Open Threads
1 month ago an endless night, we're far from home Hydra — The Nameless Mountain
2 weeks ago On the first part of the journey Frisk — Deadhorse Drop
2 weeks ago Can you feel the fire burning like you know it should Valentine — Northfall (discovering)
2 weeks ago Listenin' to you speak your mind Hieronymous — Cloudrest (discovering)
2 weeks ago We Wouldn't Be Seen Dead Here in the Day Ira — Skelmir's Pass (discovering)
1 week ago Fall apart twice a day, Célnes — Sleeping Doe's Range (discovering)
1 week ago I smile before I want to, Vendrussel — Desert
1 week ago smile because you want to, Vendrussel — Plains
4 days ago I lost sight of you before I knew it Izumi — Frozen Ground
4 days ago fear and prayers will never save us Styx — Winterheart Forest
4 days ago this is what makes us wild Kore — Mountains
2 days ago losing yourself to the endless symphony Styx — Winterheart Forest
1 day ago What’s that smell Vala Crane — Tundra
2 hours ago I just wish you could feel what you say, Célnes — The Elk's Crown
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