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As a RPer...
  •  I usually tend to improv instead of advanced plotting but feel free to ask for threads! I'm totally cool with "dude, X and Y should meet because Z" requests and seeing if stuff works out as schemed, including for ships! I also make a lot of AW threads instead of making plot requests, so feel free to just yoink one of those that works for your characters, or PM/DM me if you need something more specific.

  •  I don't write rated M stuff; I'm way too awkward for that, haha.

  •  I'm a Pacific Time night owl poster during the week, and around most weekends. Tuesdays are my busiest day, so may not post then. Can theoretically spree in the times I'm around, just ask.

  •  Thread Prioritization: important drama threads, threads I can reply to super quick, oldest threads, any remaining threads. If you need me to reply to a thread faster because of char development on your end or something, just let me know. I try to make sure you get at a bare minimum a reply every week or two depending on how my characters, thread difficulty, etc.

  •  Re: Old Threads — I'm always up for continuing threads even if they're old as heck. Seriously. Just post a reply, maybe tag me in Discord if it's been like 120 years, and I'll post again. No need to even ask if I wanna, heh. I only archive threads if the thread is done, or the associated character is titled Hiatus/NPC.

@Cirrus - Primary - Loner - Adolescent who is way too independent for their own good. Needs friends/a home. Uncooperative, but nice about it.

Retired for now: @Mal, @Arbiter
Previous chars: @Cadenza, @Vidocq
Gender: she/her
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06-16-2024 at 05:06 PM
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