hadn’t wanted to subject the other boy to what might be lurking within without exploring for himself first.

But what he’d found had given him new energy, excitement buzzing through his limbs as he jogged back to his friend. As far as he knew, there was no danger in the fog, but something nearly familiar - something that Rad was eager to share with the other boy.

“Ichor?” he said quietly, crawling back under the bushes to his companion. His tail thumped the ground and he nudged the dark fur of his shoulder with his nose to rouse him, green eyes bright and a little giddy. “I have something to show you.”

the staff team luvs u
04-02-2024, 08:37 PM
There was a yearning that was being fed; the more that he travelled with Radley, the more content he seemed to be. Ichor had been alone for as long as he had been here- sometimes not physically, sure, but emotionally. It was as isolating as a prison, though the bars and the cage had been oneo f his own making. It was not just the brushing of pelts that calmed him, but what it represented, too. Companionship. Dependence. Safety.

And Radley, too- it just being Radley who was warm and kind and boisterous was the turning point. The crimson male's spirit had burned, and this was enough to begin to teach Ichor that not all fire was bad. When he dreamed, hellfire chased him, still, but then other times, on the cusp of morning when his eyes were half slanted and dawn swirled the horizon, there was a small red flame which flickered in front of him. Hallucination or not, Ichor would curl on his side and cup it gently, letting the warmth of it flicker between his toes.

Flamekeeper. He didn't know why he thought of it, now, but it seemed rather important.

His ear had flickered when he'd heard a rustle, earlier, but too comfortable, Ichor had not fully awoken. Perhaps Radley had to relieve himself in a more private location. He had not thought all too much about it, too busy tending to his dreams of the little scarlet flame to wake up and let curiosity take hold of him. In fact, he grunted and tried to shake off a cold pressure to his shoulder, murmuring something, annoyed in strange tongue. But then, the voice continued; ah, it was Radley!

His eyes blinked open, heavy still by the temptation of slumber. But he yawned anyways, raised his head and shook out his pelt, then stifling a further sleepy whine as his maw closed and nose twitched in the air. "Good morning," He greeted kindly, flopping on his side to stretch himself out properly, and then standing to stretch again. When that was done, he looked to Radley, the other boy's words finally catching up to him. It was a bit hard to see him through the fog, but Ichor could sense the other was in a good mood indeed. "Really?" Ichor asked interested, though cautious in what it was. A paranoid part of him wondered if this might be a trap- and it would make sense, with just how much hed let his guard down. But the part of him that whispered hope reasoned it was likely not, and it was likely that Radley really did have something to show him.

It was of no surprise which part won out.

"I'd love to see it, then. Lead the way?"

the staff team luvs u
[Image: 74489619_ssXU90VhC.png]
04-05-2024, 02:59 AM

Radley had only been without companionship for a brief time in his previous life, and not long without it here at all. He considered himself lucky in that way - being alone was a fate he would not wish on anyone, and if Ichor did end up like them, then Radley would accept being stabbed in the back once more. The sting of betrayal was still fresh in his chest, much as he tried not to think about it, but the companionship he’d found acted as a balm to soothe the wounds he carried - both physical and metaphorical.

It took a bit of time for the other boy to wake properly, but Radley, as excited as he was, was willing to be patient. He peered through the fog and watched as Ichor shifted and muttered something, yawned and groaned. Rad had to smother a laugh as the other boy roused, and was rewarded with a kind good morning.

“Good morning,” he rumbled in return, standing up as well and waiting for Ichor to approach him before bumping against the dark-furred wolf’s shoulder in greeting. “I hope you slept well.” It dawned on him that he should have brought some kind of food for Ichor and himself to share - what kind of king couldn’t provide for their companions? - but he still hadn’t gotten the hang of hunting in this form. Perhaps they could find something later.

A grin formed on his maw and he wagged his tail, gesturing for Ichor to follow him. He never walked more than a step or two ahead of the other boy - the fog was so thick that he didn’t want to risk getting separated from him, and he didn’t want to make Ichor walk too quickly just after waking up. “Yes,” he replied, pleased at his friend’s reaction to the news. He began to lead him toward the houses, tail still swishing back and forth, betraying his excitement. “It may seem strange, but from what I’ve seen, it is not dangerous. And if it is, I will handle it.” His throat was less likely to burst open again in a fight now that it hadn’t bled in a few days, he figured. It still hurt, of course, but pain wasn’t the end of the world.

He led them until the castle began to take form through the fog, standing tall and once-glorious, he was sure. A king must have resided here, ruling over his people - keeping them safe, making sure they were provided for. “Do you see it?” he asked eagerly, turning bright eyes toward his friend to gauge his reaction.

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04-09-2024, 05:28 AM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2024, 05:49 AM by Ichor. Edited 1 time in total.)
Fog plumed in heavy, dense clouds which brushed against the ground in fat wisps, blocking their vision. Ichor was lucky that Radley was so bright in coloring- and kept in mind his own dim pelt to walk closer to the other. Quietly, Ichor was rather impressed by the navigation of the other male through such dense obstructions, his own eyes straining to see even a foot ahead of them. Ichor was curious, yet kept any and all guesses to himself- he would not want to risk ruining Radley’s surprise, after all. The other’s promise of protection was endearing, not to mention, which only made Ichor more favorable to adhering to his requests, potential dangers aside.

So, he followed. It was always as simple as that.

Ichor’s eyes soon grew wide as he spotted a looming beast peering through the near-opaque curtains, grim and gloomy as any before. The setting was strange- and even from a distance, it appeared rather haunting. Malice rose in Ichor’s chest, but quickly he quelled it, clearing his throat and clenching his jaw. There was something unsettling about this place, but past that-

There was a whisper in the back of his mind again. But the more he chased after it, the harder it was to grasp. Eventually, it cooled and fell to ash at the back of his throat. Ichor’s eyes traced thoughtfully over each sharp angle, each nook and cranny from a distance.

“I see it.” Ichor replied, turning his head to look over at Radley with a wavering smile. But he jerked his head to the side and hummed in thought, curious, “Have you seen something like this before?” It was large and rather grand despite the heavy atmosphere- truly, it was the only thing that could truly fit Radley’s spirit. Had he lived in a place like this? Far more polished, he’d suppose, and more inviting. As jubilant as the sun. These ponderings were enough to relax him, even if slightly, hackles which he had not noticed raised before slowly smoothing along his neck again.

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[Image: 74489619_ssXU90VhC.png]
04-10-2024, 04:50 AM

If Ichor was uncomfortable with the situation, Radley was unaware. The fog was too thick to pick out any nuances in his body language, and if there was anything in his tone, Rad was too excited to hear it. He was confident as he led them both, following his own scent trail to lead them back to the castle.

It was nowhere near as grand and gorgeous as the one he’d grown up in. Perhaps once upon a time, it might’ve been. It was almost sad to see it now, a shadow of its former self.

He could relate, in a way. It made something bitter and heavy settle in his chest.

But now was not the time for self-loathing or dwelling in the past. He had someone to impress, to share this magnificent place with. There was no time to consider the heavy blanket of sorrow that wrapped around him when he thought of his old home, so like this place and yet so different.

Later. He would think about it later.

He was grateful for the question - it made it easier to think about the positive, rather than the negative.

“I have,” he rumbled, stopping just short of the castle’s entrance. “I lived in one, not too long ago. Though it wasn’t so run-down.” He wagged his tail slowly, staring up at the structure rather than at his friend, gaze drifting as he recalled the castle. “It was beautiful - tall, reaching toward the sky, with people everywhere. We had feasts and I held dances. Sometimes just to watch others dance rather than join in myself.” He’d more enjoyed the social aspect of the dance than anything else, after all.

At some point in his speech, his tail had drooped down. There was still pride in his voice and a smile on his face, but he couldn’t quite spread the happiness through his entire body. He let himself trail off for a moment, a little lost in memory, before he cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Ichor. “Would you like to go inside?” he prompted, tilting his head to the side.

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