A Mindless Beast That Seeks Humanity

Played by Rotten
Very Tall
Fur Color
Black, soot, gray
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy
5 years (2019-02-23)
Eurassian Wolf (Russian Variant)


Grumble = Grum-bull

A large muscular wolf with short to medium-length fur. Besides her size, her most noticeable features are her nicked-up ears and (as of 07-12-2021), scarred up right eye that she is blind in. With two different-colored blue eyes now, she seems to focus intently on others and yet it seems as if she is looking right through them, as if nothing truly exists except herself. Her voice is quite deep with a lot of bass, you can feel vibrations often when near her. She is very vocal and is often known for all kind of noises to be grumbling from her throat.

Going into more basics, fur colors consist mainly of soot green, silver, and black. With black spots/stripes around each eye, black that separate the silver from the soot, black spots scatted about her face/body, and black stockings. Nails are a light silver with black paw-pads.


-Thinks Outside The Box


Lies look just like the truth to you
There's absolutely no saving you,
saving you.

Like livestock, growing fat, drooling,
You were waiting for leftovers

You looked so arbitrary
That insolent manner-
Q: "May I copy?"
A: "May it burn..."

Don't look down on me-or try to talk me down, either
Remembering that is a piece of cake

To the limit, limit, limit
Out of duty, duty, duty
I only gave in and gave myself to you because of your smile

Without giving a thing away,
"You're my everything", you say
Your pride is just too large-

It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts...

In the space in the nectar of pain and distress
Nonsense creeps up on a foolish corpse

You gulped it down without even chewing well enough
That's what you do though, right?

[tea, tea!]
My upset stomach won't settle
[meat, meat!]
Memories of you and your body
[drink, drink, drink, drink-]
Vintage wine falsehoods

Okay, I'm full, beyond recovery,
I retire...

Your umbrella looked like a cross that afternoon
Though you remain, no matter what, in the end you'll be a burnt corpse

Your organs are terribly polluted
From having eaten so many realities
My world looked so small

It stands to reason, but it's beyond help,
So beyond help
While saying, "Don't worry, I've gotten a taste for it"
It's obsequious like a bad habit

Tightly, tightly, tightly squeezing your throat
With a feeling that time was running out,
Unfortunately, you were still too stubborn

Though it might get tedious,
Though people might insult me,
Til' my body rots away, I'll
dance, dance, dance dance

A warped lust, a space in the very ego
A sentence grows in the nest of a memory
Reverence has sadly grown too disgustingly sick
It's your punishment, isn't it?

[leaf, leaf!]
It's too bitter and ripe
[steam, steam!]
So that the path won't be cut off
[pig, pig, pig, pig-]
This confession is like a proclamation of slavery
No, no!

Pa-ri (Party) time."

In the space in the very nectar of pain and distress
Nonsense creeps upon a foolish corpse in a red dress

The words you gulped down without vomiting back out-
They're inside you now, aren't they?

Dye it red with my own disappointment, prima donna
Do a dance that'll lead you to your honorable defeat

Your final desires have been presented well enough
Without enough judgement

[meal, meal!]
At our last supper, now
[fish, fish!]
The scales come flying off of my eyes
[sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep-]
It's a trick where it looks like
I'm filled up now, beyond recovery,
I retire-no, no!

-English (Fluent)

-Russian (Not Fluent)

Grumble learned the tough way that it’s easier to take what you want than to earn what you want. Thus she’s very demanding and is not afraid to throw her weight around. She owns one of the most intimidating snarls you will ever hear and has an A+ in frightening others with her presence. Yet she is basically a giant spoiled child. She’s not as mean as she first seems.

She’s very childish in just about every way you can imagine, always possessing energy and ready to play, laugh, or riddle you with questions. She loves physical contact, so expect lots of cuddling, nipping, and licks. She just wants attention and will go to great lengths to get it. Don’t be fooled though, Grumble learned that violence is always the answer. And will call upon it when things don’t go her way. If it comes down to it she is ready to kill to get what she wants. Greed drives her to sin and aggression, for Grumble is very selfish. She’s not narcissistic but because of how she always had to struggle to survive she became self-absorbed, for that is the only way she knows how to be. Also because of this, Grumble is very apathetic. She just can’t empathize unless it’s something that has to directly deal with her. So like if a friend of yours dies that she never met, then she wouldn’t understand your sadness at all. The extreme ignorance caused by her lack of a social upbringing is also partly to blame for her apathetic-nature. Grumble relies greatly in her ignorance and is partially aware of how ignorant she is, and yet she doesn't honestly really care. She finds ignorance to be bliss and rather remain in it instead of facing reality and the consequences of her actions. You can try all you want, but this part of her will probably never change.

Also due to her past, Grumble is surprisingly stealthy for one of her size. She can probably steal something right from under your nose or sneak up and surprise you. How something as large and fat as her can sneak around is a mystery to the others.

Grumble is still developing into her true self, so she has a lot to learn. It's no secret that she loves praise almost as much as getting what she wants, so if you want to motivate her then there's your method. Sometimes she forgets how strong she is, so remember that when you decide to roughhouse with her.


Grumble was born into a pack that valued strength above all else. However, she had been a weak and lethargic pup compared to the rest of them and her siblings bullied her out of most of the food. A week after beginning to feed on meat her father made the decision to oust her from the pack. She could not comprehend it. Always trying to waddle back over to the pack only to be chased away. She eventually got the message, to an extent, and hung around the outskirts for protection.

But even she knew she could not survive fully on her own. And so began Grumble's involvement with the ability of stealth. Sneaking and scavenging the pack's prey remains, which turned into stealing scraps left unattended, which finalized to stealing directly from others. It was slow and rough at first, having been caught and reprimanded several times, usually resulting in tears of her ears. No doubt if her parents weren't as soft as they were compared to some of the pack members then she would have been killed early on. But their loose punishments allowed her to develop the stealth needed to steal. As she began to consume as much food as she needed/wanted, she started to grow like a weed. Ironically she was bigger than all her sibs as she came to a few months past the yearling stage.

At this point Grumble was too large to be a freeloader roaming around the boundaries of the pack now and they debated and decided to let her back in. But she had changed, a savage they called her. She was chewing on a bone on a bright day when one of her siblings tried to take it from her. Grumble had developed food aggression and she mauled them like a bear in fear of losing it. And for the second time she was chased out. But she was more confident and equipped now and so she left the pack-lands and never looked back...to an extent. She was still a social animal after all, and Grumble wanted nothing more than to well-fed and praised. She decided to name herself Grumble due to all the frustrated snarls she obtained towards herself, whether it be from her original weak state, theft, or cause of injury.

The wolf Grumble had mauled was her sister Nadya. A happy-go-lucky wolf that Grumble tries somewhat to imitate to this day. The first one to reach to Grumble and showed her what a normal life was like. The mauling had resulted in Nadya's death, causing her parents to be executed and the rest of her siblings to be in trouble. All an accident yet still an action that carries a heavy emotional burden for her, and Grumble refuses to acknowledge it, using the happy-go-lucky energy from her sister to transform it into an ignorant shelter for her mind to try and default back to the way before social norms and pleasures entered her life. Grumble's psyche took a heavy toll from the situation, as PTSD and anti-social personality traits began to occur within her. Arguably the most dangerous aspect developing from this is the obsessive-compulsion disorder traits steaming from this regarding a fascination with eyeballs that may eventually develop into a fascination with ears and tongues too.



Current Partner(s): None
Crushes: None
Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible/Monoflexible


Mother: Anastaiya
Father: Vlad
Brother 1: Unnamed/Up For Adoption (message me here or on discord if interested
Brother 2: Dimitri (NPC)
Sister 1: Nadya (NPC)

Social Status
Overall Bite Count: 5

Vengeance from Nightwalkers
-Scary New Dad-
Bite Count: 3
Is wary of him while simultaneously while wanting to impress him and be praised. Often tries too hard to and ends up getting disciplined.

Almight from Nightwalkers
-Best Friends Forever-
Though a rough introduction, she believes they are best friends now. Weird how he seems to avoid her sometimes.

Amata from Northfall
Bite Count: Infinity
-Bratty Little Sister-
Annoying in every manner to Grumble and the one who stole half her sight. Yet she still can't help but look after this pup as if it's a second chance or a way to make amends for her dead sister. The more she understands her, the worse Grumble feels about herself. Now that Amata is gone, Grumble pretends she was never real, or that her vanishing act left another hole in her heart.

Aries from Nightwalkers
Bite Count: 3
-Angry Friend/Older Classmate-
The coolest-looking wolf to Grumble with a temper that knows no bounds. Despite the frustration she causes him and all the pranks that he loves to play on her, she still sees him as a respectable figure. Grumble wants to be just like him and finds herself trying to mimic his manner of speech.

Caligula from Nightwalkers
-The One She Mourns For-

Ashton the Loner
-Owes Favors and Cuddles-

Aeri the Loner
-A Needed Friend-

Pack History

-NPC Birth pack was called V Nogakh Pravdy Nyet.

-Banished and became an outcast/loner

-Was re-invited into V Nogakh Pravdy Nyet.

-Was kicked out AGAIN and became an outcast/loner

-Joined up with Nightwalkers

Recent Location

Grumble has most recently been in Hazy Pasture, Reclaimed Roots, Wezen.

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Fun Facts

-Nakita was her birth name

-She is not good with sharing food/has food aggression

-Her will to live would likely vanish if she lost her ears

-Themesong is Hungry Nicole by 煮ル果実 cover version from Ado Link
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