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Stepping stones

Morning Drizzle/Rain
03-23-2022, 03:24 PM
A new wake up post to restart my girl. AW!

Heavy rain. She could feel the rain fall upon her muzzle and the rest of her face. Winds were picking up, tugging on her fur. Her head, it was hurting. Now the awareness spread. Her fur was wet. She deducted it was probably from the rain she was feeling. 


Valette jolted to her feet, eyes snapping awake. She blinked, her head hurting. She looked around, on guard for her surroundings. Her eyes instantly taking in the stone circle around her. Stone circle... Easthollow? No. This one was different. She gasped for air, the heavy rain diluting sounds from around her. Cold was seeping into her bones. Valette turned around her axis, trying to find anything familiar. That cry for help, it sounded real. However, there was no one around. At least it seemed that way. 

Valette frowned. She was never without her family. She knew their faces, but the names weren't coming to her. Her head was hurting. She vaguely remembered waking up before. But that voice, that cry. She shook her head. Her whole body shook out the rain that had gathered in her fur. All she knew she had to find her family, her... children. Her children!! She moved forward but she realized she didn't know where to go.

This circle it was different but much like the stone circle she had called home. Could they be... connected? She moved to the biggest stone within the circle. She pushed her front paws against it. "Take me back," she whispered. "I need to get to my children."
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[narrow width=300]A rolling storm,

A crash of thunder,

A solar flare exploding behind closed eyes; Encompassing, overwhelming.

Jolting in a dance of gasps the brute startled awake, his chest heaving with every breath he took. Falling and rising, falling in rising, he first noticed the sky raining down upon him. The light drops speckling his fur in a sheen of white before ultimately weighing it down.

Where... was he? Who.. Was he? Laying there for what seemed like ages, the man skimmed over his mind only to notice it was blank.

Nothing came to him.

Panic prickled up his spine, and groaning in pain at his muscles tensing, the man rose up in a daze only to find his head feeling like heavy. He couldn't see, not for some time. Not with the white noise blanketing his vision. He sought to shook his head; An instant mistake.

Sitting there, taking in his surroundings with what little senses he had, The Northerner began to notice he was not alone. A scent- warm and somewhat familiar wafted over him in a way he couldn't explain, and looking up he squinted in an attempt to make out their figure.
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[Image: de1p5cm-d003c0a6-ee96-49a9-a482-e0841ccb0f35.gif]
03-23-2022, 09:36 PM
Valette looked up. Watching the rain come crashing down. She didn't understand where she was. She hadn't been here before, and this was definitely not Easthollow. Those stones were nothing like the Mother and Father stone. This was not where her family was. Her family. Those faces, some a little blurred, some far away. It was almost as if some of those she hadn't seen in a long time. Those echoes of someone calling out for her still struck her. Maybe they were around. Maybe she wasn't looking good enough. She lowered herself back on all fours. The woman turned and stepped towards the center of the circle, the place where she woken up. 

When she wanted to continue her path a dark and immense figure stepped towards her. She leaned back, lowering herself a little. At first she thought it was a bear, but as it stepped closer she realized it was a wolf. The huntress snuck more off to the side, perhaps she could go away unseen. Perhaps this wolf was the one that made her child cry out. The dark female kept her eyes on the male figure as she moved. There was something familiar in the way the beast moved. She slowed down her crouched sneak until she came to a halt. Her pink purple eyes glued to the male. The rain masked much of his scent. As she looked at him it was like a veil being pulled from her memory. She knew him.


Loved one.


M-mate? Yes?


"Greyback?," she let out as she thought it, almost a little baffled. She didn't expect him to be here. She just woke up here. Her heart seemed to cry out for him but she wasn't sure why. She could tell she had missed him. Had he been gone? Had he left? Should she be mad. She blinked, her head carried low, eyes not leaving him.
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03-23-2022, 10:16 PM
[narrow width=300]


What was that? The man craned his neck in a sorry attempt to hear the word thrown out between the storm--

But nothing else was said.

Moving slowly, the mud below his paws seemingly gave away with a sickening squelch. The rain stung his eyes, blurring his vision further until all he could do was shut them. "Hello?" He called out, his voice gruff from slumber and confusion. The rain picked up as he took a step forward, the wind tugging and whipping his fur in all directions as if begging him to lay back down from where he awoke. But he wouldn't. That voice-

Gritting his teeth the man fought to open his eyes against the dancing storm only for it to seemingly disappear and give way to gentle rays peeking betwixt the clouds. Squinting, he rose his head only for dark amber to clash with purple, and as he stared, stuck by fear and wonder at the stranger he felt a slight tugging on the heart seated inside his chest. Tears welled at the corner of his eyes, spilling over in large drops before falling down his tired face in a stream.

He remembered himself... He remembered her... He remembered Valette.

Smiling softly the male strode forth in gentle steps as if he was scared to shatter the dream-like memory. "Are.. You real?" He called out. "Is it.. really you?" he breathed. His tail wavered at his hocks, wagging in slight wonder as he sniffed cautiously at the air for her scent.

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[Image: de1p5cm-d003c0a6-ee96-49a9-a482-e0841ccb0f35.gif]
03-23-2022, 10:32 PM
Valette couldn’t believe what she was seeing what she was remembering. She had a mate! He had been special to her. No, was currently! She blinked as a slight frown seemed to worry her brow. She stepped closer. Where those streaks of tears or just the rain? She took another step closer. “I don’t know if I am real. But I feel. I sense. I remember,” she returned. “Do You?” 

Valette lifted her head, pulling herself from that crouch she was in. Ready to run for a larger male if needed. She looked around the circle but her eyes returned to Greyback. Still that man, her mate, seemed to be there before her. She stepped back, ears falling back. “I don’t know. I remember my name. I remember… children. I remember… you. But my brain also seems to think of you in the past tense. Like… you left.” She didn’t know what to think of that. She also remembered others. This man. This hadn’t been her only man. “Who do you think I am? What do you remember?”
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He had left the area when Valette rejected him. His heart had been shattered and he needed the space. He let his paws take him where they may, roaming lands that looked no more familiar than the ones here that he had left. None of them were home. None of them held Valette. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised that he ended up here again, and at the stones, no less. It was like they pulled him here, as if they were magnetized; an unbreakable force that he couldn't fight. 

He had expected to find no other beings, let alone the two that came into view. The rain pelted him, and made it hard to see. He almost thought he was hallucinating. His mate, and his best friend? Of course he would. Except, she wasn't his mate, and he wasn't his best friend. It was the past. Steady almost wanted to turn away, but something in Valette's body language concerned him. 

Through the wet haze, he made his way towards the pair, using the stones to shield him from their sight. Valette's words let him know she wasn't fully aware of who Greyday was, but Steady knew. He stepped forward, coming in from behind Valette, his eyes on Greyday. Every step was measured as Steady blew out a controlled breath of loosely-held anger. His temper was short for the male. He stopped, just between them, as if protecting Valette. That part was unconsciously done, but Steady would always protect her. Because he did leave, he said. His voice was caught somewhere between no emotion and seething anger. His Beta, his best friend who had left him just months before his death. He stared the other male down, almost daring him to deny it. 

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[narrow width=300]

He swallowed thickly at the question. A coarse whisper echoed within the confines of his throat. Soft and lovely as the feelings he carried for her. "How could I ever forget you?"

He sought to move forward, to touch her shoulder with his nose, an invisible pull binding him towards her heart. But--
His brows furrowed at the notion of leaving. And just as he opened his mouth to reply a voice cut through the air. No "No- I didn't. I wouldn't leave you. I couldn't have," he gasped whilst turning to see the new stranger.

Anger stewed within the man's gut at he gazed at the other male. "How dare you speak of such lies. Who are you? Why are you here?" Greyback's lips curled back in a thundering growl as he stalked towards the newcomer. How dare this stranger try to sow seeds of doubt within his love. [/narrow]

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Valette looked uncertain. He spoke of ene be forgetting her but he hadn’t.. he hadn’t called her by her name. Maybe this was all just some foul game. Torture. Although, she wasn’t sure if she deserved such torture. But the way he spoke, his tone. Her face softened. She knew she had missed him. She had missed him so deeply. That deep longing for some one could only mean one thing. She had felt that before. She could place that feeling of mourning for someone. It made more sense now that her disbelief felt so real. But how?

Before she could say anything a shadow lunged forward between her and Greyback. She jumped away but quickly got by his stance that the dark shadow was protecting .. her? Valette blinked. It couldn’t be! She took in her protector. Steady? “Steady!?,” she let out. She almost didn’t recognize him. It had been so long ago. Valette gasped and stepped forward. She had been so young. So desperate to be a good mate for him. And before they could have the family they wanted… He passed away. But now he was here. And Greyback was also here… They both had died. No. No. No. No. NO.

She couldn’t be dead!? Her children. She .. she would never leave them! But if they died and she just … appeared here. Valette stumbled back, her mind spinning. She was getting sick at the thought that her kids were all alone. She didn’t remember. Did she… die? How? No.. she was feeling? She was feeling al sorta of things! The female let out a cry. “My children,” she let out to no one in particular.

The thundering growl shook her from her thoughts. There the two men, men she both loved were not too keen on seeing each other. Valette got in between them. “Stop it,” she demanded with the authority of a Matriarch, looking from one to the other. Her heart was thundering in her chest. Steady. He was here. Her heart ached. Their missed chance as life, the one that had shown her that life was worth living for. To make her own family. Then her gaze moving to Greyback. The one that had gotten her through the grief, the rock that had been there for her and had given her so much love and joy. Both so cherished for their own ways. Valette didn’t know where to start. “You both died. I can feel the grief. If I can see both of you… did I… die!?,” she gasped that last bit out.

“Please tell me it isn’t so! I can’t be! I—“ She shook her head, her eyes going from male to male. Tears sprung in her eyes. She then didn’t know what to do. She wished to be selfish and be held by both. Valette looked at Steady. There was so much he didn’t know. So much she wanted to tell him. Would he forgive her? Forgive her for living her life? Then she looked at Greyback. What would he do if he had His previous mate and her suddenly before him? “How can this feel so real? Is this real?,” she asked.
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03-24-2022, 12:28 AM
Steady didn't know it yet, but he was confused. The rain blurred his vision, and the wolf before him. But, all Steady saw was anger and betrayal. His best friend who had left him, who should have been there when he died. Steady didn't think he'd be alive if Grayday was there, but at least he would have died knowing Valette was looked after. Instead, he died in fear for her. 

The other male vehemently denied having done such a thing, and even went as far as to pretend he didn't know who he was. Maybe he didn't. Valette didn't remember him, maybe Grayday didn't either. 

It wasn't until the other male stalked right up to him that Steady got a good look at him. The tension left Steady as he studied the other male, and confusion washed over his expression. 

Valette got between them, but the fight was out of Steady. Sort of. Valette still needed protecting, and Steady was the one for the job. Whether she liked it or not. But, when his eyes met hers, they softened and filled with his shattered heart. He masked it after a moment, believing she still didn't remember their past. He had tried to tell her, but she had rejected him. 

When she uttered those two words, however, hope filled Steady. Before, she hadn't known about their children. Steady didn't know Valette went on to have her own biological children. He assumed she was talking about those they had adopted. 

His focus was purely on her, waiting for confirmation that she remember. And he got it. He released a breath he didn't realize he was holding in, and was just about ready to hoop and hollar to the stars and thank them. But, her words really sank in. 

For one, she was speaking of this male as if she knew him. He now understood this wasn't Grayday, as he originally thought. They looked so much alike. In any other case, Steady might have apologized. But, how did Val know him? In their other life? ... After him? Eyes narrowed towards the other male. If Steady had a chance to be with Val, he would fight tooth and nail for it. Against anyone. 

But, right now, Val was hurting, that much was obvious. Steady reached his nose out to touch hers in an effort to comfort her, if she would let him. Just because you are here, doesn't mean you died, he said softly. I have met others who believe they were still living. They were just... transported here, he said, unsure if that would really give her any comfort. Valette, he breathed. We have another chance. While Steady had adopted just about every stray pup that had near him, he didn't have the real chance to raise them as Val had, to bond with them. He had accepted his fate when he woke up here, that there was no way back. He had only mourned Valette. And now she was here, in front of him, and it was all he could think about that they could just... start over. 

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[narrow width=300]
Steady. Steady. Steady. Greyback drilled the name into his skull while glaring at the man. He vaguely remembered the mentions Valette whispered about him, the rumors he heard over the years; A potential sordid mate taken too soon early. A part of him felt content with that. If he hadn't kicked the bucket then perhaps Valette and him would of never become a thing.
But they were a thing. Still are- a thing. Fate brought them together, Greyback was sure of it. Why else would he wake in the world so close to her?

He stalled at Valette's words, turning to look as she paced about, spitting out questions way too fast for him to understand and process. Thankfully Steady seemed to catch up, and in turn did Greyback. "Valette-" He pleaded "We can figure this out. It's alright, maybe our children are her-"

A flame lit within the man's stomach at Steady's words. We can have another chance.
We can have another chance.
We can have another chance.
We can have another chance.

Greyback's body ran cold at the thought of Valette leaving him. She wouldn't. She couldn't! A thunderous snarl sounded from his throat as he spun to tower over Steady, fur puffed and eyes piercing with anger. Of course Steady was sizeable but Greyback easily had him beat in height and weight. He wanted to kill this man, to snuff out any competition towards himself. He had half the mind to. "SHUT IT!" Greyback roared, spit flinging from his large jaws to which he bared at the smaller male. "Before my fangs find your throat!" [/narrow]

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[Image: de1p5cm-d003c0a6-ee96-49a9-a482-e0841ccb0f35.gif]
03-24-2022, 10:53 AM
Valette had both men on each side of her. Greyback started about their kids, while Steady spoke about some wolves being transported here. In the chaos in her mind his soft words were what reached her. Transported somewhere else? The woman paused. Her train of thoughts slowing down. However, then Steady's words followed. Her heart leaped. A chance with Steady. The chance she never had. But-- how was this all possible. How would she ever choose!?

Greyback did not seem to like that. Valette bared her teeth and bit the air by Greyback's muzzle as a clear warning that she didn't appreciate that. "No one is going for anyone's throat," she demanded. Her pink purple eyes staying on Greyback as a clear warning. She also looked at Steady, just in case he was about to do something. This was messy. Really messy. The rain had become a light drizzle. Valette slowly dropped her upper lip. She looked between the two males and let out a soft sigh. "You hurt me if you two fight," she told them both. 

Valette then turned her head to face her first love. "Steady, you must know that you passed away when I was barely even two years old. As far as I remember... I lived long after that..." She paused and perked up her ears. "There is so much to tell you! I kept Easthollow alive, for you! I was their Matriarch until.... I can only remember... myself as leader of Easthollow." Valette's face then turned a little more serious. She glanced at Greyback. "Greyback has been by my side for at least half of those years of me leading Easthollow..." Valette seemed to pause again trying to remember glancing at Greyback. There was also a man before Greyback. Oh god. Better not tell him that. "... Until he died of old age." However, Greyback didn't look old. In fact he looked younger than she ever remembered him to be. She seemed to pause at that. That confused her. She felt younger herself too.

The charcoal woman's gaze seemed to go distant. "At least that is what I can remember... I remember... children. Three litters...? However, my body doesn't feel like I ever had children. I feel... young. Like... my whole life has been reset," she spoke mostly to herself. Valette realized that she might have been talking a lot. She shook her head and looked from one male to the other. Not wanting and definitely not going to make her choice right now. She was also curious was they remembered.
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03-24-2022, 12:39 PM
Steady's gut reaction, his instinctual reaction as it always had been, was to match aggression with aggression. When the male attempted to tower over him, Steady mirrored with his own growls, ready to fight. This male may have had fifty pounds on him, but Steady was a wolf of the wild, hardened in life and in battle. He was no stranger to fighting, and no stranger to pain, and he would always fight for Valette with ever primal urge he had. And deep down, Steady kind of liked killing other wolves. It gave him a sense of accomplishment that killing prey never would. That he had rid the world of something he deemed shouldn't be here. Steady was the judge. The jury. And the executioner. 

At least, in the other world. In this world, where he and Valette could start over, try again, Steady couldn't make the same mistakes he did last time. Her voice cut through his anger, as it always had. She always had a way to disarm him, and it gave him a little satisfaction that she snapped at the muzzle of the other male. That's right, my love. Put him in his place. 

His eyes went to her as she started speaking to him, his body void of the aggression he had moments ago. His life had been cut short, along with their love. He had worried in his final moments what would happen to her, if she would go on to lead the pack. To know she lived long after that, that she had found purpose in the pack. His eyes glanced at the male when she mentioned him. He looked so much like Grayday, and had half his name, too. Though, now that the rain had lessoned, he could see the differences between this male and his former friend. 

Steady couldn't help the sharp pain that went through his chest when she mentioned having pups. Part of him didn't want to know the details, to know someone else had touched her the way he had, even though he knew they could never touch the love the two of them shared. That was theirs alone. He knew how much she had wanted to be a mother, and to know she got that dream three times over lessoned his guilt of dying before they had their own chance. 

He sighed as he looked at her. There was so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to discuss with her. He wanted to respond, but Steady was a private wolf when it came to Valette. And the other male was still here. Valette, could we talk in private? he asked her. While Steady didn't think it weak to talk about feelings, he refused to talk about them in front of the other male, simply because it was between him and Valette. 

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[narrow width=300]

Valette's word did little to calm the roaring fire within his belly. But for her, he would behave. For her, he would pull back and cover his teeth, albeit still glaring at the man in fuming anger. Oh how her snaps stung, bute he could understand the sentiment. She didn't want bloodshed. At least not yet.

Greyback ignored Steady for the most part, choosing to only stare at his love with a stone-cold gaze. His heart was breaking, he knew that much. It wept for him. "I kept Easthollow alive, for you." A crack formed, deep and shattering within the confines of his chest.

'for you.'
'for you.'

Choking back a bubbling cry, Greyback couldn't bear to listen anymore. His ears pulled back as his mind tuned out Valette's words for the sake of his sanity. He did not care about what happened prior; whether he died, whether she died. He only cared for what was the come.
For Valette.

For her sake, Greyback would heed the man's request. Flaring his nostrils in a huffm, he would stare at Steady for some time, hatred filling his gaze with the promise of death. It was only when he felt too disgusted to continue that he whipped around and stalked off past the stones, past the place he had awoken, past the place his heart had left.

He would kill Steady.

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[Image: de1p5cm-d003c0a6-ee96-49a9-a482-e0841ccb0f35.gif]
03-25-2022, 09:46 AM
At least the males refrained from fighting. She knew it was only because she demanded it that they listened. Would it had been anyone else they might not have. She was grateful for it, because if they started to fight she had no means to break it off. She wasn't sure what to think if the males started to fight over her. Valette would have a hard choice, that she realized. She didn't know if she would scold the male that started the fight or would be charmed by it. Both males had their own brutal ways about them. She knew Steady nor Greyback were sweet natured, though they did love fiercely. 

Her eyes landed on Steady when he asked for a private conversation. "Of course," she spoke. She would grant Greyback the same time. She was about to tell him that when Greyback gave them space without a word. She gave him an appreciative glance until she saw the hatred in Greyback's eyes. Her ears fell back. This was going to be tough. She knew it. She watched the burly male leave. Valette then turned to Steady, her tail gently wagging over her hocks. It had been such a long time. "Let's move somewhere drier to talk," she suggested, her muzzle pointing in the opposite direction where Greyback had gone to. She wasn't sure if the males would behave again.

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03-25-2022, 12:38 PM
Most of Steady's attention was on Valette, but he was acutely aware of the other male's demeanor, half expecting him to attack anyways. He didn't care what Greyback thought of him, didn't care if he had once been Valette's mate. Steady only cared about Valette and starting their life over. 

Greyback finally swept off in a blaze of fury, and Steady nodded, relieved when Val suggested they go somewhere more dry. He would follow her anywhere. It could have given him whiplash how different she was from their last encounter. Steady had feared living in a world where his love did, but not being with her. He hated that world. But, now that she was the real Valette, he had zero doubt their love would prevail. 

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