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Poise, But Not Rude.

Played by WyldSai
Virgo "Vira" (Vurh-goe {Veer-uh})
Average (31)
Fur Color
Greys and Silvers
Sex & Gender
Medium (118)
Pale Emerald
2 (16 July, 2019)
Grey x Red Wolf mix


"I Have Standards I Don’t Plan On Lowering For Anybody, Including Myself"

Cloaked in various silver and greys, Virgo is almost the polar opposite of her fiery and bright sibling. Maybe in comparison, she would be seen as “plain” or “boring” when side by side with the extravagant Leo - but when focused on Virgo as a certain humble beauty about her, much like “the girl next door”.

Pale emerald eyes don’t draw attention right away, but once noticed will certainly have you get lost in their gentle grace. Not too tall and generally average all around, she is slender with delicate feminine features. Virgo has what most would call “kind eyes”, finding it almost impossible but to feel at ease in her presence.

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Self sufficient: Virgo doesn’t half-ass anything in her life. She will either do it to perfection or won’t do it at all. She is born to be the best and nothing less. She will work hard to have it that way and is rarely satisfied with the way things are.

Lie-Detector: She can perceive deception from miles away. She can easily read others and her super-strong intuition will lead her to the truth.

Witty: Thanks to her fast-thinking mind, Virgo will always have clever and funny remarks to make at the right time.

Independent: She is self-sustaining and independent. She hates to rely on others, she would rather take care of her own so she never has to worry about things not getting done.

Blunt: Virgo has a strong sense of self and opinions that she fully believes in. Because of her critical nature, if she feels strongly about something, she will say exactly what is on her mind and won’t care if anyone disagrees.

Ambitious: She doesn’t wait around for things to happen, she makes things happen. Her ambition is the fuel that keeps her going.

Craves effort: She isn’t the type of woman that you can easily woo with some cute text messages. Virgo wants effort, consistency and honestly. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Self-Ensured: Virgo takes care of her fur and mind. Never allowing anyone to manipulate her thoughts. Most of her day is always trying to find ways to look her best.

Loyal: She is beyond loyal. To break that means losing her entirely and it can not be rebuilt.


Sister — Leona "Leo"
Niece — Cancer "Ceria"
Nephew — Gemini "Anai"



Fun Facts

Small Facts

¥ Keeps up with her appearance
¥ Loves to gossip
¥ Hates the rain
¥ Loathes being dirty


¥ Lavender & Honey

Favorite Season & Flower:

¥ Summer
¥ Purple Lillies


¥ “ I do not mean to come off as defensive. I am just making sure that you have your facts right. I rely on my damn self.”

Attracted to:

¥ Discipline, manners, perfection, confidence, ambition, and intelligence
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