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twenty-three yr old stoner nerd

3-3-3, no triggers, go all out.

primary characters: alexei, krueger, vedette, & sylvi.
secondary: elenora, corinne, maui, nathair, & pan.

my characters thoughts or actions do not depict myself / my thoughts.

- i don't mind my characters getting hurt, just give me a bit of a heads up first if it's out of the blue.
- pp is fine by FRIENDS of my characters, if you think this doesn't apply to your character; ask.
- all of my characters are of the lgbtq+ community; usually pansexual unless stated otherwise.
- you can skip me after 3 days, please provide a bump before you skip as i might be writing/getting something up.
- please don't take it personally if i don't respond to our thread right off the bat and others instead -- sometimes i get spikes of muse for a certain thread! if one of my char's is thread-locking your character, dm me!!

pm/dm me whenever! i'm always up for chats & plotting.

Gender: male | he/him
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