Compendium Entry North: Gobi Desert
Central: Saharan Desert
South: Subtropical Desert (Sonoran & Mojave Deserts)

Stretching as far as the eye can see, this unique desert boasts a diverse landscape: towards the south, cacti stand watch year round over sweeping lands that often see dangerously high temperatures and low precipitation. Moving towards the central section, dirt and clay become reddish sand, constantly shifting thanks to heavy wind. The northern side is a place of extremes, reaching dangerously low temperatures in winter and high in summer. Overall, the Desert provides very little shade, leading most creatures to operate on a nocturnal schedule to avoid the relentless sun.

barking at strangers and speaking in tongues

Early Morning Partly Cloudy
Coyote Gang
With Kincaid and a handful of other gang members off exploring the temperate region, the place was rather quiet, and Aplomado found the usual haunts more or less deserted as morning twilight crept over the oasis. She stopped at the tower of jackrabbits for a breakfast snack, and had to chase off a surly ringtail that was attempting to abscond with one of the carcasses. A few bunnies had almost completely disintegrated or been torn apart by scavengers, but the best ones had been stashed away in the sand. The one Aplomado unearthed had the texture of gas station jerky of questionable age and origin, but it smelled palatable enough and settled her rumbling stomach.

She tossed the bones and gristle to her corvid friend and made a beeline for the watering hole, scent marking a few choice sage bushes along the way. By now she imagined the place reeked of Kincaid and the muddled scent of various wolves and coyotes, but there was no harm in solidifying the claim to keep any visitors on their toes. So far, she hadn't had to chase anyone off, and just about everyone the crew had encountered had been recruited one way or another.

The cool, clear water of the oasis pool washed down the last lingering aftertaste of slightly-past-its-expiry-date jackrabbit, and Aplomado licked her jowls. Now the question was, what was there to do while the temperature was still bearable enough to function in?
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