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Sasha Antonov
Very Tall (37)
Fur Color
White, cream, auburn, black
Sex & Gender
Female — Female/They/Them
Lime green
4 (30 February, 2018)
Eurasian Wolf (Moldovian variant)


Sasha = Sah-shuh

Like her brother, she's a white cream wolf with bright green eyes and shades of auburn brindle, however unlike her brother, the brindle is more dominant in her genes, and add the red fox-like look of their father makes this tiger auburn brindle. Has specks of auburn on her face under her eyes and auburn eye outlines. To sum her up, she has black and auburn stockings, an auburn sable back and incomplete mask, black ear tips, and black eyebrows. She's quite scruffy, not caring much about her appearance or presentation and seems to have a subtle case of resting bitch face.


-Fast Learner

-Depressive Psychosis
-Too Selfless

Welcome to the crowded shopping district in the sky, its borders consolidated with pastel.
Flutter oscillation, driving force, and theories of aestheticism
are being misused legally by the wonderlanders.

Even the nuns' prayers are indistinguishable,
while laughter of gamblers with rolls of money can be heard from everywhere.

Packs of stray dogs are walking a parade of triumphant return,
with their barking voices scattering the applauding hands of the audience.
Everything is covered with lies, everyone is deceiving everyone,
emotions are gained and lost, and nothing can be spared.
People's hearts are being targeted by rubber band guns.

Philosophizing to the gangsta-wannabes about the world,
you attach serial numbers to them and gamble gamble!
People are born and raised on these flattened streets,
so they have cast away their ordinary life.

Residential buildings are also used as shipyards, covered with blimps' crash remains.
In this nation of entertainment, even the official language has become confounded.
Here's a merry-go-round capable of centrifugation,
and there's a Ferris wheel in the corner of a shrine.
At the decayed markets are clusters of slum dwellers.

The intoxicated lovey-dovey couples present such an unsightly stereo image,
and who is that girl who just gave me a middle finger?!
"Wait, honey, darling!"
This kind of mediocre welcome has gotten really tiring.

To the part-time movie stars, who have lost their cheers from the audience,
you have sold your pride, and indulged in psychedelic trips.
That’s how one finds you dancing in the back alley
while looking up at the transmission towers, where the power lines converge.

In the constantly moving sea of people,
a mask dealer is on his stomach and soliciting for
the baby held in your arms, who, usually a source of distress,
has stopped crying at the chime of the bell.

Lalala... It's a shallow song about the shallow you.

On this muggy night, the rock star is crying in his condo,
remembering the pervading indolence before the war, and his third attempted suicide pact.
The soldiers, standing in line, are sneering at this transient life.
Come on, just take off your tengu mask already.

Philosophizing to the gangsta-wannabes about the world,
you attach serial numbers to them and gamble gamble!
Bidding goodbye to this pitch black street,
I guess that's it for now, uh, see you tomorrow then.

-English (Fluent)

-Russian (Fluent)

-Romanian (Fluent)

-Polish (Somewhat Fluent)

-Ukrainian (Somewhat Fluent)

-Belarusian (Fluent)

-Bulgarian (Fluent)

-Czech (Somewhat Fluent)

Sasha is a very methodical wolf, allowing her to be a fast learner and to keep things, and herself, organized and aware of patterns and such. This awareness of her's let's her see outside the box, arguably making her more dangerous than either of her siblings combined. Thus this slow observational mind of her's can make her be seen as a bit of a slow wolf, not minding to waste time or to go at things with a leisure approach. She's not the life of the party, being a quiet wolf who speaks simple, but blunt, words. She could be seen as a wallflower if she didn't have the balls of a water buffalo. She's a courageous wolf, not afraid of being caught in the action or to take a risk for others. She is very dedicated to her pack, having the desire to serve and protect it. She's just always approached her values in the way a good big sister would. Adding to the sister-like nature, she is very patient with others, often known for being soothing to those who are riled up (skill she got from living with Misha lol). There always seems to be an air of melancholy around her, she does not express her emotions well, or easily, making it hard to get a read on her until she speaks. She may seem aloof or disinterested, but often times its quite the opposite and she loves to solve problems or watch over others. Sometimes her observational desires goes into stalker territory, but she usually means well.

And yet, this does not apply. A former assassin and icon, she is held back by the past, making odd and opportunistic choices as she tries to waste time. Growth is needed.


Born in a pack that was part of a mega pack littered with famine and rough wolves. Sasha grew up quickly to be able to support her mother and siblings. But it never seemed to be enough for themselves or the pack. Sasha never complained or sought comfort, believing her siblings to need it more than her. Sasha would take the smallest cuts, try to solve all the problems, constantly keep an eye on her family, and so on. Their father had left them before they were born, and in a way, Sasha tried to take on a mix of the father and big responsible sister role for the family.

One day she caught whiff of her brother, Misha, attempting to murder another wolf named Nonna due to a magnitude of reasons. It was considered the gravest sin one could commit. To kill another meant to suffer the greatest hell of all for the rest of eternity after this life. She shadowed him and saw the whole thing unfold. Attempting to rip the wolf's throat out. He ripped her throat and the wolf crumbled. Misha left to tell others, but Sasha and Nonna were no fools. As soon as he left, Nonna stood back up. The tear had been sloppy and was not as bad as it may have first seemed. And this was when Sasha finished the job, killing Nonna herself. And said nothing.

Going back to the wolf Nonna. For there is a secret none know. Sasha loved Nonna, seeing her as the mentor/father figure she never had. Often she would sneak away from her family to get advice from the mysterious wolf who was all about the art of science and ethics. Perhaps Sasha even had a small crush. Nonna was the only one Sasha felt she could allow to help shoulder her burden. On the day she murdered Nonna she had chosen her family over herself and her own happiness. This caused her to truly feel alienated from society, to lead to the build-up that would cause Sasha's future death. Still to this day she secretively remembers and holds many of the values and ideas that Nonna had.

Misha had come back with others and they celebrated and made her brother a Messiah. Sasha did not mind how the events unfolded, did not mind that her brother became the star while she had accepted the silent burden of eternal damnation. It allowed for her family to be cared for and that was all that mattered to this simple wolf. She had accepted death long ago. Or so she thought, as the years go on this burden became heavier, leading ultimately to her demise.

Now waking up in Canis, Sasha is determined to find and take care of her sibling. She herself will change as well as she ponders taking care of her own happiness or to continue trying to hold onto old bonds that are no longer there.



Current Partner(s): None
Crushes: None
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


Mother: Waldeburg
Father: Unknown
Brother 1: @Misha
Sister 1: @Vera

Social Status

Sasha+Misha song: Decision
-Two Sides of The Same Coin-
Their relationship can be confusing to many. Often she is seen pissing or messing with Misha and making him upset in ways others can't. Yet she's always ready to help him out and often Misha seeks her out for comfort. Sasha wonders which of them is still the true Messiah.

Sasha+Vera song: Empty Icon
-Ticking Time-bomb-
Both harbor sadness and Sasha will/does not approve of the path she has taken, it will only bring ruin. Their relationship will be complicated and full of doubt and regret.

Pack History

Was born into the Mamaliga pack of the overall Moolt mega pack. (NPCs)



Fun Facts

-The name Sasha means defender of mankind
-Lot of inspiration from the stories and meanings around Babylon and Ezekiel
-Themesong is Babylon by Tohma (cover by SymaG)
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