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Played by Valkyrie
Fur Color
Shades of blue-tinted steel
Sex & Gender
6 years (2017-03-10)
Tomorrow is another day

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& you don't have to hide away


Athletic and muscular.
  Isn't built for stealth or agility though he can move quieter than might be expected.
Shades of dark, cool greys that had a blueish tint to them.
Fur is somewhat long and shaggy.
Has a bobbed tail. Whether he was born like that or it was docked is unknown.


Fractured; remembers a life that once was but extensive trauma has stolen that from him
Currently the embodiment of fight or flight
Unsure of himself at times but still retains the ability to be sassy, sarcastic, and/or cocky.
Because he is unsure of himself, Buchanan tends to be distant and hard to get to know.
Struggles with other pieces of himself, no doubt a result of his trauma.
More to come as he develops...

You'll be a man, boy

Things to Know

Can be charming when he's not on edge.
Almost always on edge
Smells like: Gunpowder, burning cedar
Speaks: Many languages, number unknown
Uses pet names as a byproduct of the era he grew up in. Doll, lady, etc.
Shows symptoms of Disassociative Identity Disorder and/or Disassociative Amnesia.
Was an assassin in his past life, and a soldier in the life before that. Has many skills that make him lethal.
What will he be in this life?

but for now, it's time to run

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[Image: tumblr_po177hv0w51y8198ao1_500.gif]

Face/Voice Claim:

Sebastian Stan


Inspiration for this character (obviously) comes from Marvel's Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier but will strongly deviate from his storyline as he is not truly that character. Just heavily inspired by.

Recent Location

Callan has most recently been in Tsukiishi, Sundance Grove, Bluewater Lake, Deadhorse Drop.

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