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Played by Noki
Famine Rache
Fur Color
Black, White
Sex & Gender
Extra Heavy
2 years (2022-05-06)
Canis Lupus

First 14 posts were by his previous players!


Won't you stay for dinner?

· Scent Carrion & Honeysuckle with a hint of blood
^^· Tall
· Portly in build, extremely heavy and stout
· Doesn't talk very much
· When he talks it's stilted and in as few words as possible
· No endurance but is very strong
· Common to find him drooling and/or chewing on something^^

[Image: d8qy5y8-0b7d991c-bd3b-4979-bf7a-d9023515...9M0vVt0hA8]
Asexual • Aromantic
[Image: d8qy5y8-0b7d991c-bd3b-4979-bf7a-d9023515...9M0vVt0hA8]


[Image: d602lhh-8f895d04-8be3-479f-90e5-eb0cafaa...E_OXC1ZqOw]

I want you
on the menu

[narrow width=750]^^ Quiet • Ravenous • Will eat anything • Including you if you stand still long enough • Food Motivated • His loyalty only goes as far as his stomach

 Lazy • Can't be bothered to fight • But will do so if you annoy him • Can't be bothered to talk because there is too much food to be had

  Fears nothing except starvation • Will get angry if he's denied what snack that he wants • Will get angry if he doesn't have anything to put in his mouth • Will throw one hell of a tantrum if he can't have food or chew on something • You don't want to see him when he's angry

 Knows how to throw his weight around when pushed to it • Will throw his weight around to get what he wants • Although he is usually content to just eat and chill

 He's not much of a thinker • Has one singular motivation for life • Will do anything to fulfill that singular motivation^^[/narrow]


Neutral Family Positive Negative Romantic

@Vengeance Father
@Eris Mother

@Conquest Sister
@Pestilence Sibling
@Death Sibling

@Almight Brother
@Abaddon Brother

@Aldritch Brother
@Warwick Brother
@Calhoun Brother
@Edith Sister
@Melrose Sister
@Rohesia Sister
@Maral Sister
@Vermillion Sister

@Golliath Brother
@Piglet Brother
@Tempest Brother
@Lilith Sister
@Leviathan Brother (it's complicated)

Pack History

Nightwalkers Spring 2022 - ongoing

Recent Location

Famine has most recently been in Blackwood Reach.

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Fun Facts

- Will never be seen without munching on something (food item or not)
- Will have no qualms about cannibalism... possibly while the victim is still alive...
- Will grow to have a resistance to poisons because of the amount of toxic material he consumes
- Has a purple tongue

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