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Dark Gore Pack Interest Check

11-24-2023, 04:21 AM
heyo! i came up with this idea on a whim as i got a new character, but nonetheless i think it would be fun! this is still a massive work in progress, but really would love to see who is interested! that way i can plan some future adopts and further flesh things out. 


the heretics are, what i would say is "dark gore". they are cruel, savage, inhumane, and barbaric. usually, not a nice bone in their body. their views upon the world and those not apart of their inner circle are pretty skewed, seeing as they resign themselves to their region. also, because they are regularly 'brainwashed'. these wolves are made to believe their alpha - velkan, is a god. his word is law, and hey abide by his rules. which, there are none. 

strength, cruelty, and loyalty are the main mantra this pack sings. only the strong survive, and others will perish if they cannot keep up. spars, challenges, hedonistic holidays and traditions are some of the few ideas i came up with. i'm currently still trying to come up with more lore for the pack so its a bit more put together. 

but for now, would love to gauge the interest of the people, or even talk about ideas. c: below i attached a document i came up with! like i said, it's pretty rough but it's still a growing idea. 

Interested People: 


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3 - 3 - 3
11-24-2023, 05:07 AM
the staff team luvs u
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12-05-2023, 02:41 PM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2023, 02:42 PM by Wojtek.)
I'd love to throw Kosač into this!
the staff team luvs u
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