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She Sells Seashells

Morning Snow
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11-15-2023, 08:29 PM
Remaining close to the den was boring to say the least. Penumbra was bored and wanted to see what was making those noises off in the distance. As the weather cooled, their sound roared louder - a great white noise to fall asleep to, but he wanted to see the water that he had such a brief encounter with (of which he barely remembers of now).

For now, until he grew old enough to wander further away and not be tethered to his mothers' skirts - Penumbra spent the majority of his days collecting things. Shells mostly, ones brought over by birds from the sandy shores and scattered around near the dens. If he was lucky, they were unbroken and the shiny insides were in full display without being cut short!

The way the sun shimmered in the shells as he moved was enthralling. He'd prance around his little collection, side stepping so he could always face them and watch as the colours changed with every step. It made him giggle loudly - one of those scream-laughs that children cry out when at their most pleased.

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11-20-2023, 06:14 AM (This post was last modified: 01-13-2024, 06:25 AM by Sereia. Edited 1 time in total.)
Sereia's first days with the pack of the Saltwoods were pleasant. The young woman enjoyed spending her days on the beach or entertaining her ladies' offspring. However, she would much rather be fishing or swimming with the sea's waves. While she tried her best to be helpful, Reia did have moments where she longed for the past — for the days spent lounging on the beach with Naia or in the forest beside Lorcan.

But on a morning such as this, Sereia again fell into her quietness. The clouds carrying snowfall had rolled in, and the woman had never expected the island to be blessed with snow. It was just another testimony of the land's gifts.

Sereia had decided to explore the den and the surrounding forest, hoping to distract her mind. While walking around the area, she heard bright laughter coming from the den. Her lips quirked into a smile as she made her way toward the source.

"Are you enjoying your fun this morning, Penumbra?" She asked softly, her warm cerulean gaze watching the young child prance around the shells. Sereia had grown fond of the children despite having little to no experience with them. Her ladies' offspring were jovial and kind, just like their mothers.

"I have a gift for you. Wait right here." She hummed as she padded to her makeshift nest and pulled out a few pieces of sea glass. Some were the color of the sea herself, with various shades of azure. Another completely white without a speck of pigment.

Reia returned to the young child and placed them at his paws, her tail swishing in the breeze. "I thought you'd love to add these to your growing collection." She hummed as she lowered down beside the boy. While she cherished each piece of glass she found on her outings, Sereia knew it would mean more as a gift for Penumbra. And perhaps it would act as a catalyst for their love for sea glass.

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06-04-2024, 01:08 PM
Hi its me im finally back and wanna play this pup who might now be more an adult LOL

Pawing at the shell that glimmered in colours he had never seen before. Every shift brought on a new shade and the way they bled into one another was enchanting. He was going to keep this. Maybe mom would like to see it too he thought!

A voice broke through the chanting of seabirds and tore his attention away from the shell for just a moment. Alabaster tipped tail swaying at his ankles in a gentle greeting to the pretty woman. “Yes! This thing,” he nudged it with his paw to show off the rainbow of colours. “Is pwretty. Mommy might like it.” He didn't really want to give it away, but the idea of one of his moms liking it too brought him more joy than the idea of keeping it for himself.

And it seemed that the thought was shared between him and the woman! She had a gift for him now? Impatiently he waited on the sand where she left him, picking up the shell with a gentle maw as though ready to run ahead if she was to call for him to come see whatever gift it was.

As she came back, she came with something else that was smooth. Colourful. Unlike the shell it was uniform in colour but still equally pretty. “For me?” Those big champagne eyes glistened while looking up at the blonde. Wiggling on the spot he would gleefully accept the thing. “What is it?” He knew a shell was a shell, a stone was a stone, but this... what was it? He looked at her like she knew every answer his little head had.

the staff team luvs u
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