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Ries and Haruki

Late Evening Sunny/Clear
02-10-2024, 08:17 PM
Reiko had pondered on this one for a while. Haruki needed to meet more individuals and Reiko had put it on herself to get him to see someone at least once this year. That someone, was someone very important. One of the Vanderfell children. She had spoken to her son for a while before letting him go on their own date. That he had to be nice, and groom himself properly before meeting the prince of Vanderfell.

Most of all to be nice; and try to smile. "Do it for me", she'd tell him, which often worked and it did make his mother sad to use such a tactic against him but if it wasn't for that he probably wouldn't have gone in the first place.

Knowing Ries enough, she gave Haruki some flowers and herbs as a little bouquet to bring him. Not as much of a herbalist as his brother Renn, she was certain Ries would also appreciate the gesture and soften the blow of Haruki's... resting bitch face.

She prepared their spot with a few little things to eat. Some berries, honey she had saved throughout winter and venison. They were both princes after all and deserved a good, tasty meal. Even did her best to make them both travel the same distance between the pack's territories so neither had to travel more than the other.

Here she had placed a few brilliant stones she had collected, carefully placing them so they could light up like gems in the glow of the strange plants this place grew. Now it was all up to the young men, and mostly up to Haruki to be nice and charming for once.

@Ries @Haruki

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translator, I'm sorry if it is horrible for anyone fluent in Japanese!
02-10-2024, 09:15 PM

Ries was nervous. He’d never done anything quite like this before. In spite of the many wolves he’d met on his travels, none of his encounters could ever really be considered a date. Sure, there had been attractive men and maybe some of what he’d experienced had been flirting, but it had never gone any further than that.

He’d been a little afraid to tell the empress of Shiroshika his preferences, as well, when none of his own family were aware, but the little woman hadn’t seemed judgmental in the slightest, and had even assured him she wouldn’t let his parents know.

It wasn’t like he never planned on telling them, just not… right now. A better time would come up later, surely.

For now, he was excited (and anxious) for his date. He could figure the rest out later.

He’d groomed meticulously in preparation and still his fur refused to cooperate. Deeming that a lost cause, he’d plucked a few small flowers to present to whoever Reiko had picked for him. Boys liked flowers, right? Ries certainly did.

It wasn’t hard to find the place, and when he did, Ries was taken aback. It was gorgeous - he hadn’t known plants could glow this way! He’d never seen such a beautiful place in his entire life.

That, and there was delicious smelling food. Ries made a mental note to do something nice for Reiko after this for all her hard work.

He’d gotten there before his date, which he was glad for - he didn’t want to show up late! But it didn’t help his nerves whatsoever, and Ries alternated between pacing and sitting and rearranging the small flowers he’d brought along with him.

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02-15-2024, 02:34 PM
Mother had been annoyingly excited about this. He couldn't understand why but she pleaded for him to try it out at least once, for her, and see if he could at least make a friend if they weren't romantically compatible.

He supposed she was right. He didn't have friends and most of his experience while socializing came from the family. So really he had no reason to deny her at least one try.

She made sure he was presentable and gave him a bunch of greens to offer to his blind date once they met. None of which he recognized. Nor did he ask what they were. Some smelled sweet, others were more aromatic... like herbs from mom's medicine den. Once he got her approval and a kiss for good luck on his cheek, he set off on the small journey across the lands to the destination she described.

He wouldn't be early, nor would he be late. Just on time to wander in and catch the brunette reorganizing some plants of his own and silently the prince wandered closer. Posture awkward but relaxed, he had a hard time making eye contact and took note of Vanderfell's scent first.

Placing the bouquet his mother made for them down between the two young men. He cleared his throat, hoping to ease the nerves just a little... why was he nervous? “Um.. I think these are for you?” Stormy eyes shot away to the meal his mother than prepared for them, just not ready to study his date's face just yet.

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[Image: 80076589_U5xW8TmQQpLOM2x.png]

Note: Haruki expects members of SS to use proper titles and honorifics when addressing himself and his family. If one fails to do so, they will hear it from him! Haruki-no kimi or Prince Haruki-ouji are both acceptable to him
02-15-2024, 07:44 PM

It didn’t take long for his date to show up, and Ries was a little taken aback at first. He was a small thing, pretty and feminine, and looked very similar to the woman who had set them up. A relative, he had to guess. But the other man looked just about as nervous as Ries felt, and something about that fact helped him relax a bit.

He wanted this to go well. Romantic or not, Shiroshika were their allies, and Ries wanted to make a good impression. How awful would it be if he ruined the union between their packs because he flubbed a first date?

He perked his ears as the little white wolf approached and laid the bouquet out in front of him.

“Um.. I think these are for you?”

Ries felt a knot unwind in his chest. Not only were they both nervous, but it hadn’t been strange for Ries to bring flowers at all. The Boesch boy offered a small smile and nudged at the small batch of alpine flowers with his nose.

“And I think these are for you,” he said, unable not to tease - at least just a little bit. His tail thumped on the ground a few times, the nervousness joined by something closer to excitement. He followed his date’s gaze over to the food, curious to what he was looking at.

Eager to please, Ries got to his feet, intent on bringing the feast a little closer. “Are you hungry? I can-” he began, but that was as far as he got, the jitteriness in his body translating to clumsiness. He only took a step toward the meal before he tripped over his own paws and fell, chin first, onto the hard ground.

And then, because he was Ries, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself and the ridiculousness of the situation, in spite of the fact embarrassment burned hot under his fur.

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