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This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below.

Hi everyone, Zina here. I've been informed that things at Canis are not super ideal. So, I'm closing the forum temporarily. Threads and profiles have been set to read-only.

I'm not impressed with the level of unhappiness, I no longer have the time and it seems that staff does not have the energy to handle things right now. Nobody seems to be winning here, so this is what it's come to.

Are we closing for good? No. We're going to use this time to take a much needed break - you should as well. We'll also be preparing the biggest pain point: the new map.

Want to make your own Canis-inspired site? Awesome, go for it. Everything in the compendium is creative commons license, so feel free. You're also free to "steal" the information in our rulebook if that is helpful.

I know this will make people angry. That's fine, you can be angry. Be angry at me for dropping the ball; I have other priorities and this is a time suck and emotional minefield.

I look forward to when we can re-open and quit the drama.

- Zina

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