Played by Gerra
Opalia Drakru
Short (28)
Fur Color
Soft golds, cream.
Sex & Gender
Rosy-orchid pink right, sky blue left.
3 (7 June, 2018)


Her size belies her strength. She is at best, comprised of a petite, but solid build—strong for her size. She has a plush, white underside then soft creams and very pale gold over top with an occasional fleck of dark gray mottled within. Like her father, her eyes are mismatched, a rosy-orchid pink on the right, and sky blue on the left. She sports miscellaneous scars of varying age, and her appearance is generally well-kept. Her features are soft, but she carries them with a hard edge.


Inquisitive, persistent, and resolute, a disciplined, business-minded individual, though can be swift to irritate. A warrior at heart above all, and the structure on which she has been built, though more adrift now than ever before.


[In dire need of a rewrite] Born on the coastal claim of Drageda with a brother and a sister to wocha Dio and fisa Portia, Opalia was their lastborn. Shortly after the litter reached standing in the ranks, her littermate Sequoia left them and immediately after that, their mother went missing—to later be found dead when a storm ravaged the coastline, her having slipped.. though her health had not been well prior.

The rest of her youth was consumed by ongoing battles with their neighbors Rusalka and she was swift to taste her first real fights against their lot. Soon after the severity of their fights amps up, Dacio heard their mother in his dreams, urging them to find their sister Dalia. Together the siblings make an attempt, but bad weather sends them home unfulfilled. Opalia matured swiftly over the course of those months, though times were truthfully uneasy. Events culminated in what sealed Drageda's fate: Heda's death via the cliffside and its sea. Soon after, the pack splintered, and their father was never the same. Blixen and Dio brought forth plans to relocate the remaining pack to Trigeda. However, Opalia and Dacio opted to remain behind to search for their older sister again. With heavy hearts, they parted ways with their father and remaining siblings in the spring.

So together the duo of siblings roamed, and eventually found Stormrift in the middle of its struggles, beneath a Rusalka traitor, and Dalia among them. With her updated, and their bond no stronger for it, the pair was on their way again to the summertime where they trained on Larksong Grotto, scouting and halfway settled for the time. It ended when Dacio left to visit Trigeda, while this time, Opalia stayed alone to scout the coastline; she roamed until her brother returned, upon which the siblings attacked Raleska. After nursing their wounds, they headed for Elysium for a brief stay that culminated in Dacio challenging for their leadership when the Dragedans deemed it unfit. The pack promptly dissolved instead, so they wandered south again into worsening earthquakes. Thanks to this, prey grew scarce. One solace came in meeting Praimfaya, then pledging to Roangeda where they claimed Broken Antler Fen. However, it was only a short stay, never gaining large numbers but making for enough to survive the famine. Eventually, the siblings and their leader needed to regroup, and turned to nearby neighbor, Moonspear.

The trio of Roangeda stragglers settled initially, but Praimfaya left, returned, and soon after, Dacio was injured in attacks on the alphas' son near Moonspear. It proves to be serious enough, and he later succumbed to the infection. Opalia tailspins into grief after, vowing her revenge, and setting off for two months to wander the wilds fruitlessly, searching for her wanheda. When she returned to the mountain, she took time to heal, but eventually made her way back to prior routines to train and fight for the queen of the wilderness.

Until memories get foggy, and she awoke alone at first..


Parents: Portia Moreau ♀✝ & Dio Drakru
Full Siblings: 03/17/2017: Sirio ♂, Dalia Moreau
06/07/2018: Sequoia ♀, Dacio Drakru

Half Siblings: 11/11/2014: Aria Impresario ♂, Kilika ♀✝ (Dio × Lore Beaissa✝)
01/31/2015: Montorio Giamalva ♂✝, Marizsa Giamalva ♀, Versace Giamalva ♂, Ungario Giamalva ♂✝ (Dio × Viviana Giamalva)
12/21/2015: Vitorio Giamalva ♂, Ariosto Giamalva ♂✝, Vicario Giamalva ♂ (Dio × Viviana Giamalva)
01/16/2016: Giovanna Giamalva ♀ (Dio × Elettra Giamalva ✝, litter split w/ Matteo)
03/20/2017: Antler ♂✝, Artaax ♂, Blixen ♀, Phoenix ♂✝, Robin(Dio × Wildfire, Thuringwethil)

Pack History

Drageda (June 7, 2018 — April 1, 2019)
Elysium (September 3, 2019 — September 20, 2019)
Roangeda (October 19, 2019 — December 20, 2019)
Moonspear (December 21, 2019 — February 17, 2021)
presently scouting the coast somewhere

Fun Facts

½ Grey
¼ Arctic
⅛ Timber
⅛ Buffalo Wolf
— English, native
Trigedasleng, native
Family Tree

Notable Scars (add to appearance later somehow)
❧ small line below ear/behind eye on right side of head (via Raleska)
❧ claw mark on top of lower back, veers off towards left hip (Tupkuk-a bear)
❧ right hip, puncture marks and misc.
❧ large gash on left side, end of ribs (from Derg)
❧ two intentional "kill marks" on her left shoulder, fresher
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