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in what ethereal dances, by what eternal streams

Played by Rosie
Olive, 'Esra'
Fur Color
ash & argent
Sex & Gender
Very Light
3 Years (26 June, 2019)
Timber Wolf


Olive is fine-boned and waifish. She has a wispy, multi-length coat of cream and alabaster, shadowed with sooty grays. Her eyes are a smoked green with flecks of shimmering gold, to which her name is an ode. Olive is somewhat useless when it comes to melee or combat; her talents lie amongst the realm of the mind. Her voice is soft and often follows a melody without her being aware of it.


[Image: SafTN9r.png]

Olive is creativity with conviction; docile, yet animated; a humble advocate trying to leave her mark on the world. Her inborn sense of morality helps Olive remain an ever-present help in her companions' lives. She values deep, personal relationships over superficialities, speaking with warmth and compassion, easily making connections with her fellow wolves. Olive maintains a steadfast belief in love and light, but she is no longer convinced that innocence sits at the heart of all creatures. She can now recognize the world’s darkness when she encounters it — possibly because she has finally seen it within herself — and has grown fascinated by it, seeking the occult, shadows and divination rather than most customary ways of healing. A medicine woman at heart, she practices spells and uses brews, and communes with ancestors to control her reality. When her gods speak through her, Olive enters a fugue state where she only answers to the name Esra.

[Image: tumblr_p7fb04B0BX1rt640qo1_500.gifv]


✹ Olive Shakti-Sage-Seabreeze-Singing-Sunlight ✹

Olive's surname, Shakti, represents the Hindu goddess of divine feminine, creative energy. Anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life; a proud homage to her seraphine bloodline. The origin of the additions has been lost to the times.


current timeline:
parents: vishuddha, brigid
family: cassius, caspian, serena
romantic partner: @Tiberius
aromantic partner: @benry
offspring: @Archon, @Tiberii,
@Dalmatia, @Aurelia, @Euphemia

mates: seabreeze, ariel, dakarai
family: cortez, calder
offspring (by birth & adoption): sirius, cassiopeia, aries, séamus, eleuthera, oaxaca, sundance, reif, atwood, ibis, okeanos, mal, brilliance, solomon

Pack History

pack history:
little haven, druid
frostchant, seer
duskguard, priestess

teaghlaigh (forgotten)
moonspear (forgotten)
sunspire (forgotten)
elysium (forgotten)



Fun Facts

sylph — /silf/ — 1. a slender graceful woman or girl

 2. an elemental being in the theory of paracelsus that inhabits air

scent: wet earth and sage
alignment: chaotic good
voice: keira knightley

Olive is greatly influenced by ancient tantric philosophy,
and is inspired by the "High Priestess" tarot card.

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