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Canis Awards
2021 nanowrimer winner

About Me

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Location: Canada, Ontario
Laguages: fluent in French and English

Age: Early 30s
Favourite Food: Sushi
Interests: animals, cooking, video games, anime, plants, bones (skulls especially)
Heritage: Canadian, Métis

Pets: I have currently betas, four fancy goldfish, two rats, a cat and a ball python.


Role Play Policy
OOC =/= IC


Mature Threads

Power Play Policy

When to Skip Me



Post Length

If you wish to contact me please send me a PM on this account. My discord is only for individuals I feel comfortable with.
Primary Characters
I will always prioritize my leader characters which are the following;

 - Hieronymous
 - Reiko
 - Vengeance

I Prioritize
 - Drama/Romance threads
 - Pack joining threads
 - Plot heavy threads
 - Time-sensitive threads

Character Rating
[Image: 333.png]

"Swearing and mature language is permitted, Sexual content may be described in detail, Explicit violence is permitted." All of which is allowed in all of my threads, with all of my characters. I will respect your personal boundaries.

NOTE TO ALL: I reserve the right to back out from a conversation, plot, thread, server, etc... if I ever feel uncomfortable or feel that the ooc setting is turning negative. Personally I have zero tolerance for ooc drama or overly negative behavior

Gender: She/Her/They I rly don’t care
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