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Name: Aso

Occupation: University Student

Star Sign & Myers Briggs: Virgo + ENFJ

Tigers, Ramen, Designing/Building things, Video Games (LoL, FFXIV, FE3H, Splatoon, Pokémon)

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What am I comfortable writing?
Nothing really triggers me for threads so I'm fine with reading anything 3-3-3 ASIDE from sexual content. I do not wish to partake in writing those scenes so I'd rather do a fade to black. If you fear you are treading an awkward or uncomfortable line feel free to reach out to make sure everything's good!

When do I archive threads?
I may archive threads after 3 weeks of no communication UNLESS we have talked and made a plan otherwise. This is mostly for me since I love threading, but like to keep things tidy and up to date. If a thread is not progressing I like to get rid of it. If I archive one of ours and you want to keep threading, we can unarchive to finish or if its more fitting start a new thread! This rule for me does not apply to my secondaries since they are meant to be slower and I will definitely keep it in mind if I am threading with a secondary!

Do I allow my characters to get seriously hurt/whumped by others?
I do, but I'd like to talk about it OOC first if it's not ICly deserved. We can discuss details on discord!

Are you open for thread requests?
Almost always! PM me if you aren't sure, but as long as I'm not super busy or have 10 million open I'll probably say yes.

What is my reply rate and when I prefer to be skipped?
I usually check Canis several times a day so you can expect a speedy reply. I am a university student with an outside life so sometimes it might be 2-3 days, worst case a week. If it is a large thread with several people and I have not responded in 3 days feel free to skip me but please check in with me first in case I had something planned/it is an important thread. I will post ASAP if needed.

Do you allow Powerplay?
I do not tolerate PP unless we have discussed it!

What are your rules for fights and spars?
TBD based on upcoming features

Does IC = OOC?
I'd hope this is a given, but never! My characters will never reflect my feelings and vice versa. If you take something I say OOC as offensive or rude please talk to me so I can be aware and improve, I'm not a scary person. If you are worried about my characters reflecting my feelings just know I write with their personalities in mind, it is NOTHING personal.

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