:Убийца Mечты:.
:Ubiytsa Mechty:.

Played by Rotten
Vera Antonov
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
White and slight cream
Sex & Gender
Female — She/He
Extra Heavy
Amber and pale blue
5 years (2018-03-02)
Eurasian Wolf (Moldovian variant)


Vera = Ver-ah

A large muscular behemoth that towers above many. Her basic appearance is simple enough, cream white fur with amber eyes reflecting the colors of her siblings brindle marks. Yet fate has been a cruel mistress. She is blind in her right eye, the white of her eye being a bloodshot red to showcase broken veins. Unique long curved scars can be found all over her body due to having been repeatedly tangled into barbed wire fencing. The scars are most critical on her face, causing bits of her teeth and gum on both sides to be permanently exposed. Due to this her breath and voice often sound wispy and on cold days you can see steam exiting the sides of her mouth like when dehorning a bull on a winter day. It also muffles/warps the expressions she makes. Her voice is probably the only soothing thing about her, strong but smooth, sounding princely in an androgynistic manner. The majority of her being seems to scream androgynistic in a way and she neither cares if she is referred to as a male or female.

Vera now has large gashes in her nose, the skin still raw from how recent it was.


-Physical Strength
-Environmental Awareness
-Socially Aware

-Too Independent at times
-Hopeless Romantic


Shattered candy
Scattered crunches
A pocket full of drugged junk
A starving child
An armored girl
Underwater, full of evil thoughts

It's hard to control
But it's easy to reveal
Keeping an eye out for fluttering malice

A piece of waste,
A piece of scum,
A low life,
Or evil.
I don't know but,
Judging the reasons will be ended now

A crazy manic
The saw that will behead them
An evil grin <- Me who stops it
I have an open heart

Too bad!
You failed!
I'd stick my tongue out at you!
but it's all broken.

Too bad!
You failed!
I'd stick my tongue out at you!
but you tire me.
It all ended.

A leaking voice
-that touches up and down
It's clear what's correct and what's not

Taking brunch
Vomiting sludge
It's like a party only for myself

Distorted thoughts
A conceived grudge
Keeping an eye out for the malice in the shadows

A piece of waste,
A piece of scum,
A low life,
Or evil.
I don't know but,
The outrage of villains will be ended now

The grinning manic
The saw that's held up
That smug face <- I'll punish you
I have an open heart


Too bad!
You failed!
I'd stick my tongue out at you
but I'm too exhausted to now

Give up!
Abandon hope!
I'd stick my tongue out at you
but it's full of filth now.

Full of admiration!
Ah ah ah!
I've gotten crazy now.

Too bad!
You failed!
I'd stick my tongue out at you!
but it's all broken.

All broken.


-English (Fluent)

-Russian (Fluent)

-Romanian (Fluent)

-Polish (Not Fluent)

-Ukrainian (Fluent)

-Belarusian (Somewhat Fluent)

-Bulgarian (Not Fluent)

-Czech (Not Fluent)

Unpredictable and experienced is a good way to describe Vera. Her entire appearance screams danger, but she tends to seem so in control that most are confused about their initial feelings of this wolf. Don't be fooled, this is a wolf who is often just barely keeping her emotions in check. If her emotions slip just a little, you will see something quite ugly. Hurt and angry at the world, she wants nothing more but to lash at it, yet she is socially aware to know that won't do her any good and she has a second chance to try a different path. Vera likes to go with the flow, not thinking too much before going on board with whatever crazy thing she becomes a part of. Act first, think later. She comes across as lax and open with a hint of aloofness. But it's just a default projection that she knows is acceptable behavior. She's a very guarded and passionate wolf, believing the world to be a true den of evil with herself being one of the only pure good living on it. She shares little to nothing about herself, even with those she cares about.

Vera's only motivation in life is to find her other half. She's pessimistic but believes surely there must be one good wolf in this world that can love a monster like herself. The idea of true love will always keep her going, but unfortunately it will also make her obsessive and more reckless. Due to this part of her nature, she is very knight-like with females (and the occasional very feminine male), always ready to show them some chivalry and show off and agree with/defend them even if they're in the wrong (hence reckless). She needs to get to know you first before she becomes truly attached but if she comes to know, and fall for you, she becomes obsessed over you and so be warned, she does not take rejection well.

She's not a very power-hungry wolf, and thus does not mind following orders until things don't seem to be going well. She will disobey if she believes her idea is better/will help more wolves, being somewhat of a chaotic good alignment. In this life she really hopes to start over and just be able to chase after the light, to pursue after her belief of good. Is secretly very sensitive about her appearance.


As of this date, Vera has changed greatly after accidentally mauling a pack member and getting banished. She is afraid of herself now, believing that she breaks all that she touches or who touch her. She still strongly desires love but does not think she deserves it, that she is a monster that cannot recover from her past. She needs to be in the fray, without violence in her life she becomes too restless she's learned. A war general always. She use to believe she was the most ethical of all, and now she can't believe how blinded she was. It was just a way for her to feel good about herself. Her warmth has been replaced with an icy chill and she does not bother leaving a good impression anymore. Vera tends to stay out of the way of others and mind her own business, only butting in when she sees evil tainting the pure. Terms that she uses and thinks a lot. She is tainted and belongs with evil, but she does not want to be evil ("bad guy is not bad guy"-shot-). The rest of her traits from above that do not conflict with this still fit in.

Vera has gathered the confidence she has needed in life to filter out normal behaviors and deviate. She can be the friendliest wolf and then switch on the dime for when it's needed. She can be quite inviting, perhaps some might describe it as alluring, a wolf who is at home with herself and who seems to enjoy living in the moment. Yet her cruelty knows no bounds, she has done much to cull the weak. A monster who devours. In her eye only the strong survive, but the stronger even are the ones that commit justice during the process. So for this mindset she plays judge and executioner. Making her sporadic despite all the curves and twists she does in her mind to come to that conclusion. The conclusion of unity being restored.

She's a walking personality disorder that likes to enjoy a bit of everything. She can be reckless but mature when needed, foolish but then smart to try and make up for it, carries no regrets but far too much passion. (too lazy to write more, she is bad guy blah)


Vera was born in a pack called Mamaliga which was a section in the overall mega pack called Moolt. The environment and culture was rough and Vera adapted to become responsible like her sister. But Vera was still a child at heart and it showed. She loved to goof around with her brother and have fun. Innocent and pure was a way to describe her. Vera's family consisted of her mother Waldeburg, sister named Sasha, and brother named Misha.

Some areas of the territories had barbed wire all over certain sections, left behind by humans who were long since gone. The barbed wire was dubbed String Teeth and all stayed away from it. Vera would have too if she had the choice. As mentioned before, the environment was rough and unforgiving, reform was needed, demanded. One day Vera, a 4 month-old whelp at the time, had caught a hare and was excited to take it home, her first catch. Several wolves from a different section of the mega pack cornered her on her way there and demanded her to give them the rabbit. Knowing how precious food was, Vera said no, resisted. And the wolves ended up throwing her into the barbed wire, taking her rabbit in the process. It was an awful hell, the more she struggled, the worse it got. Her sister eventually found her and got her out of there. The wounds were awful and took much time to heal. If only that were the end of it. Several more times she would come back from a hunt, get robbed, and tossed into the barbed wire. Her sister Sasha tried to keep an eye on her at all times but sometimes Vera slipped through the cracks and be bullied again. She became a target. By the time she was a yearling she did not look like normal wolves. Coming back from a hunt one night, they again tried but this time, Vera fought back. The fight was unfair and Vera would have got her butt kicked and tossed into the wire again if her siblings hadn't been nearby that time and finally they were kept at bay. She was too big now, too strong to be an easy target. Realizing that, Vera who had been aiming for a hunting rank, changed to a guard rank. And a path of violence began.

Going back a bit in time for Vera, there was one big motivation she had that kept her going through everything. Her best friend and lover, Olivia. They were childhood friends and Vera spent much of free time with the golden cream wolf. Olivia was everything to Vera and they seemed to be joined by the hip. But this all changed as Vera begun to gain her scars. At first Olivia had been extremely supportive. But by the time Vera was about a year and six months old, Olivia had been keeping her distance and ignoring her. Vera was finally able to confront her about it one day and Olivia coldly stated they were over, that Vera she take a look at herself. She was too ugly to be loved now and it was gross to look at her. Vera's heart shattered into a million pieces. And her values became a mess. Her family was all she felt like she had left.

Vera's family's fortunes would change as her brother became the Messiah due to murdering a wolf named Nonna. She always thought her siblings were cool, especially her brother. But now he was even cooler in her eyes and became her biggest role-model. She even allowed her to find the wolves who had previously bullied her and throw them into the barbed wire. And though no one would ever accuse Vera, for it, Olivia now had a messed up face.

As Vera excelled at her rank and grew in strength, she became her brother's personal bodyguard. She was being treated like a princess now and loved it, worshiping her brother's power. Yet resent silently build towards the pack for only now showing suck kindness and as the pack finally imploded into chaos for a revolution years later, everything went sour. Moolt had finally divided into individual packs, and it became a game of dividing and conquering. Misha aimed to dominated the whole pack and Vera became a veteran of war.

Vera's mother passed away when she was about 3 years old. At age 5, Vera noticed Misha and Sasha were having a conflict of some sorts, Misha had especially become unstable and irrational. One day Vera came secretly across a scene that shocked her to her core. Her sister Sasha's cold dead body. She knew who killed her. And this shattered the last humanity she had. The bonds of her family, they were a lie, everything was fake. A few days later she killed Misha, crushing his skull. And the packs fell apart. They had begun to wove back together but now it was all broken. And Vera spent the rest of her time to hunting other wolves, to kill and throw their corpses in the barbed wired, where she believed dreams were meant to die. The irrational rage, hunger for fighting, it wore her body via injuries and lack of care. Tired and feeling old, she laid down for a nap and never woke up.

Vera has now awoken in Canis, younger than before, her later memories misplaced and fuzzy for the most part. But she doesn't want to focus on that now. On her past. She wants to find someone to cling to. She remembers she had only truly felt alive when she had been with Olivia. Love was her obsession now. She wants to find true love because surely there must be someone out there who can love a monster.

Around 9/2021 to 10/2021 Vera has been banished from Shiroshika after ripping off one of @Gyrfalcon 's legs. The incident happened after a tired and wary Vera believed the other to have been plotting an attack from her due to her previous life she lived where all had harmed her in some way. She wanted to relax and learn to heal but instead she discovered she could not relaxed and was more damaged than she originally thought. Now she wanders, afraid of joining a pack.



Current Partner(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Homoflexible


Mother: Waldeburg
Father: Unknown
Sister: Sasha
Brother: @Misha

Pack History

-Was born and a part of Mamaliga which was a section in the overall mega pack called Moolt.

-Woke up in Canis and joined Shiroshika

-Banished from Shiroshika and became a loner again

Recent Location

Vera has most recently been in Gomeisa, Aludra, Alpine Moors.

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Fun Facts

-The name Vera means faith/truth
-Themesong is called Pink by Maretu
-Vera is a simp
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