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Elowyn has a light sandy base color with darker patches of cappuccino-color on her forehead, back of her neck and thighs. She also sports a cream neck, belly and paws. That light color also returns in cream markings as a small stripe on the bridge of her nose, stripe on her forehead, side of her face, markings on her back, inside her ear, and tip of her tail. A chocolate color makes an appearance as a thin saddle on her back, facial markings under her eye, and markings on her thigh and tail. Overall her appearance is a warm sandy agouti with green colored eyes. Elowyn’s paw pads and nose are light liver/pink-ish color. Her heart shaped mark on her left shoulder is a birthmark from her maternal bloodline.


Elowyn is dutiful and obedient when she has to be, as it is something she had been taught by her parents from a young age. She is polite and considerate to other wolves of the pack as those are the wolves she knows. She is unfamiliar with meeting strangers and would be a little withdrawn before engaging. However, when she has fully opened up she can be really playful. Her personality is probably going to develop as she is longer away from her parents and the behaviors and traits they enforced. She is very honest by nature. Elowyn doesn’t like to share and can get quite envious of other wolves. She feels she has a lot of pressure on her shoulder coming from a well-known bloodline and it can make her hesitant and indecisive. Elowyn does well on clear orders and demands. When things are too free and open she starts to question if she does the right thing and doubts herself a lot.


Elowyn is the daughter of Lord Laurence and Lady Elenore. They are the leaders of Heartmouth. She comes from a big pack and a big family. She is the third born of five pups total. She has three older brothers from a litter before her. Her parents had another litter that next year. Those wolves only include her own family, the Heartmouth pack itself is large, up to 40+ members. The reputation of the pack extends far beyond their region. Children from the leading pair are known as the Heartmouth bloodline.

Elowyn always knew from a young age that she would be paired up with a stranger, as her parents made it no secret to her that those were their plans. Plus, she had seen her brothers be introduced to their arranged mates. Often they came from alliances or other packs they wanted an alliance with. She knew it was normal, expected of her even, since it was her duty as the leader’s child. However, it wouldn’t have been Elowyn’s first choice. It would never be up to herself to make a decision like that.

When she could dream she would think of finding her own mate, creating her own story and doing what she wanted to do. Maybe she would want to travel far beyond Heartmouth's reaches, and no one would stop her or need to escort her. Maybe, she wanted fighting lessons, and no one would tell her ‘no’. Not that Elowyn had time to protest or defy higher ranked wolves. She always had to follow her mother’s lessons obediently, knowing what is expected of her. She knew about caretaking, herbology, childbaring -since only recently- and rearing, but also on how to be a good dutiful mate.

Elowyn always expected that she would never leave Heartmouth. Mainly because both of her parents seemed reluctant to let her go anywhere. Her mother often mentioned there should eventually be a new lord or lady Heartmouth to lead the pack. She figured it would be like with her brothers, another pack would present a mate to her and she would stay right here in Heartmouth with her new mate. But Elowyn couldn’t have been more wrong. It was one cool summer evening when her father and mother summoned her and told her he had found her a mate, Anteon. What had been more shocking was the fact that she wouldn’t only have to mate this male. No, her parents expected her to be the founder of a new bloodline, a new lineage of wolves branched off from the Heartmouth line and Tetsuijn’s bloodline. A whole new pack supposedly called ‘Windmere’ together with this dark colored male she hardly knew, which also meant she had to leave behind everyone and everything she knew.

- Genevieve’s father is a well-known wolf and good friend of Elowyn’s father. He vouched for Tetsujin’s character, as he saved his own daughter. He would have been a match but seeing his own daughter Genevieve was already promised to someone else, he had to keep to his promise.

- After Elowyn’s father agreed to the mating, he would have let Tetsujin stay with them for at least one week to get to know him better himself but also to have his daughter get adjusted to the fact she was to leave them. Indirectly Laurence became a mentor for Tesujin.

- The name of the Heartmouth bloodline derives from the heart marking that is only rarely inherited. Seeing that Elowyn got her marking from her mother it is Elenore that is the chosen one of her generation to lead the Heartmouth pack with her mate. This was the first time a female was chosen instead of a male, breaking tradition.


Husband: Anteon
Father: Laurence Rosethorne
Mother: Elenore Heartmouth
Litter, 2018: Darius♂, Ronan♂, Theodore♂
Litter, 2019: Parcival♂, Florentine♀, Elowyn♀, Sebastian♂, Alasdair
Litter, 2020: Georgianna♀, Juliette♀, Stillborn♂
Litter, 2021: Daniel♂, Louise♀, Fabienne♀, Klaus♂

Pack History

HEARTMOUTH01/05/2019 till 20/08/2021.
LONE WOLF20/08/2021 till 13/10/2021.
WINDMERE13/10/2021 till Present.

Recent Location

Elowyn has most recently been in Highvalley Hollow, Frozen Ground.

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