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'Sup nerds, th'names Cheeto and I like writing and obssessing over fictional characters. Let's be friends <3

- Caribbean-American
- Aquarius ♒︎
- INFP-T (Meditator)
- Bisexual
- Anime & K-drama lover
- Perpetually Anxious (and distracted)
I will Prioritize....

- Drama/Romance threads
- Pack-related threads (Hunts, meetings, etc.)
- Group threads

— Code by Aso

RP Policies

• Unless said action is related to the site's rules, I do not appreciate having my characters controlled, seriously injured, or "mind-read" without permission and I consider it common courtesy to ask for consent before doing any of these things. I am not opposed to having it happen but again, please ask for my permission first.

• No "overly-detailed" sexual scenes, please. I do not mind writing out the adult references and events leading up to the said scene, but I will either be very vague about what's happening in the "bonking" thread (lmao) or just say "Screw it" and fade the whole scene to black; Too much detail will personally make me uncomfortable.

• If there is an IC/OOC complication, please let me know! I have the mind reading powers of a....well, human, and will not be able to tell if there is an issue because I'm terrible at reading people. I live for communication so please don't be afraid to be honest! (as long as you aren't being rude)

• If a thread has not been responded to in over a month, it will likely be archived if it is not of any importance. If I have not responded to a thread in over a month, feel free to give me a heads up about it since I may or may not have forgotten (it happens). If It is not an essential thread and I am not able to respond at the time, you are free to archive it.

• I have a primary/secondary/tertiary system set up from the characters that are more prioritized than others. My muse for a character changes sporadically, but this list helps me organize things for extra tidiness

• IC beliefs will NEVER mean OOC views! Some of my characters are assholes and that's okay, I'm just staying in character is all. Though If something, in particular, bothers you personally, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it! I don't bite <3

Primary Characters (Toons that will often have more threads and faster reply rates)
- Izumi
- Āzon
- Cynefrid
- Kaster

Secondary Characters (Toons that will often have less threads and slower reply rates)
- Aimi
- Peizhi
- Ramsey
- Mateo

Teritary Characters (Toons that I currently have the least muse for and will receive the slowest reply rates)

- Eros
- Zakora
- Corliss
- Lunaria

Mostly active on weekdays (Mondays - Fridays); minimal or no posting on weekends. My discord handle is Weebaholic©#3886 if you'd like to contact me through there <3.

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