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i'm cyprin and i like to thread and RP, tag me in any!

I am currently dealing with health problems & collegee that are causing delays in posting and muse overall, if you are plot-locked in anyway feel free to DM me!

I am a daily to weekly poster, although a few of my characters may occasionally be monthly! I often have quite a few characters, and my muse is never-ending and shifts about often! If I respond to specific threads, it's just the mood that's playing! Come thread with me!

OOC =/= IC, nothing that my characters say or do are with the purose of intentionally to hurt someone. My awful characters do not represent how I feel as a person, as what happens within RP, stays within RP. I do not take offense with actions against my characters.. However if you feel something i've done that causes discomfort, please DM! Sometimes plots fall and rise, change with active and inactive as well as muse, and this is not against anyone in particular.

Plotting, I prefer mostly organic but I love bouncing off ideas and chattering of the 'what ifs,' I prefer loose-plotting with no expectations for it certainly happen, i'd love to thread and find out if it works! You do not have to inform me of specific plots orientated around my groups or character, though i'd love to simply chat about it! Although if it is something large on a mass-scale like war, I'd very much appreciate a heads up so we can plan it, and bring the most fun out of it!

Threads,I will always try and prioritize threads that leave others plot-locked, meaning they cannot move forward until thread has been closed/decisive ending. I often try and reply when I can, if you feel you need a reply please ping me! Sometimes my muse goes in and out between characters and threads, and i'm always okay for a reminder of something I either need to join, or reply to. I do not take offense to players who close threads if they are not plot-exclusive. I close threads after 1-2 months without a reply.

Unreliable Narrative, my characters often do not follow what is accurately happening. They see it from their view that may be downright wrong, hypocritical, etc. If you feel they mentioned something that they shouldn't know, or felt it has gone too far, please pm me!

Mature Themes, most themes are alright however I will not personally RP the following — incest & sex scenes. Any scenes that end sexual will be fade to black. I hold nothing against them, it is just something I do not personally wish to RP!

Powerplay, light powerplay is alright, such as leading a character somewhere, however I'd usually like a heads-up! If a character has ic-assumptions stated, those are alright to do! Thank you!

Skipping, please @ me before skipping! Most of my posts will provide if it's okay to skip or not.

Tagging, I love when people mention my characters in other threads and would love to read! Likewise I do not mind random tags if wishing to thread with any of my characters! Will give a heads up of unable to join due to a plot-lock but would love to work around to either forwarding it or push it to a past time!

Vendrussel, Umbra. Constantine

Sybil, Harvest, Aerasha, Jackal, Osiris, Roshanak, Emberfrost, Orlaith

Elkshire, Dragonford Isles, The Wayfarers

Deorwine, Clarity & Obscurity, Draghoda Clan

The Beast of the Brim, The Leviathan of the Sepulcher, The Wall

The Elk's Crown, Royal Wysterian Woodlands, Sleeping Doe's Range, Behemoth's Brim

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