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Almight's Bag of Stardust

how did this slip past me. I love Almight with all my heart. He's so kind but also torn between making his dad proud, i love the dynamic!!
— on this post from Noki
I LOVE your writing! It's so interesting to see that despite his high ranking in the Nightwalkers, he still sees himself as different from them
— on this post from Galene
I love Almight's internal struggle with things in the Nightwalkers. How he hates it but chooses to accept it. It's sad how broken he is, but also VERY fun to read and watch his growth in any direction you pull him!
— on this post from Leo
there's just something abt this post *chefs kiss*, it rlly hits the spot.
— on this post from Alexei
Almight the secret good boy of the Rache tree
— on this post from Aarkron
missed u n ur writing n him<333
— on this post from Riannon
There were so many poignant lines in this post; his own sin, and this " He responded knightly, shedding his unsure skin and replacing it with the hardened crust of the earth" resonated. LOVE.
— on this post from Leta
Stardust for saying in the most passive way that Grumble stinks
— on this post from Grumble
"Vengeance was a cold brute, probably not even aware of the concept of "mental health"." ... Absolutely not. Not even in his vocabulary, he can't even comprehend those words together
— on this post from Vengeance
"There were many rocks on earth, but even just one inside your shoe was too many." Ah... I liked this a lot. Beautiful!
— on this post from Vengeance
the fact that this is exactly smthn he'd do lmaoo
— on this post from Tove
— on this post from Maeve
my favorite canis AU, twink!almight
— on this post from Gryff
"Flowers a-fuzz in his mane like some kind of twink." and there you have it. I am officially deceased
— on this post from Cynefrid
i enjoy the man who is pulled into every direction
— on this post from Célnes
I love this dynamic between them, lol
— on this post from Meissa
living for HIM
— on this post from Riannon
Why couldn't Vengeance have settled for this place instead of the Reach? BECAUSE ALMIGHT, BECAUSE IT AINT SPOOKY ENOUGH OKAY. Let him be edgy GOD
— on this post from Reiko
im in tears all these referebces are sendjng me
— on this post from Riannon
im in tears all these referebces are sendjng me
— on this post from Riannon
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