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Played by viktor
The Changeling
Fur Color
mahogany, soot, moonlight
Sex & Gender
Male — amab
Extra Light
green + silver


The Changeling


{Reference art by Cara!}
Small and skinny, his growth isn't yet seriously stunted by malnourishment but the effects of a slow starvation are beginning to threaten his very life to be cut short soon. What he'll look like fully grown is yet to be seen, as he has a lot of growing to do and has lost a lot of weight since being on his own.

Snow draws an echo of a heart on his face and dusts the tips of his ears, tail, and middle two hind toes. It also cuts across the back of his neck and shoulders. His base is a chocolate with faint reddish tones in the right lighting, and black coats his lower half like he went swimming through a pit of tar.

His eyes used to be a piercing gaze of mismatched, unsettling cool green and moon's silver, but now ragged red-pink scarring carves across his face, leaving nothing but a shadowy socket where his green eye once was.


sits at the bottom of trees and tries to mimic bird songs to try to coax them to him

who he is isn't clear yet, he nurses wounds inside and out. undeniably weird, whether it's endearing or terrifying depends on how one interprets it. speaks softly and doesn't trust easily. a heart of gold, but gold is a metal easily bent and twisted beyond recognition.

Loves mushrooms, not for eating, just thinks fungi are cool. may try to cultivate them when older.


He doesn't remember much. Too young to remember some details, others are buried deep, blocked out. Born alongside three siblings, he doesn't remember what he was christened or what his siblings' names were. The Changeling was the smallest, shyest of the pups. The weakest, the strangest.

But it was fine, (just fine) until the litter's eyes changed. Brothers and sisters each had twins of yellow, blue, green, but his were a mismatched green and silver. Odd. Cursed. The colors marked him clear as day as a Changeling.

At the insistence of the pack's leader, determined not to let a cursed faerie wreak havoc in the pack, his mother tore out his green eye and carried him miles into the forest. She felt nothing for what she did to her son-He wasn't hers, he was not of her, he was something mythical and accursed.

She left him there, to die, and as days blend into nights and into days again, alone, lost, he begins to.

Until he wakes up somewhere new, in a ring of moss.


Sindre: [future] caretaker/parent
Keres: [future] caretaker/parent

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— [May start learning Gaelic in the beginning]
Petrichor, Honeysuckle and faint Mint
speaks softly, somewhat flat, a bit monotone, but can quickly add a bit of inflection for quite a bit of emotion to be conveyed. Sings like a frickin' angel.
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