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Zafina "The Awakened" Sahira
Fur Color
Spilled blood and shadows.
Sex & Gender
Very Light
Garnet pools.
5 years (2019-01-01)
Yukon/Arabian mix


Lithe, a ballerina of shadows. Cherrywood elm highlights the undersides a startling pair of garnet irises. Hints of cold wood run a river of petrified timber over the base of her nape, ribbon lightly over her bosom, and finish the flat of her belly. A slight crack of darker cream crests her breastbone. Her fur is wispy, and dances enthrallingly whenever a breeze comes to court her.

She is a small woman, graceful in her gait, and so near the ground she near floats if ever forced to run.

[Image: giphy.gif]


Ethereal. Graceful. Undeniable. Confident. Defiant.


Believing herself to be the Goddess of Paradox, the woman sees herself as cast down from a realm beyond existence itself, as a victim of rebellion. Knowing she must raise an army of Divines, her spawn and of-her/her Chosen's- bloodline, to overthrow the current reigning Celestials, and retake her place among the stars. The first pack she sought to achieve this in was Moonspear, believing the pack's location was fruitful with their mountainic place. Betrayal and fate led against her, and her spawn were robbed of life just after being born. Struck by grief of losing her first litter, she took the bodies of the stillborn children, and buried them around Moonspear's border's, laying a curse upon the pack. To seal the hex, she took her own life, the echo of her heartbroken wail the last sound she had ever cast from her lips as she plunged from Moonspear's peaks.

Resurrected in Canis, she has made herself a promise. Zafina, Mother of the Sahiras, Goddess of Paradox, will raise her army, whether they be with her own children-

...Or somebody else's.

Current Pack:Hrafnsvaktin
Current Mate:Solpallur


Slightly related to Slade Xandir and Aunt of Siqsa Ntima.
The last remaining wolf of The Nightmare's legacy.

Recent Location

Zafina has most recently been in Morðfjall, .

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Fun Facts

Has a habit of associating others that she finds interesting with other Celestials/Ancients, spacey beings she swears up and down she is before she got 'punished for her craft, and forced to live a mortal life eternally'.

Speaks The Nightmare's traditional Tsis language. Slowly gaining access to the Icelandic/Nordic good stuff her current pack is giving her.
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