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Elsewhere (Interest Check)

01-10-2024, 04:25 AM
[Image: elsewhere.png]

a coyote pack located in the sequoias of elsewhen.

the land is ripe for the picking and as such, a collection of coyotes has come to settle among the towering giants. mixing a combination of traditional and non-traditional, this group has come to fruition. it is not unlikely that a sprinkle of family members and strangers alike have come together to brave the coldest months together.

will they continue beyond?

the hierarchy —
leading couple (2)
typically a mated pair (sex/gender can be any pairing of course) but not mandatory. not uncommon for rising youth to attempt to challenge for.

trusted adults (unlimited)
the mass of ranks are a free for all of those who are as they are titled, trusted adults.

youth (unlimited)
those under a year. typically the children of the leading couple, but may also belong to others or be adopted in.

untrusted adults (unlimited)
those who are the freshest. placed on the lowest rung. eat last, answer first. working to be given the trusted spot.

are to be handled between members. find a way to settle it. death is an option in extreme cases.

rank challenges
while most of the ranks are dependent more on age rather than standing, leadership couple spots may be freely challenged as desired.

it is standard that the leadership couple is the only breeding couple — however litters outside of that rank are subject to scrutiny from whoever reigns in the moment.

the staff team luvs u
01-10-2024, 04:26 AM
[Image: elsewhere-adopts.png]


the staff team luvs u
01-10-2024, 05:49 AM
Gonna bring this guy to this!

[Image: 73310535_49wWNYRSfOhq8WA.png]
the staff team luvs u
[Image: threadtopimage.jpg]
01-13-2024, 10:43 PM
i have no coyotes but i'd love to join !
the staff team luvs u
All of my characters are currently rated 3-3-3
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