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Church Moonwake
Very Tall
Fur Color
silver, off-white, black, grey
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
sectoral heterochromia; cerulean blue with a crescent of yellow under the pupil
2 (24 December, 2018)
Black-tailed deer x Mule deer hybrid


[Image: 37kBVbU.png]
mother prayed for a daughter / born of beauty from the sand, eyes stolen from sapphires / a lull from lips soft-spoken and sweet / with the hollow whisper of dreams and sleep. / The Gods crafted her a son from all of these, / of a voice more charming / than the songs of birds or the ocean breeze / and eyes more solemn, dark and deep than its depths / a body stolen from their image too, all glittering and gliding and demanding attention / but they made him sad, much too sad; laden with all those desires left unsaid.


[Image: tumblr_owsl2qinYC1tbp5fpo1_500.gif]
emotion is my water-well, with depth and melodies and all sorts of quiet things.

I am but a simple thing.

Of peaceful sleep. Of baited breathes. Of Parted lips, and silent words. I am every verse of a poem, the cherub's giggle and the solemn lilt of a bowed head. Crafted is my soul, filled with the fragile sound of a porcelain cup, the warmth of lavender, chamomile, of a homely comfort that wanders without a home. With an open door, unlocked, I embrace wholly and without judgement your hurt, your anger, your violence, your peace, your justification for existence—and I love you without end. I am a sleep without dreams. In every sense am I an unorthodox creature with an unnerving astuteness, a profound ability to nurture, and a dangerously selfish acceptance for all forms of life, be it they come by way of love, or that of hate. I am ancient, a thing never to be unraveled for I too am without an end, unnerving, unnatural, but here with you am I born to fulfill a purpose that cannot be understood. I am the warmth which holds you from the cold. Possessively selfish I am made a with an untouched greed; full of the sound of articulate finesse, the incomplete sense of an imagination unfathomable, and the turning of unwritten books full of innumerable, immeasurable ideas. I am an insurmountable presence, of acceptance, of tranquility, of rare beautiful things that are subtle and unnoticed, as is the passing of lovely murmurs, the envisioning start of an origin, the melancholic finality of completion—the end to new beginnings.


[Image: tumblr_ofvo2qev9D1tyk5ffo1_400.gif]
tipping the hourglass to transcend the binds of fate and escape your shackles—at the cost of an irreplaceable time in which you lost, like that of flowering petals that fall.

Church, an ancient being who was undeniably immortal, is thrust from his dreams, from his threads of fate, into another world entirely without provocation and is left to fend for himself within the vessel of a black-tailed deer—his circumstances do not, however, elicit a sadness, fear, or confusion from the individual, for like all things that come his way, he takes hold of it entirely until it is his.



Fun Facts

Known Languages
— Church understands every language, but only ever speaks English. He will answer foreign languages in English as well.
Herbs and spices.
—His scent is due to the nature of his occupation—he's an herbalist, a healer.
—He's an empath; he feels emotions from others more strongly than the normal individual. It's worse with those he's close to.
—He's a bit of a masochist.
—As an ancient, his true form was something akin to a humanoid being, and he used to highly enjoy tea. Because of this he can be found actually eating camellia(tea plants), wildflowers, natural spices, fruits, etc. used in the making and flavoring of various tea. Rarely will he eat grass, regular leaves, or anything without a "taste."
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