Played by Minxy
Very Short
Fur Color
Blonde, cream, white, gold
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
[L] Blue [R] Amber
4 years (2019-08-02)
Mixed Heritage


She is everything that is delicate and feminine to look upon, from her tiny height to the delicate tone sof her fur. She is as tiny as they come, her body slender and petite to match. Her fur is an even blend of the creamiest of blondes mixed together perfectly with shades of white/cream. Her eyes are just striking as her petite physique as she holds a heterochromatic gaze just as her paternal grandfather once did. Blue in the left after her mother; amber on the right after her father.

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shy • gentle • nurturing • anxious • easily scared • sentimental • p much a skittish rabbit • compassionate • empathetic • passionate • loving • fearful • nervous

Pack History

Hillside Sanctuary
Våldsam Clan

Recent Location

Siri has most recently been in Moving Garden, Tumultuous Rest, The Watering Hole, Temperate.

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Fun Facts

- Suffers from PTSD and emotional trauma from the events of the Volcano that shook her home and had her bolting away in fear. She struggles to remember a good portion of her life due to the side effects of the trauma brought on by her fear and the eruption. - this Volcano is where Siri lost her memory of her birth family. She was found by a Viking named Dagfinn, who took her in as his daughter and named her Siri.
- She suffered with anxiety previously but since the emotional trauma, her anxiety is seemingly worse.
- Her name was once Lakela.
- Has a fear of bodies of water from where she nearly drowned yet does not remember it, so to her the fear is irrational.
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