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Axios and Valentia

02-10-2024, 07:36 PM
Reiko had to admit it - and she wasn't shy about it - but Valentia was one beautiful woman and the Empress was concerned about doing this one justice. She pondered for a while on this one... and came to decision on a large russet man with fiery gold eyes. Their appearances would look so fitting she was certain of it. A beautiful couple that could be the envy of the Furud region if it worked out!

But the hardest task was matching their personalities. Valentia had a strong will who needed a man who can match such a powerful personality and she had faith in Axios to be just that.

On the ledge near a small waterfall lit by plants that oddly twinkled like fireflies, she offered them too some venison from Shiroshika's caches in hopes to sweeten their time with a good meal. Axios was given a few flowers from their garden to bring on their date and hopefully show Valentia he was worth her time tonight.

May the odds be ever in their favour tonight. If this worked, Reiko would be most proud of this pairing.

@Axios @Valentina

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translator, I'm sorry if it is horrible for anyone fluent in Japanese!
02-11-2024, 09:00 PM

Valentina was never on the hunt for a date. Most men wanted to keep her as a trophy, just a beautiful thing to have at their side and parade her around. Val just wanted to have fun, something casual and free. She didn't want to give up the little freedom she had, especially not for a man., never for a man.

But Valentina wasn't opposed to the idea of a partner. She just didn't want someone weak-willed. She needed a strong man, one who was confident and sure about himself. In short, she wanted a man, not a boy. However, when she heard of the dates being held by the pack of Shiroshika, Val decided to join in on the festivities. It wasn't meant to be an arranged marriage, just a chance to have fun. Or so she told herself.

When the woman came to the chosen meeting place, she couldn't help the gasp that left her lips. The twinkling flowers, a waterfall beside them. It was, stunning. Val's lips curled into a smile, a genuinely happy one. Thought was clearly put into the entire thing, and Valentina was grateful. She would have to give a gift to the woman as a thank you.

What Valentina didn't expect was the massive male waiting for her. A slight giggle left the woman as she saw the flowers that awaited her. She found the sight endearing, but his herculean appearance made it comical. Valentina gave a small dip of her head in greeting as she came to sit near the man.

"So it looks like the Empress thinks we'll be a good match." Val smirked and leaned closer to the large man, eyes rounding as she looked up at him. "Do you agree, papito?"

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common  —  Spanish  — 3-3-3
02-14-2024, 05:57 AM
The demon seemed to lounge with purpose somehow, waiting for his date with every intention to seduce her. She was a mortal, they all were; perhaps it was something he should have stayed away from, considering his history, but the Demon King did not do what was expected of him. He served his own interests and would never again bend to the will of another. He had done such before and it had cost him everything, save his own life.

Golden eyes swept over the shroud, the flowers he'd been given for the woman carried alongside a fattened rabbit that hung from his jaws now, blood staining his lips, the fur of his chin. Flowers were useless. Meals, especially ones such as this, were much more desirable, at least in his own eyes. If she did not agree, then he would eat it, and then maybe he'd eat her for the offense (he wouldn't; wolf was too lean for him, in truth).

He saw her before she saw him, golden eyes glinting in the sparkled darkness of the cavern. He sat up from his lounging position, ears flickering when she gasped. A breath was drawn in so in his own breath so that he could drink in her scent. A confident grin shaped his maw when she brought herself closer, sitting next to him under the soft glow. Said smile only widened at her question. “My dear,” He drawled in his low, yet thunderous voice tinged with amusement and temptation both. “I would not have allowed her to pair us if I didn't think so. Tell me of yourself.” And he settled in to listen.

the staff team luvs u
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